5 Best Construction Companies in West Midlands 2023

I love my job, but I can’t come out of my character even outside the office. I usually look for projects that will help me learn more about different fields.

One of the most common requirements revolves around construction companies in the West Midlands. I was looking for a scope to put my hands on that pit, and soon, my prayers were answered. My brother-in-law is a doctor, and during our dinner, he said he and his friends are considering establishing a hospital in the West Midlands to help more people get quality treatment. We were all delighted and terrified at the same time. Establishing a hospital requires innumerable paperwork, permissions, finance, etc. Thinking of it is just the first step. But, I must say their idea was very impressive.

Construction design on paper

My brother-in-law turned to me in the middle of the conversation. He requested me to research and find the top options of construction companies in the West Midlands so that he could engage himself doing fieldwork to examine other aspects.

It was a golden opportunity for me since I was looking for a chance to find the best construction companies in the West Midlands for my readers, too.

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I smiled, agreed to help him, and started my research by talking to industry experts, reading articles, and having group discussions. I also did some ground studies and listed some of the best construction companies in West Midlands for your next project.

1. Speller Metcalfe 

Speller Metcalfe

The first one to pop in front of my eyes was Speller Metcalfe Speller Metcalfe | LinkedIn. Some existing customers mentioned it as one of the best construction companies in West Midlands. To examine their claims, I did some digging and found that Speller Metcalfe is a family-owned construction company that has ruled the industry for over 160 years. I understood how their commitment to quality and excellence made them a good industry choice.

This company has a lot of experience and knowledge, which sets it apart. The Company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation shows its flexibility and forward-thinking.

2. Galliford Try 

Galliford Try

While reading some articles, I came across one published by ‘Glenigan’ which listed Galliford Try as the top 10 Construction Companies in the West Midlands. To find out the reality, I read further and found that Galliford Try is a prominent construction company with a record of delivering complex projects with exceptional quality standards. Galliford Try’s experience and expertise helped it establish its name in the industry. Additionally, you can’t ignore their remarkable dedication to sustainability and safety. Let me present the best part about them. They are masters in delivering complex projects on time and within budget.

3. Morgan Sindall 

Morgan Sindall

I found Morgan Sindall was also added to the same list as the previous one Top 10 Construction Companies in the West Midlands | Glenigan, and indeed, for all good reasons. This company has sustained and has led the industry for over 100 years. Their strength lies in their expertise, providing quality and innovation in their work, and their support towards sustainability. Besides, they are popular for handling complicated projects within the budget.

4. Kier Group 

Kier Group 

Among the innumerable articles that I read to find reliable construction companies, an article by ‘The Construction Index’ picked my interest Top 100 Construction Companies 2021 | Construction Company Directory (theconstructionindex.co.uk), according to which Kier Group with over 90 years of experience stands as a worthy competitor in the industry. They are famous for delivering outstanding quality and innovative projects. Apart from their on-time delivery, their dedication to sustainability and safety helps them stand tall in the industry. 

5. Wates Construction 

Wates Construction

The Wates Construction was suggested by an industry expert, A leading UK construction, development & property services company (wates.co.uk). According to him, it is a leading UK-based construction company with over 120 years of experience. In the area, the company delivers high-quality projects and new ideas.

Wates Construction offers several construction services, such as building, infrastructure, and regeneration projects in various sectors like education, healthcare, and commercial. They have also gained popularity for delivering projects on time and within budget. But this doesn’t mean they don’t provide top-notch quality in their project. Wates Construction has skillfully maintained a balance of everything.

Throughout my research, it was clear that you can’t randomly rely on any construction company. They should have industry knowledge, reputation, experience, and commitment to provide quality outcomes.

With the help of industry experts, several articles, and personal experience, I could list some of the most popular and reliable options in construction companies in the West Midlands.

Although my brother-in-law’s project is yet to start, I am glad I was able to dig into the matter and bring out some of the best construction companies for you.

Happy client on going contrction project

Besides, always remember that the company you rely on should perfectly balance quality, affordability, and expertise. The cheap options may or may not be a worthy pick for you. I suggest understanding your requirements and priorities before making a final decision. Consider how much the company charges and how well they work. Select wisely and give your business a kickstart.

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