5 Best Direct Drive Washing Machine in the UK 2023

We believe that washing machines are a must have appliance for every home in the UK. People usually buy them depending on their type, energy efficiency, size, etc., overlooking the insides. Washers have taken a lot of time to turn out like they are nowadays. The interiors of washers comprise direct drive motors, and the washing machines include the same.

Motors do not have chains or gearboxes in the direct-drive washing machines. Unlike a belt in rotating a drum in other machines, a motor in these machines is used in rotating the drum. These machines are less noisy compared to conventional washing machines. In turn, such a machine has gained a foothold in the market. They also last longer because they have fewer moving parts. Therefore, if you are contemplating upgrading from a normal washing machine to a direct-drive one, now is the right time.

However, since the UK market is saturated with many options, it can be challenging to make the right choice. But that should not stop you from getting what you really deserve.

As we know it is impractical to try everything before buying, we assumed the liability. Therefore, our experts tried, examined and compared all the worthy options in the market and shortlisted some of the best direct-drive washing machines for you to choose from.

How did we select the best?
While short listing the best we first checked the washing machine’s size. We included machines of different load capacity for you to select the one that fits your requirements the best.
We next considered the noise level of each product and included only those which produce comparatively less noise while operating.
It is very important that your machine promotes hygiene and is easy to maintain. Therefore, we selected options that are equipped with features like antibacterial treatments, stainless steel drums, and tub clean functions.
Energy Efficiency:
We considered the energy consumption of the washing machines and picked products based on their annual power consumption.

List of some of the best Direct Drive Washing Machine in the UK

Our top Choice
01. LG V3 F4V308WNW AI DD 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine
  • Ensures fabric longevity.
  • Quick wash in just 14 minutes.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Durable and hygienic.
  • Heavy.

LG V3 F4V308WNW AI DD 9kg washing machine is an excellent model that any household can use to make efficient laundry. The LG Washing machine offers customised washing cycles for each load through its beltless Direct Drive technology with artificial intelligence.

One of the notable features is the Speed 14 Cycle, which washes 2kg of laundry in 14 minutes – that is ideal when your clean clothes need to dry as soon as possible. Another thing that makes this space-saving design ideal for limited laundry room space is the secure laundry drum that minimises the vibration and movement and allows the machine to be placed tight without needing extra clearance.

An excellent addition is stainless steel drum lifters that promote strength and cleanliness. Other useful features include the Pause & Add feature to include forgotten items in between the cycle and an energy class B rating for energy efficient operation.

It is a front loading washing machine with a capacity of 9 kg that can handle medium to large loads for the majority of households. A 10-year warranty gives a guarantee that the washing machine will last for 10 years while indicating confidence on the part of LG in the innovative character of their appliance design.


  1. AI DD (Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive).
  2. Speed 14 cycles.
  3. Secure laundry-drum design.
  4. Stainless steel lifters to prevent clothes from tangling.
  5. Pause & Add Items feature.
Best runner up
02. Haier HW100-B14636N Washing Machine with Direct Motion technology
  • Fast drying.
  • User-friendly controls.
  • Ideal for small spaces and RVs.
  • Durable.
  • 9kg load takes over 4 hours.

Haier HW100-B14979S is a fantastic washing machine for every household appliance need. This washer has a large capacity of 10kgs and can, therefore, handle large loads of laundry for busy families. The spin speed for washing and drying is 1400 RPM.

The HW100-B14979S Energy Class A has excellent energy efficiency for energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious households. It also boosts efficiency and is quiet when operating.

They have additional features such as Hygiene Steam, Delay Start, and Quick Wash for convenience and flexibility. Particularly, the hygiene steam really helps to remove the tough stains and deeply clean the clothes. Sleek graphite finish to match contemporary laundry rooms.

Haier brand is famous for producing durable and innovative home appliances. They offer customers assurance through their special customer support and appliance collection services. It is a model with front load access, a 15-minute quick wash and an A- energy class for fast and convenient household cleaning.


  1. 67dB max noise.
  2. Antibacterial Treatment (ABT) for hygiene.
  3. 1400 RPM spin speed.
  4. Compact design.
  5. Lifetime warranty on Direct Motion Motor.
  6. Energy and water-efficient.
Best for features
03. LG F2V308WSWH Direct Drive 8.5kg Washing Machine
  • Hygienic, efficient, and user-friendly.
  • Remote operation and quick cycles.
  • Allergy cycle for allergen-free clothes.
  • Stable and stylish design.
  • Eco-friendly with water and energy savings.
  • Noise level while washing around 55 dB.

For any home seeking a power-saving and high performance washing machine, the LG F2V308WSWH Direct Drive 8.5kg Direct Drive is perfect. Being a pioneer of household appliances, LG Electronics created this front-loader to give efficient cleaning and to save water and energy.

LG washing machine comes with an 8.5kg capacity that can handle large amounts of washing. The direct drive motor offers powerful and silent operation but with a 1200rpm spin speed for great water removal and to ensure that clothes dry faster.

The front-load washer has a range of options like quick wash, sanitary, allergy care and heavy duty. It has a knob interface and is fairly simple to use. This household appliance boasts a white plastic exterior that gives it a clean, modern look to blend in with any laundry room.

This LG washing machine, as an energy-efficient appliance, is rated 5 stars for energy and 4.5 stars for water. It provides advanced washing performance with minimal energy and water consumption through technologies like Inverter Direct Drive and 6 Motion technologies.


