6 Best Leg Exerciser for Elderly in the UK 2023

With age, walking becomes important for the legs as it helps maintain mobility and independence as we grow older. However, senior adults may suffer from conditions like arthritis, injury, and general weakness which can make it difficult for them to remain active. Leg exercisers can be of great use in such a situation. The leg exercisers enable the elderly to do light, self-monitored motion that will aid leg strength, flexibility, and blood circulation. Moreover, there are different choices to choose from, including pedal machines and resistance bands that enable the elderly to exercise from home.
Considering the same we examined some of the worthwhile options in leg exercises for the elderly UK. We tested various products basing on features like adjustability, resistance levels, size and price. We then compare the different products and recommend products according to different needs and budgets.

How did we select the best?
The first factor we considered while selecting the best options is the adjustable speed and intensity settings.
Ease of Use:
Next, we ensured that the designs of the products were easy to use and control. 
Our following criterion was safety. We included products with non-slip footpads and quiet operation, as they tend to be more safe and comfortable. 
Although we tested all the products for weeks, we still wanted to collect accurate reviews from the long-term users. Therefore, we read several online reviews and included products with positive reviews and high ratings.

List of Some of the Top Leg Exerciser for Elderly in the UK:

Our top choice
01. Easy Walker with USB – 30 Speed Leg Exerciser and Passive Walking Blood Circulation Machine
  • Highly customisable.
  • Enjoy music or audiobooks.
  • Easy-to-use remote control.
  • Expensive.

Roneyville Easy Walker Leg Exerciser offers you an opportunity to exercise while still seating. This is a revolutionary health device which passively moves your legs to enhance your flow and mobility.
Besides, with the help of the medical therapists, the Easy Walker was designed to be not only easy to use, but also effective for leg health. This has 30 speeds settings that can be adjusted using a remote controlling to suit the user depending on the need and ability. It enables it to address various needs. Also, it works quietly and smoothly, to relive pain by gently exercising the legs, knees, ankles, and feet.

Moreover, this product helps relieve pain, accelerate healing, or increase energy. Another advantage is an inbuilt USB audio player that will enable you to listen to music or audio books while exercising which makes exercise fun.
Easy Walker enables you to have moving legs even when seated. It does all the “running” so that you can take it easy and concentrate on your goals exclusively.  Besides, the device enhances circulation, reduces swelling and stimulates venous return, also help in rehabilitation, mobility and general leg health.


  • 30 Speed Levels.
  • 3 Preset Programs.
  • Magnetic Therapy.
  • USB Audio Player.
  • Remote Control.
  • Occupational Therapists.
Best runner up
02. HoMedics Leg Exerciser – Easy Foot Touch Control
  • Improves leg circulation and strength.
  • Customisable settings.
  • Smooth, gentle massage motion.
  • Easy to use.
  • Portable design.
  • Requires outlet.
  • Noisy.

Senior persons can use the HoMedics Leg Exerciser to increase their leg strength and circulation without having to leave their seats. The users can conveniently target the leg muscles with the lightweight electric massager.

This Leg Exerciser has a very intuitive design. The toe-touch controls or the remote allows users to toggle between three speeds and stride lengths. This is important since it makes it easier to adjust the intensity of workouts for your legs. It has soft massage mode that is gentle, and suitable for the elderly or even those with a pacemaker, or diabetes.

Besides, this device has one major advantage in that it is portable. The machine weighs 4.5 kg and is easily carried between rooms and even compactly stored after the workout. It measures 9 cm and sits smoothly under the furniture. The long cord length makes positioning the massager flexible.

Moreover, HoMedics is a well-known brand. The brand has become a name associated with innovative and therapeutic home massages for the purpose of comfort. Besides, the Leg Exerciser comes with an auto shutoff feature which automatically shuts down the device after 15 minutes. 


  • Toe-touch control.
  • Remote operation.
  • 3 adjustable speeds.
  • Lightweight at 4.5 kg.
  • Auto shutoff safety feature.
Best for easy to use
03. Coopers of Stortford Leg Exerciser Vibration Foot Plate
  • Promotes blood circulation.
  • Reduces swelling.
  • Easy to use remote control.
  • Customizable intensity levels.
  • Supports leg health.
  • Limited portability.
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin.

Coopers of Stortford Leg Exerciser is a vibration foot plate that provides support to circulation and cardiovascular health. This hand held remote operated electric-powered device is manufactured by VIVADIA. It offers flexibility, where users can choose from 5 different intensity settings.

