Top 5 Dropshipping Furniture Suppliers in the UK 2023

The life of any full-time worker is filled with surprises. Usually, a Friday afternoon indicates the exciting arrival of the weekend. After wrapping up with all my work, I was ready to make my plans for the coming weekend. However, one of my old clients booked a last-minute appointment and dropped into my office to discuss his business. Initially, I was not very pleased, but since I love my job so much, I welcomed him to help with his problems. He looked terrified and excited at the same time.

Drop shipping furniture business

After the meeting, I headed with my research by reading articles. I also did some fieldwork later and discussed it with the industry experts. Once I was done collecting all the required information, I was ready to help my client and share my knowledge with you to give your business a kick start.

List of the top Drop shipping furniture suppliers in the UK

Following are some of the top drop shipping furniture suppliers in the UK:

1. Wholesale Furniture Suppliers (WFS):

Wholesale Furniture Suppliers

While reading several articles, I found ‘Wholesale Furniture Suppliers (WFS)’ Worldwide Flight Services ( This supplier provides delivery services of top-quality furniture products, including sofas, beds, dining sets, etc. After reading a little more about WFS, the best thing I found is that it offers great pricing and flexible shipping options. This means you don’t have to make any alterations to the delivery locations. Besides, according to the existing customers, WFS’s customer support services are remarkable.  

2. Birlea Furniture

The next on the list is Birlea Furniture, Leading Trade Furniture Supplier & Manufacturer | Birlea, which one of my colleagues and industry experts suggested. According to him, you can get a wide range of affordable and stylish furniture from the supplier, such as beds, sofas, chairs, ottomans, etc.

Birlea Furniture

Birlea is popular in its industry for providing fast shipping and delivery services. Do you know what the best part is? Their orders are processed and dispatched within 48 hours.

3. Interiors Italia

This dropshipping furniture supplier has a prominent name in the industry. Interiors Italia – Wolverhampton’s Premier Furniture Store Interiors Italia is well-known for its wide range of contemporary and classic furniture products. The supplier offers reasonable pricing and flexible shipping options.

Interiors Italia

The factor that impressed me the most and will be beneficial to my client is that they offer next-day delivery on most of their products. But what bothered me was their minimum order requirement of £500. The term, however, sounds great for larger retailers, but it won’t be a great deal for small-scale businesses.

4. CIMC Home: 

I ordered my home furniture from From my experience, it is a reliable supplier of stylish and affordable furniture products.


Since I believe in quality and affordability, I must admit that the brand didn’t disappoint me. And to place a cherry on the top of the cake, they offer competitive pricing and next-day delivery on most of their products.

5. Oak Furniture King:

Just like the name of this manufacturer, it stands strong like an Oak tree. Oak Furniture King | Save up to 32% on Solid Oak Furniture | Free UK Delivery Oak Furniture King has a variety of high-quality and affordable furniture. Their commitment to providing quality products and next-day delivery makes them a worthy pick. According to me, the best thing about this supplier is that there are no minimum order requirements. This means they can be an excellent pick for both small and large retailers.

Oak Furniture King:

From my researchI understood that dropshipping can be an effective business model for furniture retailers in the UK. After studying all the important aspects, discussing with industry experts, and doing some groundwork, I handpicked these suppliers for my client. All of them are equally reliable, and he seemed utterly happy with the outcome.

Furniture assembling business

However, it is important for you to know that what worked for my client might not be the best for you. I believe your choice must be based on your requirements and priorities. Select wisely and build a successful furniture retail business in the UK.

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