5 Best Chairs For Back Pain At Home in the UK 2023

Chronic back pain affects a large portion of the population and can be caused by many things, including bad posture, injuries, and medical conditions. Nowadays, people spend a lot of time sitting, like telecommuters or people who do other sitting jobs. They need to make sure they have the right chair to avoid or lessen back pain.

However, there are innumerable options in the UK market, which may make your decision-making process challenging. There are high chances that you might find yourself confused, resulting in which you will end up spending your money on the wrong product. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. You can do some research and find the best. Sounds like a lot of work, isn’t it?

To save you from this, our team of experts spends weeks to analyse, and comparing different options available in the market. We examined each product based on different aspects and shortlisted some of the best chairs for back pain at home in the UK so that you can put your hands only on the best.

How did we select the best?
Material and Durability: 
Chairs are expensive in the UK. Therefore, it is important for the one that you select to last longer. We selected chairs that are made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and comfort. 
We know that for long-term comfort and back health, ergonomic design is very important. So, we selected chairs with backrests that can be adjusted for height, seat depth, and armrests.
We carefully did some digging about the reputation of the manufacturer and warranty terms before including any product on our list. 

List of best chairs for back pain at home in the UK:

Dynamic Office Solutions OPO Galloway Cantilever Chair High Back with Arms
Our top choice
01. Dynamic Office Solutions OPO Galloway Cantilever Chair High Back with Arms
  • Stylish and comfortable.
  • Supports back pain relief.
  • Stackable and space-saving.
  • Suitable for various settings.
  • Fixed arms.

The OPO Galloway Cantilever Chair High Back with Arms is a great fit for any modern office that requires trendy but comfortable chairs. With a sleek high back design, upholstered in durable black leather, this executive chair from Dynamic Office Solutions offers style and everyday comfort. The padded arms and segmented seat and back will ensure more cushioning.
The cantilever base polished in black and a strong and yet light in frame, which gives the chair a modern look that will look appropriate for any office. Although it has a look of a professional style, this product was produced by a small and medium UK business hence opting for it helps other small business.
This chair boasts of a cushioned high back and seat that promotes proper posture and consequently, back health. It is rated at 115kg load capacity and is recommended for use up to 8 hours of sitting. The executive chair comes in three upholstery options namely, black leather, black fabric and blue fabric offered by the manufacturer. Padded arm executive leather chair gives a premium feel. It has additionally been designed to stack for easy packing and storage when not in use.
Dynamic Office Solutions is a customer-oriented firm that ensures a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy for any inconvenience associated with the chair. It is ideal for small businesses needing comfortable yet professional office chairs on a budget, this modernly compact seating solution. 


  1. High back design.
  2. Soft cushioned seat and backrest.
  3. Durable leather upholstery.
  4. Cantilever base frame.
  5. 8-hour usage rating.
  6. Weight capacity of 115 kg.
  7. Stylish gun metal grey frame.
Office Hippo Heavy Duty Ergonomic Office Chair with Back Support
Best for office work
02. Office Hippo Heavy Duty Ergonomic Office Chair with Back Support
  • Elegant and ergonomic design.
  • Excellent lumbar support.
  • Variety of color choices.
  • Stylish upholstery.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Not suitable for all-day office tasks.

The OPO Echo looks classy with an initial impression. Bonded leather upholstery radiates executive elegance coupled with a sleek, polished chrome cantilever base. The padded armrest goes well with the molded backrest that promises unmatched support throughout the day.

However, the Echo is more than just a pretty face. Panel back design gives tailored lower back support to ease the pain while sitting for prolonged hours. Furthermore, it allows for gentle swaying motion as you work, and the cantilever base has a rocking capacity. This results in an instinctive chair that appears to move alongside you.

The Echo, which has an adaptive ergonomic design, is suitable for intensive computer work, conferences, receptions, and any place that calls for both style and comfort. Hard wearing leather upholstery resists daily use while retaining its luxurious look. The lightweight Echo, at just 12kg, is easy to move between rooms or stack up to 4 high for compact storage.

Dynamic Office Solutions offers a 30 days return policy and responsive UK-based customer service, giving extra peace of mind. Therefore, you have the option to test the OPO Echo without any risks. With its mix of support and elegance, this chair is the ideal investment for your comfort, health, and productivity.


