5 Best 60/40 Integrated Fridge Freezer in the UK 2023

Gone are those days when your appliances used to bulge out and disturb the appearance of the setup. Technology has moved quite a head now, and having a well-organised kitchen is truly a blessing. With the concept of modular kitchens, there is always a dedicated space for every appliance. This means you will have storage and organising solutions and also a gorgeous-looking kitchen.

An integrated fridge freezer is one such revolutionary appliance that is built into the kitchen and hidden behind a cabinet, allowing you to match the finish to the rest of the room. Generally, they measure about 178cm high and fit inside a 60cm wide cabinet. Although the prices of such freezers are higher than the regular ones, they are yet worthy.

However, with the rising options in the market, buying the right product can be challenging. Since such an appliance is expensive, you can’t just buy the one that pops up in front of your eyes. There are a lot of factors to be considered when buying a fridge-freezer.

Therefore, our team of experts did thorough research by testing and comparing all the worthy options available in the market. After collecting all the important information, we shortlisted some of the UK’s best 60/40 integrated fridge freezers for you to choose from. 

How we selected the best?
We included products with different load capacity for different households.
We checked the number of drawers and the split-up design of the refrigerator door and included the adjustable storage and shelf options that offer more customisation.
Energy efficiency:
Our selection includes energy-efficient models that score between C to F.

List of the Top 60/40 Integrated Fridge Freezer in the UK

Every home needs a refrigerator to function properly. No matter how big or small your family is, preserving your food is essential. To assist you in finding the best refrigerator for your home, family, and budget, we have researched and created a list of the top models currently available in the UK. 

Bosch Series 4 KIN86HFE0 Wifi Connected Integrated 60 40 Frost Free Fridge Freezer with Fixed Door Fixing Kit
Our top choice
01. Bosch Series 4 KIN86HFE0 Wifi Connected Integrated 60/40 Frost Free Fridge Freezer
  • Remote monitoring via app
  • Generous fridge space
  • Flexible installation
  • Energy efficient (E rated)
  • Expensive
  • No water or ice dispenser 

Bosch Series 4 KIN86HFE0 is an excellent integrated fridge freezer for modern kitchen. It holds 260 liters with the fridge being 60% and the freezer at 40%. It comes with a Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you control and monitor the fridge through the Home Connect app. This smart feature lets you change settings from any location.

Moreover, its Frost Free functionality is real worth in performance sense, as no ice formation is needed for thawing. The fridge and the freezer ensure that they keep the food fresh for a longer time since they maintain constant temperatures. The fridge has safety glass shelves and a dispenser for the cold water on demand. With the fast freeze operation, new groceries lead to a fast lowering of the temperature inside the freezer.

Additionally, the fridge freezer has a sleek matte finish and blends in perfectly with the kitchen. It also comes with a reversible door, which allows the device to be installed flexibly, and fixed door fixing kit for safe fixation. Bosch rates this appliance as E, which means it is energy efficient.


  • 260L capacity
  • Frost free technology
  • WiFi connected
  • 60/40 fridge/freezer split
  • Reversible door
  • Fixed door installation kit
Best runner up
02. Bosch Series 2 KIN86NFF0G Built In Fridge Freezer with MultiBox XXL
  • Generous cooling and freezing capacity
  • Energy efficient
  • Bright interior lighting
  • Flexible storage options
  • Quiet operation
  • Durable build quality
  • Shelves are not height adjustable

The Bosch Series 2 KIN86NFF0G is a fantastic built-in fridge freezer which offers great fresh food storage capacity and freezing capacity. Its sleek built-in design and white colour blends well with your kitchen décor. Besides, this refrigerator comes with the capacity of 260 liters, which can easily fit the demands of a big household.
Its MultiBox XXL technology provides more interior space in the fridge section thus allowing you to store bulky food items and bulk groceries. Moreover, its NoFrost technology prevents icing, thereby preserving food from freezer burn. On the other hand, EcoAirflow circulation promotes uniform temperatures and humidity for optimal fresh ingredients.
Besides, this fridge freezer has got an excellent 4-star rating in terms of energy efficiency. The LED lighting brightly lights the interior while using very little energy. It has also got some advanced additions such as the Flex Cooling system allow you to convert part of your fridge into a freezer when needed.


