5 Best Middle Class Clothing Brands UK 2023

We live in a society where everyone is divided into classes based on one’s income. Well, as much as I hate to admit that even at this stage where the entire world is adopting high technology and progressive thought, we can’t deny that the class system still exists.

While life is easier for rich people, the poor find help from the UK government in several ways. But, the people who are mostly overlooked are the people who belong to the middle-class sector.

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Being a member of a middle-class family and a fashion enthusiast owning clothes from Burberry, Prada, Gucci, etc., was like a dream. But that inspired me to come up with this article where I did my research, keeping the requirements and budget preferences of an individual from a middle-class background.

My research included reading several articles, watching videos, discussing preferences with several middle-class people and using the experience that I gained during my late teenage as a fashion enthusiast with a middle-class background.

List of top middle class clothing brands in the UK

The UK has a diverse range of clothing brands that cater to the middle class. In this section, we will explore the top middle-class clothing brands in the UK, providing descriptions, price ranges, target audiences, and unique selling points for each brand.

01. Marks & Spencer

Description: This is a well-known and one of my favourite clothing brands as a college student. It offers high-quality clothing at an affordable price range. According to the brand Marks & Spencer India | Buy Women, Men & Kids Clothing (marksandspencer.in), they promise quality, and trust me, they mean it. According to a post by ‘Statista’ Marks and Spencer – Statistics & Facts | Statista, Marks and Spencer had 1,035 UK and 452 international stores in 2021. 

Marks & Spencer showroom

They offer a wide range of clothing for men, women, and children, including formal, casual, and activewear. They also offer a range of accessories, shoes, and beauty products. From my experience, Marks & Spencer is committed to sustainable and ethical clothing production practices. Even now, I love having a good tour at the Marks & Spencer store and end up buying quite some clothes. 

Target audience: Based on my research, the target audience for Marks & Spencer is the middle class, who are looking for high-quality clothing at an affordable price.

02. Boden

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The next one on my list is Boden, a huge UK fashion company. The brand is well-equipped with something for everyone. They deal with men, women, and children’s fashion. I have to mention that their collection is more like a journey through classic and cutting-edge styles to match everyone’s vibes. Let me state the best part about them. They have different types of accessories and shoes to choose from, meaning you can get your entire look from just one store. 

Target audience: Well, a few years back, Boden was all about style. But with time, they target customers from the middle class, who are looking for sustainable, stylish, and ethical clothing. The brand targets 25-to-50-year-olds. A 35-year-old mother who wants to be herself and wear clothes that flatter her is their “bulls-eye” customer.

03. Joules

Joules Online store

Well, my absolute favourite is Joules. It is where luxury shoppers can find everything at an affordable price range. The brand is popular for producing stylish, comfortable clothes. Believe me; their products also look stunning on infants, adults, and children. But let me be specific. The hype is not just about clothes; it is about a sophisticated mix of accessories, shoes, and home goods. You know what is the best part? Joules’s clothes are durable and eco-friendly because they use the best materials. 

Target audience: While doing my research, I came across an article by ‘Prospect’ Customer and marketing at Joules | Joules | Retail Week (retail-week.com), according to which the target audience for Joules is mostly the middle-class people looking for stylish, high-quality clothing that is perfect for outdoor activities and countryside living.

04. John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners showroom

John Lewis & Partners is often associated with quality by the people of the UK. This UK department store has long symbolised itself as an affordable market shark. You can say it is a box of treasure for sophisticated middle-class tastes. The brand has made its way into my family wardrobe for decades. They use high-quality materials to make durable pieces. While talking to a young lady as a part of my research, she said that it is a luxurious line of clothes that all classes prefer. It sounds right, as they have clothes for men, women, and miniature fashionistas, too. From dressy to casual to sporty, they have everything. And when I mention everything, I mean it, as they deal in accessories, shoes, and home decor. I consider John Lewis & Partners more than a store. To me, it is a legacy of style and good decisions.

Target audience: According to a post by ‘Similarweb’ johnlewis.com Traffic Analytics, Ranking Stats & Tech Stack | Similarweb, the audience data shows 42.80% men and 57.20% women visit johnlewis.com. People aged 25–34 make up the majority of visitors2. So, basically, the target audience for John Lewis & Partners is the middle class men and women, who are looking for high-quality, fashionable clothing and accessories.

05. Next

Next clothing

Introducing a comfortable and inclusive brand. ‘Next’ targets many fashionistas, as it aims to bring affordable fashion to the people. You can meet a collection at the Next store that blends elegance and affordability. They have clothes for men, women, and trend-setting teens, which is exactly like a rainbow of styles, from formal to casual. That’s not it! How can I miss my favourite aspect? Next also specialise in stylish accessories, shoes, and home goods.

Target audience: During my research, I came across an article by UKesseys.com Marketing Strategy Report for NEXT PLC (ukessays.com), according to which the target audience for Next is those looking for affordable, stylish clothing and accessories. Mainly, their customer chain includes people aging between 25 to 45 years.

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From my research, I understood that middle-class people in the UK have a wide range of clothing brands. But from my experience and after talking to several individuals, I understood that selecting the right brand can be overwhelming. Most people shared their concerns about making a change and wasting money. For those people, I hope my research will be helpful. Here, I have shortlisted the best to help your decision-making process easier. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, gathered all the required information, and are ready to elevate your next shopping day.

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