  1. Stylish panel backrest design.
  2. Sturdy chrome cantilever base frame.
  3. Durable and comfortable bonded leather upholstery.
  4. Suitable for 8 hours of continuous use.
  5. Supports weight up to 115 kg.
Best for back
03. Dynamic Office Solutions OPO Echo Cantilever Chair Black with Arms
  • Segmented seat and back design for ergonomic comfort.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed by OPO.
  • ·Suitable for individuals weighing up to 115 kilograms.
  • Relatively compact dimensions may not accommodate larger individuals.
  • Lack of additional adjustable features such as seat height or tilt.
  • May be considered relatively expensive compared to basic office chairs.

This chair is stylish, comfortable, and affordable, making it ideal for any office space. The OPO Echo chair’s panel backrest is elegant and supportive. This chair has soft bonded leather upholstery for comfort and luxury. The leather material and black shine colour match any setting.

The polished chrome frame is modern and sturdy, and the padded arms add comfort. Segmented seat and back design improve ergonomics and posture. The deep seat and backrest cushion are covered in leather for durability and easy maintenance. Leather upholstery is stylish and comfortable, unlike fabric.

This chair also supports up to 115 kilogrammes. Its 65 x 56 x 89-centimetre dimensions make it suitable for various spaces and support comfortable seating.


  • Panel backrest design for optimal support.
  • Soft bonded leather upholstery for comfort and durability.
  • Polished chrome cantilever base frame with padded arms.
  • Maximum weight recommendation of 115 kilograms.
  • Product dimensions: 65 x 56 x 89 centimeters.
Best for luxury
04. Hbada E1 Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Comfortable.
  • Durable and reliable construction.
  • Extensive warranty.
  • Suitable for a range of body types.
  • Suitable for average heightened people.

Hbada E1 is an ergonomic chair for the office, which is made to ensure comfort and support for long working days. This includes adjustable features that you can customize depending on your needs, as well as a breathable mesh back with a high-density cushioned seat to avoid body aches.

The E1 provides an adjustable lumbar cushion, which is the most important ergonomic element in an office chair. A saddle-shaped cushion supports the natural curve of your lower back, and you can adjust the amount of support with an adjustable knob. These ergonomic office seats focus on improving your posture and, hence, back pain from sitting for long hours.

Another remarkable aspect is the 155° reclining backrest, which enhances blood circulation during rest breaks. Its backrest and lumbar support are just the beginning of a long list of adjustable features. The armrests can be raised and lowered, pulled forward, and rotated inward by up to 15 degrees for the comfort of the elbows. The seat height is also adjustable and ranges from 17.3″ to 21.3″.

The Hbada E1 uses a breathable mesh back and a padded seat cushion for comfort throughout the day. The high-density cushioning ensures the seat cannot flatten with time, and the breathable mesh allows air to circulate, preventing seat cushion heat buildup. Such an amalgamation gives the best comfort at home or office hours that are quite long occasionally.


  1. Supports back, spine, hips, and legs.
  2. Adjustable lumbar support and cushion.
  3. Reclining backrest and flexible headrest.
  4. Customizable for various body types and heights.
  5. Generous three-year hassle-free warranty.
Best for all in one
05. HINOMI 3D Lumbar Support Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Cutting-edge spine support technology.
  • Unmatched adjustability.
  • Versatile 5D armrests.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Extended warranty.
  • Expensive.

HINOMI 3D Lumbar Support Ergonomic Office Chair is a great choice for anyone who wants an adjustable, comfortable and supportive seat for their office. This is an ergonomic chair equipped with multi-dimensional 3D Lumbar Support, allowing you to adjust the backrest’s height to fit your spine’s natural curve. The adjustable lumbar support moves in all directions to give customized lower back support, which enhances proper posture and back pain associated with long sitting hours.

The HINOMI chair is made with durable materials for long-term use. The chair provides an S-shaped backrest, which closely resembles the spine contours and reliefs pressure points. It also provides adequate padding in the seat and the back cushions using dense foam for comfort. You can work comfortably for a long period of time because of the soft cushioning and lumbar support system of this ergonomic seating.