  • 260 L total capacity
  • MultiBox XXL fresh food storage
  • NoFrost technology
  • EcoAirflow
  • 4 star energy rating
  • FlexCooling system
  • LED lighting
  • Reversible door
Best for storage
03. Miele KDN 7714 E Built-In Fridge-Freezer
  • Spacious storage capacity
  • No manual defrosting needed
  • Easy to use
  • Not freestanding or portable

Miele KDN 7714 E built-in fridge-freezer is a good fridge-freezer for the family that likes modern style and advanced cooling plus a lot of space for plenty of fresh food. It is a large unit, which measures 260 litres, suitable for refrigerating different foodstuffs and drinks.

Furthermore, the fridge section features Miele’s NoFrost technique that maintains the temperature and humidity constant. This also helps to avoid frosting on the back wall. In other words, you will never have to defrost it by hand!

In addition, it has an ExtraCool drawer, which is designed for prolonged freshness of meat, fish, and dairy products due to its low temperature. The additional Extra Large DailyFresh drawer with adjustable humidity can also hold fruits and veggies up to twice as long as usual.


  • Built-in installation
  • NoFrost cooling technology
  • LED lighting
  • ExtraCool drawer
  • ExtraLarge DailyFresh drawer
Best for smart features
04. NEFF N90 KI8865DE0 Wifi Connected Integrated 60/40 Frost Free Fridge Freezer
  • Generous storage capacity
  • Flexible storage options
  • Energy efficient operation
  • Sleek built-in style
  • Ice maker reduces freezer capacity

The NEFF N90 KI8865DE0 is a good choice for any fashionable kitchen seeking a modern, efficient fridge-freezer. This integrated 60/40 appliance is in clean white finish and will blend perfectly with your kitchen décor.

This product has a full-sized freezer at the bottom, and an upper big fridge compartment, configuration. Besides, the two-door layout makes access to either section easy. There is enough space inside and you can manage your fresh and frozen foods well.

Moreover, its smart technology and a WiFi-enabled fridge are among the features which are pretty impressive. It is remotely controllable and the temperature of each compartment can be monitored using Home Connect app that is easy to use. It is suitable for busy households where everyone requires different needs.

The frost-free technology and A++ energy rating also deliver top-notch performance. It consumes much less energy, and food stays fresher for longer.

It comes with a fixed door fitting kit for easy installation. All you need to do is put it into position and hook the water line for the ice maker. Besides, the self-cleaning condenser ensures that maintenance is low-fuss.


  • WiFi connectivity
  • App control via HomeConnect
  • Frost-free technology
  • A++ energy rating
  • Fixed door installation kit included
AEG SCK819E5TS Frost Free Integrated Fridge Freezer
Best for overall
05. AEG SCK819E5TS Frost Free Integrated Fridge Freezer
  • No defrosting needed
  • Keeps food fresher for longer
  • Spacious capacity
  • Temperature stability
  • Sleek built-in design
  • Energy efficient
  • 2 year warranty
  • No advanced features

AEG 6000 Series Fridge Freezer RCB636E2MX is a fantastic integrated 60/40 Fridge Freezer that has the combination of innovative features with a sleek modern look. Its Twintech® NoFrost technology does away without having to defrost the freezer compartment manually. Besides, this product has two-cooling system maintaining optimal humidity levels, so that the food stays fresh for longer and it does not dry out. It is also tested to be 60% more hydrated compared to a model with only one evaporator.

The interior is spacious with a total capacity of 367 liters. This can be sufficient to cater for household needs of fresh food storage and frozen food. Moreover, its MultiFlow feature maintains consistent temperatures within the fridge and incorporates different air channels that keep spreading cold air everywhere. The integrated Extra Chill drawer has been specially designed for storing fresh deli foods, thereby slowing the maturation process.