  1. Stainless steel tub for hygiene.
  2. SmartThinQ.
  3. Steam washing.
  4. 1200 RPM rotation speed.
  5. Tub clean function with antimicrobial properties.
  6. Turbo Wash for quick cycles.
  7. Quiet operation.
  8. Scratch and fingerprint resistance.
Best for large loads
04. Haier HW90-B14636N Freestanding Washing Machine With LED Display
  • Long-lasting, efficient, and eco-friendly.
  • Ensures a hygienic laundry cycle.
  • A Class rating for energy efficiency.
  • No specific noise and vibration levels mentioned.

The Haier HW90-B14636N is a fantastic freestanding front load washing machine with impressive cleaning power and high efficiency. Featuring Haier’s advanced Direct Motion motor and Anti-Bacterial Treatment, this 9kg model produces incredible results.
It allows you to do several loads of laundry at the go thus saving time. The best wash program for getting clean clothes within fifteen minutes is the quick wash program.
For example, a good example is the Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT) system. ABT cleans about 99.8% of bacteria from the detergent drawer and door seal after each wash. This ensures that clothes are clean with the right odour. A house with kids or pets would greatly benefit from ABT technology.
This washing machine comes out from direct motion motor. This motor offers more powerful cleaning actions for lesser energy use compared to other belt drive motors. There is a maximum noise level of 67 dB. Moreover, it suits open-plan living spaces, which you can put on anytime even your house mates will not be disturbed.
Haier HW90-B14636N is a rated Energy Class A appliance. It consumes at least 51% lesser energy compared to a G-rated washing machine. You also save money on your electricity bills and at the same time it is a friend to nature.


  1. Durable Direct Motion Motors.
  2. Lifetime guarantee.
  3. Anti-Bacterial Treatment.
  4. 9KG capacity.
Best for overall
05. LG V7 F4V712WTSE TurboWash 12kg Freestanding Washing Machine
  • Rapid 59-minute washing.
  • Special programs for allergy and baby care.
  • AI DD motor ensures fabric protection.
  • Aesthetically appealing.
  • Higher initial cost.

LG V7 F4V712WTSE TurboWash 12kg Freestanding Washing Machine has a large drum. The LG Washing Machine utilizes LG TurboWash Technology, which employs jet sprays that spray water onto clothing immediately in order to shorten wash times to 59 minutes.

AI direct drive (DD) washing machine motor is one of the features that stand out. LG’s 3rd gen beltless Direct Drive technology includes an artificial intelligence program that analyses load weight and fabric softness, adjusting drum movement during wash accordingly and preventing damage.

It has features like warm water cleaning using a built-in heater, sanitizing clothes to eliminate 99.9% of allergens, and an Energy Class B rating for good energy efficiency.

LG ThinQ Wi-Fi allows remote control of the appliance, downloading of certain wash cycles and energy tracking. It can also be commanded by voice using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The LG V7 F4V712WTSE is a contemporary freestanding washing machine with a frontload design with a white finish. It comes with a 10-year warranty for the motor.


  1. TurboWash for fast, efficient washing.
  2. Steam technology.
  3. AI DD beltless Direct Drive.
  4. 10-year warranty.
  5. Space-saving secure laundry drum design.
  6. LG ThinQ with Wi-Fi for remote operation and voice control.

Top Direct Drive Washing Machine in the UK Compared:

ModelCapacity (kg)TechnologyAnnual Energy ConsumptionRMP
LG V3 F4V308WNW AI DD 9kg9AI DD58 Kilowatt Hours‎1400 RPM
Haier HW100-B14636N10 Direct Motion51 Kilowatt Hours‎1400 RPM
LG F2V308WSWH Direct Drive 8.5kg8.5Direct DriveNot Specified1200 RPM
Haier HW90-B14636N9Direct Drive122 Kilowatt Hours Per Year1400 RPM
LG V7 F4V712WTSE TurboWash 12kg12TurboWash62 Kilowatt Hours1400 RPM

Things to consider while purchasing a Direct Drive Washing Machine in the UK

Capacity: Consider the size of the washing machine concerning your family’s laundry volume. For a big family or large washing items like blankets, a bigger machine like LG V7 is a better option. The LG V3 and Haier HW90 could be preferable for small homes or places with little space.

Noise Level: The noise level is very important, and you would probably want to avoid disturbing others by making noise as you do your laundry. Therefore, Haier HW100 is one of the best options since the maximum noise level is only 67 dB. The product is ideal for open-concept homes and users who prefer a quieter wash experience.

Hygiene and Maintenance: It is important that your machine promotes hygiene and is also easy to maintain. Search for antibacterial treatments, stainless steel drums and tub clean functions in order to keep the washing machine hygienic and fresh. In that case, LG V3 and Haier HW100 are good alternatives.

Energy Efficiency: Note the electricity consumption of a washing machine. What would be great is to have a nice washing machine, but if it is not energy efficient, you may end up crying at your electricity bills in the end. Both Haier HW90 and LG V7 are energy efficient, and the Haier model promises at least 51% consumption savings compared to the lower-rated machines.

However, it turned out that the choice of a washing machine is far more than cleaning the laundry in a permanently changing world of household appliances. It also involves making life easier and taking care of daily tasks. There is, therefore, a need to buy direct-drive washing machines because they are revolutionary.

There is a wide range of UK markets. However, you don’t have to be confused because we got you. Our experts have selected the best direct-drive washing machines after a tough search.

Antibacterial treatment, remote control, eco-friendliness, tough loads, and cutting-edge technology – we have considered everything. We have shortlisted the best out of several options that we had been testing for weeks. However, the best one will depend on your requirements and preferences. Be aware of your capacity, noise, hygiene, or energy efficiency requirements, and choose wisely.

Remember that the upgrading of a washing machine is just about simplifying your life. Hence, we hope the insights shared in this article will assist you in picking the best.

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