5 Best Frost Free Integrated Under Counter Freezer in the UK 2023

We consider the kitchen to be the heart of our homes. Isn’t it? So, if you plan to update your kitchen, do it right the first time. Nowadays, under-counter freezers are the new trend in the UK. You may dream of having large European-style under-counter freezers.

Integrated refers to a cabinet hidden inside another cabinet. Until and unless the fridge cabinet door is opened, no one would ever guess that a under counter freezer was concealed within. On the other hand, a freestanding under-counter freezer takes up permanent visual real estate in the kitchen. Large kitchen equipment on display may be considered unsightly by some, so they prefer investing in an integrated freezer. However, this judgment depends on the individual’s taste and way of life.

Well, with the innumerable options out in the market, finding the best can be challenging. Therefore, to help you select the right product, our team of experts conducted thorough research and precise comparison to shortlist some of the best frost-free integrated under-counter freezers in the UK.

How Did We Select The Best Options?
We understand that the capacity of a fridge should be sufficient for the number of people in a household. Therefore, we ensured that the products we selected were of different storage capacities in order to meet the needs of different families. 
Energy Rating:
A freezer’s Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) rating is mandatory when buying a new one. We used it to estimate the energy efficiency of the freezers. Refrigerators with one star will cost less than refrigerators with five stars. Therefore, we picked refrigerators with at least a 3-star rating.
Frost-free technology:
The frost-free technology utilises a fan to ensure that the air within the freezer is always flowing, preventing ice formation. So, we looked for this feature while constructing the list.

List of top Frost Free Integrated Under Counter Freezer UK:

Whirlpool ARG 146 LA1 Integrated Under Counter Fridge, 145L
Our Top Choice
01. Whirlpool ARG 146 LA1 Integrated Under Counter Fridge
  • Effortless maintenance.
  • Significant energy savings.
  • Flexible storage and excellent visibility.
  • Durable and stylish design
  • Heavy.

Whirlpool ARG 146 LA1 Frost Free Integrated Under Counter Freezer possesses several useful features. It features an Auto Defrost system and is among many products that stand out due to its A++ Energy Rating. The model is highly energy efficient since it saves money and is environment friendly. The Space Management feature of this product is the cherry on this freezer’s revolutionary cake. 

With 145l, adjustable shelves and 59.6 x 54.5 x 81.5 dimensions it can fit any kitchen counter. It has a flexible interior that is appropriate for small families.
The light for this under-counter freezer is powered by LED. Good lighting will let you see things you need without using one quarter to a traditional light bulb.


  1. Frost-free technology.
  2. A++ Energy Rating.
  3. 145L capacity.
  4. Adjustable shelves and crispers.
  5. Energy-efficient LED lighting.
Indesit INS 9011 Integrated Under Counter Fridge, 136L
Best runner up
02. Indesit INS 9011 Integrated Under Counter Fridge
  • Freshness-preserving features.
  • Energy-efficient and long-lasting compressor.
  • Automatic defrost.
  • Hassle-free maintenance.
  • Limited storage capacity.

Indesit 136 Litres In-column integrated fridge has many effective usefulness features. It can hold up to 136 liters. This is good enough for two people and small families, about 7-and-a-half shopping bags.
A good addition to its existing charm of this product would be the Fresh Space+ drawer that keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh. It has inbuilt LED lights for easy illumination of the interior. It uses cool shower technology to ensure the right level of cold for these products.
The four-star energy efficiency rating will also help in reduction of your carbon footprint and lowering of your electric bills. The built-in defrost prevents ice formation without asking you to manually defrost. Unlike many of its competing compressors, it is known for being energy efficient and durable.


  1. 136L capacity.
  2. Fresh Space+ drawer.
  3. LED lighting.
  4. Built-in air vents.
  5. 4-star energy efficiency.
  6. Durable and efficient compressor.
  7. Cool shower technology
Best for energy saving
03. Fridgemaster MBUZ6097M Integrated Under Counter Freezer
  • Saves up to 40% on bills.
  • Sleek, modern design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable and backed by long-term warranties.
  • Silent operation.
  • Ease of repositioning.
  • Limited freezer capacity.

Fridgemaster MBUZ 6096M possesses high energy-conserving ability. It might look small, but with a capacity of 97 liters, it is not insignificant. The model features frost free and energy efficient, inverter compressor.
It has an energy rating of 3 stars which can save you up to 40% on electricity bills and helps to protect the environment as well. This machine is also easy to clean and has a good appearance. As well, its deodorizer maintains fresh fragrance in your fridge that makes you want to open it.
Moreover, the cold air cannot escape from the appliance through the trapezoidal layers. It guarantees quicker cooling and avoids frostburn so that things can stay frozen for a longer duration.
Moreover, the Fridgemaster MBUZ6097M is an ultra-modern under-counter freezer that befits any kitchen interior. It is silent for you won’t hear it in your kitchen. In short, this is a solid and mobile freezer that performs well under loads.


  1. 97-liter capacity.
  2. Trapezoidal layers.
  3. Energy-efficient 3-star rating.
  4. Inverter compressor.
  5. Tempered glass shelves and deodorizer.
Statesman BU60FZ4E Integrated Under Counter freezer 95 Litre
Best for fast cooling
04. Statesman BU60FZ4E Integrated Under Counter freezer 95 Litre-
  • Quick cooling technology.
  • Automatic defrost.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Generates noise.