Regarding the design, RCB636E2MX has a more modern look, thanks to its minimalistic Stainless Steel finish, making it more difficult for the user to leave fingerprints. Also, the sleek build-in style incorporates with any modern kitchen décor. Its Energy Star and 3 stars of energy efficiency make it energy efficient refrigerator that can save on electricity bill.


  • TwinTech NoFrost dual cooling system
  • MultiFlow technology
  • Extra Chill drawer
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 3 star energy rating

Top 60/40 Integrated Fridge Freezer in the UK compared

Product NameCapacity (Total/Freezer/Fridge)Wi-Fi ConnectivityCooling TechnologyFinish
Bosch Series 4 KIN86HFE060/40 LitresYesFrost FreeIntegrated
Bosch Series 2260 LitresNoFlex CoolingIntegrated
Miele KDN 7714 E260 LitresNoNoFrost CoolingBuilt-In
NEFF N90 KI8865DE060/40 LitresYesFrost FreeIntegrated
AEG 6000 Series RCB636E2MX266/101 LitresNoTwintech NoFrostStainless Steel with Antifingerprint & Grey

However, it is challenging to name one best product without understanding your exact needs and preferences. Nevertheless, on the common basis, let us formulate certain recommendations.
Bosch Series 4 KIN86HFE0 Wi-Fi Connected Integrated 60/40 Frost Free Fridge Freezer was a strong contender. It has Wi-Fi connectivity, a 60/40 split design, frost-free technology and incorporated design that will merge seamlessly into your kitchen. This model has a trustworthy brand and comes with many great features.
However, always consider your individual needs, budget, and any other major issues that are worthwhile. Make sure the product is the right fit by reading user reviews and comparing prices.

Things to consider before purchasing 60/40 Integrated Fridge Freezer in the UK

Capacity: You need to consider the total capacity of T60/40 integrated fridge freezer. The Bosch Series 4 KIN86HFE0 features a spacious 260 litres capacity while Bosch Series 2 and Miele KDN 7714 E have the same size of capacity 260 litres and AEG 600
Frost-Free Technology: Go for models that have Frost-Free technology like Bosch Series 4 KIN86HFE0 and Miele KDN 7714E which do not require manual defrosting which takes time and effort.
Number of Doors: Doors are another factor that you must consider. Bosch series 4 KIN86HFE0 and Bosch series 2 also has a split 60/40, two doors for flexibility on organizing. Both the NEFF N90 KI8865DE0 and the AEG 6000 Series have two doors.
Dimensions: Make sure that the sizes of the fridge freezer will fit the space it will be occupying in your home. The Bosch Series 4 KIN86HFE0, Bosch Series 2, Miele KDN 7714 E, and NEFF N90 KI8865DE0 both has similar dimensions: 54.8 x 54.1 x 177.2 centimeters.
Finish: Ensure that the finish of the product is compatible with your kitchen’s aesthetics. Bosch Series 4 KIN86HFE0 is stylishly sleek with a matte finish. 
Installation Type: Check the installation type and pick the one that offers easy installation. Bosch Series 4 KIN86HFE0, Bosch Series 2 and Miele KDN 7714 E are designed to be installed inside the kitchen cabinets giving it a sleek appearance. 

Energy Efficiency: Assess the energy efficiency of the appliance, if you don’t want a huge electricity bill that can burn a hefty hole in your pocket. Bosch Series 2 & Miele KDN 7714 E come with high energy efficiency ratings.
Warranty: Check for the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Go for the one that comes with reasonable warranty policy. AEG 6000 Series comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty which is standard, to protect against defects and manufacturing faults.

A fridge freezer is an integral part of every modern household. To make your decision making process a little easier we conducted a thorough study of all the worthy options in the market. We took our time to test and compare them based on several important factors before creating the list.

It is hoped that this buyer’s guide will help you understand the main characteristics and the primary points to consider while choosing this type of utility product. If, however, you are in the market for one of the fridges mentioned above freezers, you should make sure to double-check on the specifications.

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