The HINOMI chair has adjustability features such as adjustable armrests, seat height, tilt tension, and tilt lock. Changing your chair’s height, armrest width, and angle, or reclining angle to meet your requirements, is easy. Mobility is easy with smooth-rolling casters, which allow you to move between tasks, and a 360-degree swivel that promotes movement and access.


  1. FlexiLumbar 3D Lumbar Support with adjustable height.
  2. 14 adjustable points.
  3. Wide-angle 3D headrest and retractable legrest.
  4. Space-saving.
  5. High-quality materials.

Comparison Table:

Product NameMaterialsWeight CapacityAdjustabilityLumbar SupportWarranty
OPO Galloway Cantilever Chair High BackBlack Leather115 KgFixed Arms, 8-hr usage, StackableNot specified100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Office Hippo Heavy Duty Ergonomic ChairNot specified152 KgLumbar Support, Height AdjustablePump-up lumbar support, 5-year component and 2-year upholstery guarantee5-year component and 2-year upholstery guarantee
OPO Echo Cantilever Chair Black with ArmsBlack Bonded Leather115 KgFixed Arms, 8-hr usage, StackableNot specified100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Hbada E1 Ergonomic Office ChairSoft PU Materials120 KgSGS and BIFMA Certified, Adjustable Lumbar Support, Reclining Backrest, Adjustable ArmrestsAdjustable3-year warranty
HINOMI 3D Lumbar Support Office ChairPremium Materials163.29 KgHighly Adjustable, 3D Lumbar Support, Reclining Backrest, Retractable Legrest, 5D ArmrestsUp to 12 years market warranty7-12 years Extended Warranty

Although all the products have their pros and cons, consider your priorities and requirements to find the “overall best” product. If you value lumbar support and ergonomic features, you can opt for the Office Hippo Heavy Duty Ergonomic Office Chair. However, if you are more inclined towards style and price, OPOGalloway cantilever chair high back with arms and OPO echo cantilever chair black with arms may be the best solutions.
Ultimately, the final result should be based on your taste, budget and the most important features in your work.

Features to consider in a chair for back pain:

Lumbar Support: Look at the lumbar support. It is important for your spine to stay in the natural curve. Therefore, you need to pick chairs that can be adjusted to fit your back correctly. This will minimize the occurrence of backaches, like the HINOMI 3D Lumbar Support Ergonomic Office Chair. It has a 5-level adjustable height feature that provides comfort throughout the day. Moreover, it provides lumbar support by employing the FlexiLumbar 3D Lumbar Support.

Ergonomics: Ergonomic design is very important for long-term comfort and back health. Chairs with height adjustable backrest, seat depth, and armrests on chairs will make you fit into the chair. One great example is the Office Hippo Heavy Duty Ergonomic Office Chair, which is certified to be used for 24 hours.

Durability: The usage of high-quality materials ensures durability and comfort. Thus, choose chairs designed from high-quality materials like the hybrid mesh weaved in the HINOMI 3D Lumbar Support Ergonomic Office Chair. This is a durable chair designed to stand for 12 market warranty years.

Recline and Headrest: Having a headrest that can be tilted and reclined provides better back comfort. The adjustable backrest and thick headrest of the HINOMI chair support your neck.

Style and Aesthetics: Although your chair requires being comfortable and supportive, it should also be aesthetically appealing. The OPO Galloway or Echo Cantilever Chair can suit your taste. It has modern looking leather upholstery and padded arms.

Warranty: We suggest checking the reputation of the manufacturer and warranty terms before making a purchase. HINOMI 3D Lumbar Support Ergonomic Office Chair is built to last with a market-leading 5-10 year warranty (or 7-12 years with the extended warranty).

In our research we noticed that it is very important to be careful while choosing a chair especially for people who sit at home to work or people in general. It is crucial as it might relieve or even prevent back pain or aggravate it. However, when buying, you should remember that there are lots of issues like weight capacity, adjustability, the material, and padding, how it assists your lower back, etc.

We know that a wise choice gives you the courage to keep standing straight. For a whole week, our research team reviewed all the worthy options in the market. We took weeks to survey all worthy options in the market. After the tests and practical observation, the products listed above were chosen.

However, the above products are all equally good. Nevertheless, you have to put yourself first and choose that which you prefer. We hope our list will give you an early alert as you search for the best home chairs in the UK.

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