BU60FZ4E statesman Under counter freezer integrates the latest technology, durability and energy efficiency. It comes with 3 large storage drawers, ideal for organization. It is space efficient and convenient in terms of food accessibility. The installation of this product is flexible. It comes with adjustable feet and reversible doors. It fits well in many kitchen designs.

This freezer has a humidity controller dedicated to ensuring the food is fresh and clean. The freezer’s inner walls are made of PPGI. Its resistance to corrosion makes it a durable freezer. It has a classic design that suits every kitchen.

Besides, this product is easy to clean. The best thing about the Statesman BU60FZ4E is that it is eco-friendly and uses natural refrigerant.


  1. 95-liter capacity.
  2. 3 large storage drawers.
  3. Dedicated humidity controller.
  4. PPGI inner walls.
  5. Energy-efficient and uses natural refrigerant.
Cookology CBUFZ600 95 Litre Capacity Integrated Built In Undercounter Freezer
Best for overall
05. Cookology CBUFZ600 95 Litre Capacity Integrated Built In Undercounter Freezer
  • Seamless integration with kitchen décor.
  • Efficient and safe long-term storage.
  • F energy rating for efficiency.
  • Small size.

The Cookology CBUFZ600 Integrated Built-In Undercounter Freezer comes with some great features that fit best according to modern kitchen designs and convenience.

This frost-free under-counter freezer is equipped with a door-fitting kit to let you put in a custom door that matches your kitchen’s existing decor. Its 41-decibel whisper-quiet operation is simply impressive. It includes adjustable temperature control and kitchen levelling legs. Besides, the reversible door makes it practical and versatile.

Moreover, the fridge is rated four stars. It keeps -18C for the long-term storage of goods in the state of conservation. It has an adjustable thermostat that facilitates precise control of the temperature.

Its freezing condition is between -12 and -24 degrees, ideal for great frozen food storage.


  1. Whisper-quiet operation at 41 decibels.
  2. Adjustable temperature control and leveling legs.
  3. Reversible door.
  4. 4-star freezer rating.
  5. Adjustable thermostat (-12℃ to -24℃).
  6. Practical dimensions.

Top Frost Free Integrated Under Counter Freezer compared:

ProductCapacityDimensions (W x H x D)WeightAnnual Energy ConsumptionNoise Level (dB)
Whirlpool ARG 146 LA1 Integrated Fridge145 litres‎54.5 x 59.6 x 81.5 cm32 Kg118 Kilowatt Hours ‎37 dB
Indesit In-column Integrated Fridge136 litres54.5 x 54 x 87.3 cm33 Kg116 Kilowatt Hours35 dB
Fridgemaster MBUZ6097M Integrated Freezer97 litres54.3 x 59 x 82.4 cm34 Kg‎184 Kilowatt Hours38 dB
Statesman BU60FZ4E Integrated Freezer95 Litres58.6 x 65.9 x 88.3 cm39 Kg220 Kilowatt Hours35 dB
Cookology CBUFZ600 Integrated Built In Freezer95 Litres55 x 59 x 82 cm29 Kg183 Kilowatt Hours41 dB

Selecting the best product can be challenging without knowing the user wants. However, we have provided a verdict based on the product’s features and details for various situations. Regarding saving energy, Whirlpool ARG 146 LA1 and Indesit may be ideal for you. These two also have A+ and 4-star energy ratings with some reduction in electricity bills.

Nevertheless, the Fridgemaster MBUZ6097M and Statesman BU60FZ4E can be good options if you want a freezer with outstanding features that are also energy-efficient. For those seeking customisable options, the Cookology CBUFZ600 is worth consideration.

Remember, the most suitable option for you will depend on the size of your home, the amount of storage space you require, and how efficient you want it to be.

Things to consider while purchasing frost free integrated under counter freezer

Capacity and Size: Considering the size and volume of a freezer is very important. Know your needs and choose the best one accordingly. Whirlpool ARG 146 LA1 has 145 litres and is suitable for a small family, while the 95 -liter CBUFZ600 is ideal for those who have limited space.
Energy Efficiency:
Energy efficiency is also one important factor to consider if you want to cut utility costs and also the impact on the environment. The Whirlpool ARG 146 LA1 has an A++ rating and Cookology CBUFZ600 has an F rating.
Noise Level: It is obvious that you will not be interested in getting disturbed by extra noise as you cook. Therefore, the operational noise level becomes a significant factor especially if your kitchen is an open space. The Cookology CBUFZ600 is one of the quietest blenders, only at 41 decibels.
Warranty: Check the warranty period given by the brand. Opt for an authentic and desirable warranty option such as Fridgemaster MBUZ6097M. The compressor of this product has a ten-year warranty.
Design and Build Quality: Think about the design and construction of the freezer. The fridge should blend well with the kitchen décor. Whirlpool ARG 146 LA1 would be a good option as it offers a stylish finish. The Statesman BU60FZ4E, with PPGI inner walls to guard against corrosion, also has a classic styling.

We were amazed at nothing more interesting than choosing the appropriate under counter freezer to buy from the most up-to-date dynamic kitchen appliance market. Numerous frost-free under-counter freezer integrations are available and suitable for any purpose.

We have checked all the choices in the market in search of the best ones. We selected them based on the basis of the design, efficiency, flexibility, and environment friendly. You can consider the options above to find out which freezer suits your lifestyle and house.

All these options are of equal value. However, it is important for you to know that your family will have to pick from the best available options. However, we hope that this list may give you a hint where to find the best frost-free under-counter freezer in the UK.

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