Apple’s iOS 17.1 Beta Sparks Confusion by Rolling Back New Ringtones

The new changes brought about in the new iOS 17.1 Beta 1 release have raised some eyebrows. In the newest release of the operating system, the new ringtones that had been added to the official iOS 17 release have been removed leaving only the old ringtones in the Beta.

While there are several updates of note that have come to the new Beta release from Apple, the fact that the new ringtones were omitted has created the most buzz for enthusiasts and general consumers alike. Those within the developer community who had grown used to the new sounds are now having to revert to the old tunes.

The company has yet to provide any official explanation regarding the change.

Several practical new additions have been added to the new beta. Some of these include the ability to mark songs as favourite right from the lock screen and allowing users to enable the “Use Cellular Data” option for AirDrop. However, despite these incremental and functional updates, the buzz online has been all about the rollback of the ringtones.

The iOS 17.1 Beta is only available to the developers for now. However, according to reports, the Beta is also likely to be made available to the public beta testers soon. This will provide those early adopters and enthusiasts with a firsthand look at these changes. How popular the rollback of the new tunes is going to be, can only be properly assessed then after the widescale release of the Beta.

Dibbyyan Nath

Dibbyyan Nath

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