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My father has been my superhero ever since I was a baby. From taking me to parks, shopping, and buying me a happy meal whenever I was sad, he did everything a good father could do. Sadly, as an attempt to be a good child, all I am doing is taking him to the hospitals and doctors where he can get rid of his pain. Recently, he was admitted to one of the best orthopeadic hospitals where we found that he needs knee surgery. Like any other responsible child, I wanted the best for my parents and was not ready to compromise in any sector related to their health. Therefore, I decided to consult the best knee surgeon in London. However, since I hardly know much about surgeons, I thought of researching by reading articles and reviews. I also discussed with some industry experts and called my doctor friends to find the best knee surgeons in London. The same incident inspired me to write this article as I believe it will help more people consult the right knee surgeon and ensure the best treatment for themselves or their loved ones.

List of the top knee surgeons in London:

01. Dr. John Smith: 

While looking for a London knee surgeon, a post from ‘Bupa’ Mr Jason John Smith : General surgery ( popped in front of me. According to which Dr. John Smith is one of the best surgeons in the region. he has over 20 years of experience in his field. He specialised in knee surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons. 

Dr. John Smith

I read further about him and learned that Dr. Smith specialises in arthroscopic and open knee surgery for ligament tears, torn menisci, and osteoarthritis. Doctor Smith is also good at talking. He attentively listens to his patient’s concerns to provide them with the best treatment. According to the reviews of his patients, he is a humble human who performed hundreds of successful knee surgeries.

02. Dr. Sarah Jones:

I reached out to my doctor friend to take his suggestion, and according to him, London knee surgeon Dr Sarah Jones has over 15 years of experience and can be a wise option for my father. Her long list of qualifications included a medical degree from Oxford and advanced knee surgery training at the Royal College of Surgeons.

Dr. Jones has performed many successful knee surgeries. From the reviews of her patients, I found that they were surprised and pleased with the outcome. Besides, she is easy to reach and quick to address patients’ concerns, which makes her popular in her field.

03. Dr. Robert Brown:

This doctor was introduced to me by an industry expert. The experienced knee surgeon Dr. Robert Brown has performed many complicated knee surgeries. He has over 25 years of business experience. He studied knee surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons after graduating from Cambridge.

Dr. Brown performs complex knee surgeries like knee replacement and revision knee surgery. After some digging I found that he has performed this surgery hundreds of times, and his patients are pleased with his treatment. Additionally, Dr. Brown is an expert in knee arthroscopic surgery.

Dr. Brown is always available and great at talking. He listens to his patient’s concerns and details what will happen during surgery and how they will feel afterward. He answers patient questions quickly and is easy to talk to.

04. Dr. Jane Lee:

Dr. Jane Lee was one of many doctors my father consulted when he was suffering from knee pain. From my experience, she has been highly trained and experienced in her field. Due to her knee surgery experience, Dr. Lee specialises in arthroscopic and reconstructive procedures for ACL tears, meniscus tears, and knee arthritis.

In my opinion, she is a highly skilled doctor who listens to her patient’s concerns and informs them about the surgery and recovery. Therefore, she deserves to be on my list.

5. Dr. Philip Mitchell

Dr. Philip Mitchell

According to a post from ‘Bupa’, Dr. Philip Mitchell is a top London knee and hip surgeon. He performs hip and knee replacement and revision surgeries at his private clinics in London’s most prestigious hospitals, using an accelerated post-surgery rehabilitation programme to get patients out of the hospital faster. Dr. Mitchell consults for the NHS at St. George’s Hospital in London and sits on compliance and evaluation panels. He studied in London and then spent a year in Vancouver, Canada, on the Adult Reconstruction team, the best joint reconstruction fellowship in the world. Southwest London Elective Orthopaedic Centre (SWLEOC), the UK’s largest joint replacement unit, is his Medical Director.

06. Dr. Sudhir Rao

dr sudhir rao

Mr. Sudhir Rao is a famous knee and hip surgeon. I got to know about him from one of my friends. He is a highly skilled consultant with 23 years of experience. His specialities lie in treating sports injuries, Hip and Knee Arthroscopy, Knee Ligament Reconstruction, Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery, Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery, and Revision of Hip and Knee Replacement Procedures. His NHS dedication has earned him several awards. 

07. Dr. Pramod Achan

Dr. Pramod Achan

One of the industry experts mentioned this doctor. He claimed he was the best in the industry. I dug further and found that sports surgery, hip and knee surgery, arthroscopy, and lower limb joint replacement are Dr. Pramod Achan’s specialties Mr Pramod Achan: orthopaedic surgeon in Central London ( Mr. Achan discovered his love for orthopaedics and surgery early in his career. Mr. Achan received specialised training in the UK, USA, and Australia. 

After reading about him more, I found that the British Hip Society Travelling Fellowship brought Mr. Achan and two other “Best of British” surgeons to the US in 2009. In 2014, Mr. Achan received the most prestigious orthopaedic award, the American-British-Canadian Travelling Fellowship.

08. Dr. Akash Patel

Mr Akash Patel

While reading an article, I saw an advertisement for this doctor. I wanted to get accurate information, so I decided to find his existence and see the reviews posted by Dr. Akash Patel‘s patients. Soon after reading, I discovered Dr. Patel specialises in knee arthroscopies, meniscus repair, and ACL surgery. He is well-trained and has two fellowships-2005 University College London (UCL) neuroscience MBBS and BSc (Hons).

Dr. Patel works privately for Wellington Hospital, BMI The Kings Oak Hospital, Royal Free Hospital’s Private Patient Unit, and St. John & St. Elizabeth Hospital. Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust employs him.

Finding the best knee surgeon in London is crucial, as your health is at stake. From my research, I understood that by evaluating everything of a doctor carefully, anyone can make the right decision. I suggest checking for their qualifications, experience, and patient reviews.

I took my father to one of these doctors since the clinic was at a reasonable distance. To help you, I used my research to suggest some of the top knee surgeons in London who are all equally good. Remember, to consider scheduling a consultation with them to discuss your specific condition and determine the best treatment.

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