Besides, this is a passive leg exerciser that focuses on the lower body for promoting blood circulation to the foot, ankle, and calf to ease the swelling. It has different vibration intensity modes, which ensure that the users can choose the right level of leg movements depending on their needs between light circulation improvement and stronger calf muscle build up.

Although it is designed specifically for elderly people with mobility problems, this product can also be useful for anyone who wants to boost the state of their legs. It provides a refreshing massage-type sensation that stimulates mobility and vitality.

Besides, the Coopers Leg Exerciser is specifically designed in-home equipment which aims to offer older people with an easy to use means of managing cardiovascular health. It provides consistent power delivery for leg circulation enhancement with corded electric operation.


  • Vibration foot plate.
  • 5 intensity modes.
  • Handheld remote control.
  • Corded electric power.
  • Pacemaker compatible.
Best for features
04. FLEXXI GT2 Motorised Elliptical Cycle
  • Joint-friendly exercise.
  • Good for rehabilitation and mobility.
  • Adjustable settings.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Low weight capacity.

FLEXXI GT2 Motorised Elliptical Cycle is a good option for gentle rehabilitation exercise for leg joint mobility, leg muscle strengthening, and circulatory enhancement.

This quiet compact, electrically powered elliptical trainer is designed for use while reading or watching TV without disturbance. Besides, the textured, anti-slip foot plates hold tight as you work out. It has an LED monitor with simple reading that is used to track time, distance, and calories burned.

One of the benefits of the FLEXXI GT2 is its motorised power system that does without manual pedals. Therefore, it is suitable for people with low mobility or those looking for gentle cardio exercise. Besides, its elliptical motion helps to improve movement of the joints and blood flow so as to rehabilitate the leg muscles and joints once an injury, illness or inactivity has occurred. It also comes with wireless hand held controller that allows you to adjust speed and settings from a seated position.

The FLEXXI GT2 Motorised Elliptical Cycle comes mostly pre-assembled, making the assembly process fast and easy. Besides, this seated pedal trainer is a good option for the elderly and other people like diabetics, who need low-stress exercises with a gentle effect on their circulation system.


  • Motorised elliptical trainer.
  • Compact design.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Textured anti-slip pedals.
  • LED to track time, distance, calories.
  • Wireless handheld controller.
Best for budget
05. VYTALIVING Circulation Sitwal
  • Enhances blood flow.
  • Relieves aches, pains, cramps.
  • Improves joint flexibility.
  • Easy to use.
  • Limited adjustment options.
  • Noisy.

VYTALIVING Circulation Sitwalk Leg Exerciser is an excellent seated leg exercise machine designed to keep your legs and joints on the move comfortably. This remote controlled leg workout device uses the CPAP technology to provide passive exercise in your feet and legs that boosts your blood circulation.

Sitwalk Leg Exerciser enables you to carry out a remote-controlled leg work out from your chair. Besides, the slow and gentle back and forth movement of the footplates stimulates the leg muscles, joints and the circulation system to prevent swelling, aches, pains, leg cramps and stiffness associated with poor circulation and inactivity. Therefore, it is an appropriate leg circulation device and mobility aid for the elderly or the sedentary population.

Moreover, the sitwalk is pacer-friendly, remote-controlled equipment that is useful in enhancing joint flexibility, muscle stimulation and overall range of motion. Using it just 20-30 minutes a day can improve blood flow, leg pains, leg swelling, decrease risk of leg cramps and joint health and mobility. Also, this leg exerciser helps in the leg wellness of the aged and less mobile people, stimulating circulation to relieve inactivity.


  • Passive exercise.
  • Remote-controlled.
  • 3 speed settings.
Best for overall
06. OSITO Foot Blood Circulation machine-EMS Foot Massager
  • Easy to use.
  • Good quality gel pads.
  • Boosts circulation.
  • Takes several uses.
  • Effects vary person to person.

OSITO Foot Blood Circulation machine is a great product to enhance blood circulation to the feet and relieve nerve pain. It is an electric foot massager of this modern style and comes with a cordless remote control.

Besides, this machine is based on EMS (electrical muscle stimulations) and has four black OSIITO brand electrode gel pads. These compatibility pads are used to stimulate foot circulation and are also included in the TENS unit for neuropathy pain alleviation.

