3 Non-surgical treatment options for upper lip lines in the UK 2023

I was with a group of my college friends at our reunion. Meeting everyone was a wonderful experience, but soon we realised how we all are aging. The campus was the same, but we all looked and behaved differently. Well, some rebels have still managed to remain the same. However, I noticed that our beloved teachers were turning old. Our friends’ group started to engage with everyone, and we were all sad looking at our once dynamic teachers getting wrinkled and pale. During the same evening, I noticed that when we talk about wrinkles, our minds often wander to the top half of our face – the forehead creases, those pesky crow’s feet, and those notorious elevens. But here is the thing: what about the wrinkles that sneak onto the lower half of our face? I decided to focus on those mouth wrinkles, and as soon as I reached home, the thought of getting old haunted me, and I started researching the best non-surgical treatment for upper lip lines.

Soon enough, I realised that there could be more people like me, which further inspired me to write this article. During my research, I went through innumerable articles published by great websites and consulted some dermatologists and my friends who are experts in cosmetic surgeries. I also tried some DIY on my mother and gathered reviews from people who underwent non-surgical treatment and had excellent outcomes. Once I contended with enough information, I decided to share them to help more women look young and confident. 

List of some of the best non surgical treatments for upper lip lines:

Dermal fillers for lips:

Dermal filler treatment before and after

The first one is quite popular. You must have heard about Derma fillers. According to me, they are like a skin magic touch, adding plumpness and smoothness around the mouth. Mainly hyaluronic acid fillers, these are the best for upper lip lines. This superstar ingredient volumizes lips and reduces fine lines. Luxury lifestyle magazine polled in 2022 found that the injectable beauty industry is as popular in the UK as in the US, Canada, and Western Europe. Cosmetic procedures like hyaluronic acid injections were preferred by about 59% of the people. How popular are dermal fillers in the UK? | Luxury Lifestyle Magazine


  • Instant Change: The change is immediate with dermal fillers like mini facelifts without downtime.
  • Minimal Interruption: No downtime with dermal fillers. You can resume your adventures quickly.
  • Long-lasting glamour: The results will be around for a while. These filters can keep you looking great for 6–12 months.


  • Possible Side Effects: Some people experience injection-site bruising and swelling. 

Botox for lips: 

Botox injection on lips

Botox is a game-changer for upper lip lines that need extra attention. This quick fix keeps your routine and yields proven results. Remember that a skilled practitioner is essential for Botox’s success. According to an article published at ‘Women’shealth’ 14 things the experts want you to know about Botox (womenshealthmag.com) anti-wrinkle injectables like Botox make up nine out of 10 cosmetic procedures in the UK. Since 2011, the number of people receiving fillers or Botox has increased by 41%, fueling a £ 2.75 billion industry. By this data, you can guess how popular this treatment is. 


  • Quick and Simple: Like a superhero, Botox makes the procedure easy.
  • Minimal Pause: Minimal downtime is typical of Botox treatments. Out and back, business as usual.
  • Long-term effects: Botox gives you smoother skin for 3–4 months.


  • Botox may take time to take effect fully. 

Laser treatments for lips: 

Laser treatments on lips before and after

You must have heard about laser treatment. They are high-tech and effective. Laser treatments are your skin’s secret weapon against lip lines. They provide a rejuvenating break to your wrinkly upper lip without stopping life. Keep in mind that a skilled practitioner is essential while performing this treatment. 


Need No Interrupt: Nobody needs to clear their schedule for downtime. Laser treatments have little to no rest so that you can resume your routine.

Long-term impact: Expect long-lasting results. Laser treatments can give you a glow for 6–12 months.

Tone and Texture Bonus: Laser treatments can rejuvenate your skin’s texture, tone, and wrinkles.


Skin sensitivity or redness: Some people may experience skin sensitivity or redness after treatment. 

Sun smarts needed: It requires extra sun protection steps.

Throughout my research, it was clear that choosing the proper non-surgical upper lip line treatment is very important. It is about getting results, managing costs, minimising side effects, and curving the approach according to your needs. By outlining all your options and discussing them with a trusted professional dermatologist, you can go for the right decision. It is like creating a personalised treatment plan which is excellent. Because with this, you will be in charge of your goals, preferences, and comfort level are top priorities.

By sharing the knowledge I have gained through my research, I hope to empower all beautiful women to make the right decisions and look young and confident. 

Sophia Adams

Sophia Adams

Sophia Adams is a 15-year celebrity makeup artist. Sophia finds customised skincare products for each client as an expert. Sophia writes and does makeup well. Her thorough, honest reviews give readers valuable product and technique information. Sophia writes and paints to make people feel and look their best.

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