Moreover, it is easy to stick the sticky gel pads on the feet or legs if you follow the instructions given in the user manual. The OSITO circulation booster uses electrical impulses to stimulate blood flow, eliminating swelling and improving circulation. This physical therapy aid is reported to ease nerve and muscle pain hence improving mobility in users.

Besides, it is cordless design and the remote control gives you more freedom while in use. This helps in the easy use of the circulation device when resting on the couch and even during work.


  • Cordless remote control.
  • EMS technology.
  • Includes 4 black electrode gel pads.
  • Reduces swelling.
  • Relieves nerve pain.

Top Leg Exerciser for Elderly in the UK Compared

Product NameWeightDimensionsSpeed LevelsSpecial FeaturesAdjustability
Roneyville Easy Walker with USB4.34 Kg44.6 x 37.4 x 19.2 cm30 Speed Levels and 3 Preset ProgramsMagnotherapy, USB Audio Player, 3 Preset ProgramsYes
HoMedics Leg Exerciser4.5 Kg39L x 37W x 9H cm3Easy Foot Touch Control, Compact Storage, RemoteYes
Coopers of Stortford Leg ExerciserNot SpecifiedNot Specified5Vibration Foot Plate, 5 Intensity ModesYes
FLEXXI GT2 Motorized Elliptical Cycle6.35 Kg35.5D x 25W x 45.5H cmNot SpecifiedGentle Rehabilitation, Leg Joints, MusclesYes
VYTALIVING Circulation Sitwalk – LegMax4.76 Kg47.1 x 41 x 21.6 cm3Pacemaker Friendly, Keeps Joints ActiveYes
OSITO Foot Blood Circulation Machine89 Grams12.1 x 8.3 x 1.6 cmMultipleEMS Foot Massager, Neuropathy ReliefYes

For you, “the best” product is simply the one that matches your needs. However, we have suggested some of them according to some general requirements. Roneyville “Easy Walker with USB – 30 speed leg exerciser” is a good choice if you are looking for all-around device. It consists of a remote, USB audio player, and magnetic therapy. However, for seniors who prefer ease of use and mobility, the “VYTALIVING Circulation Sitwalk – LegMax – LegEx” is perfect for seated passive exercise.
However, remember, your choice will be determined by your budget and goals of improving circulation, mobility, or leg health.

Factors to keep in mind while selecting a Leg Exerciser for Elderly in the UK:

Speed and Intensity Levels: First, you need to inspect the leg exerciser that can allow you to adjust the speed and intensity settings. This feature allows older adults to go slowly at the start of their workouts and progress at a pace that they are able to tolerate as they gain strength and mobility. Easy Walker with USB – 30 Speed Leg Exerciser can be a worthy pick. It has 30 speed levels and 3 preset programs for the different needs of users.

Ease of Use: Next, check the design. Moving should be easy since some older adults may find it difficult. Older people can exercise with simplified touch and remote controls, such as in the HoMedics Leg Exerciser. The toe-touch control and the handheld remote make sure that it’s user-friendly and convenient.

Therapeutic Features: Therapeutic leg exercisers have either magnetic or vibration massage features. They improve muscle health, and circulation. The Coopers of Stortford Leg Exerciser Vibration Foot Plate is designed in such a way that the speed and vibration massage can be changed. This promotes blood flow and muscle strength.

Size and Portability: Check its size and weight. Elderly people should be provided with designs of a smaller size and easy to store. The FLEXXI GT2 Motorised Elliptical Cycle is easily portable and can be used by seniors.

Safety and Comfort: Considering the safety and comfort is very important. Go for products that normally come with non-slip footpad and quiet operation, as they tend to be safer and more comfortable. The non-slip footpads and adjustable massage intensity of OSITO Foot Blood Circulation Machine-EMS Foot Massager is completely safe, and comfortable. 

Our research showed that senior citizens need to exercise their legs to remain healthy and happy. Regularity in leg exercises helps in improving balance, mobility, and strength. These benefits lower the likelihood of accidents and falls among the old which are serious health problems. However, it is imperative to choose appropriate activities and proceed carefully and safely.


We tried out different options for weeks and made comparisons based on the most significant factors. After collecting all the necessary data we selected some of the best options for you. All the products mentioned above are just as good for older people wanting to remain healthy and career people helping older family members. However, you should consider your needs first and then choose what you like. We hope the list will set you in line with your search for the best leg exerciser for the elderly UK.

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