5 Best Office Chair for Heavy Person in the UK 2023

Why limit yourself to a small office chair and face discomfort? According to an article published by ‘Workhappy’, research shows that workers deliver a 17.7% increase in productivity by using the right office chair. 

But what about the heavy people? Do they need to compromise? Absolutely not! The tall and wide office chairs are ideal for heavy people. A good Office chair should let you reach your keyboard and mouse without straining. Modern office chairs have many technological and feature upgrades, making selection difficult. Besides, the rising competition in the market can confuse you, resulting in which you might end up spending on the wrong product.   

Therefore, our team of experts took the responsibility into their own hands. We have spent weeks to analyse several factors when choosing the best ergonomic office chairs. We considered build quality, size, and adjustability and compared different options based on durability and long-term effects to compile a list of some of the best office chairs for heavy people in the UK.

List of top Office Chair for Heavy Person in the UK:

Our Top Choice
SIHOO Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Office Chair
Five ergonomic adjustment settings.
High-quality mesh backrest.
W-shaped seat design.
Best runner up
Realm of Thrones CAPTAIN Ergonomic Office Chair
Flip-up armrests.
10cm extra-thick seat cushion. 
Saddle-inspired shape.
Waterfall front contour.
Meets BIFMA standards.
Best for Luxury
Office Chairs for Heavy People Big and Tall
Comfortable design.
Breathable PU leather.
Thick cotton seat.
Sturdy construction.
500 lbs weight capacity.
360-degree swivel.
Smooth-rolling casters.
Product dimensions: 78.74 x 71.12 x 119.38 cm.
Best for Ergonomic
NOBLEWELL Office Chair
Ergonomic backrest.
Multiple adjustable features.
Product dimensions: 54D x 48W x 115H centimetres.
Best for overall
BASETBL Ergonomic Office Chair
2″ adjustable lumbar support.
Pneumatic controls.
Rocking mode.
Upgraded memory material cushion.
Product dimensions: 63D x 25W x 58H centimetres.
SIHOO Office Desk Chair
Our Top Choice
01. SIHOO Office Desk Chair
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Weight capacity of up to 150 kg.
  • Easy assembly.
  • 3-year warranty with free replacement parts.
  • No mention of lumbar support.
  • No tilt lock or swivel functionality.

This chair has five ergonomic adjustments. There is a high backrest, head rest, and specific seat height. The adjustable armrest provides more customisation so that you can get the best configuration that suits your needs.

The mesh backrest of the SIHOO chair is strong and breathable. This is a great advantage, especially on hot, sweaty workdays. Moreover, its mesh backrest removes moisture to keep you cool and helps you focus on your work.

Besides, the W-shaped seat helps maintain your centeredness and reduces back strain. Also, the waterfall seat front reduces leg pressure when sitting through long periods. After trying it practically, it was found that the high-density sponge cushion feels soft and supportive despite long-term use. The chair can sustain 150 kg, and the chair’s eight-step instructions are designed to make the assembly effortless. SIHOO offers you a free return and refund of the products for 30 days, which indeed makes it a great deal.


  1. Five ergonomic adjustment settings.
  2. High-quality mesh backrest.
  3. W-shaped seat design.
Best runner up
02. Realm of Thrones CAPTAIN Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support.
  • Versatile tilt and tension settings.
  • Highly breathable self-supporting mesh composite.
  • Not ideal for very heavy individuals.

Thrones CAPTAIN ergonomic office chair is great for a heavy-weight person who needs a supportive and comfortable seat. This chair was perfect for long workdays because of its smart design and amazing features.

The faux leather-trimmed and soft-padded armrests of this chair are unique. They have armrests that are comfortable for the forearm and flip-up function, which allows the chair to fit under the desk. This feature improves flexibility for space-saving solutions required by home-based workers.

It has a thickness of 10cm which is incomparable in relaxation. The saddle-like shape with its raised front centre and waterfall front contour helps in relieving pressure, improves blood flow and distributes body weight evenly.
This height-adjustable headrest contributes to your comfort at the neck and the head. It is an ergonomic backrest which is particularly designed to raise the spine higher. 

Also, the movable lumbar support helps in reducing and managing back pain. It provides three tension settings and three lock-in positions for a total of about 115 degrees of recline. By rotating the central knob, you can adjust the chair’s tilt and tension until you find the most comfortable and productive position. 

In fact, it was tested about 120,000 times in order to be ensured that it is safe and will withstand heavy use according to the BIFMA standards.


  1. Soft-padded.
  2. Flip-up armrests.
  3. 10cm extra-thick seat cushion. 
  4. Saddle-inspired shape.
  5. Waterfall front contour.
  6. Meets BIFMA standards.
Office Chairs for Heavy People Big and Tall
Best for Luxury
03. Office Chairs for Heavy People Big and Tall
  • Easy assembly process.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Dedicated customer service.
  • No lumbar support.

The Office Chairs for Heavy People Big and Tall 500lbs Wide Seat Ergonomic PU Leather Desk Chair is made of breathable PU leather with thick cotton seat and spring suspension that offers better sitting comfort. The materials used in this product resist deformation for long term usefulness and durability.

Furthermore, you can refer to the instructions to build the chair, and that takes 10-30 minutes! It also supports 500 lbs; therefore, ideal for heavy persons requiring stable and firm sitting support. The chair’s heavy-duty metal base with nylon casters enables a 360-degree swivel with smooth rolling. It provides stability for mobility through workspaces and is budgeted. This nicely built chair speaks highly of quality workmanship at an affordable price.


  1. Comfortable design.
  2. Breathable PU leather.
  3. Thick cotton seat.
  4. Sturdy construction.
  5. 500 lbs weight capacity.
  6. 360-degree swivel.
  7. Smooth-rolling casters.
  8. Product dimensions: 78.74 x 71.12 x 119.38 cm.
Best for Ergonomic
04. NOBLEWELL Office Chair
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Sturdy and stable construction.
  • Silent casters and metal base.
  • Easy and quick assembly.
  • No extended warranty.

NOBLEWELL ergonomic Office Chair is a safe and comfortable option for heavy individuals. It is an ideal support, pain-relief, and long-term comfortable chair for long working hours. This office chair has an ergonomic backrest like a spine that supports your neck and back, ensuring that you sit properly without pain.

Moreover, this is an adjustable chair suitable for different body types. It can be adjusted separately on the headrest, lumbar, armrest, and back support. The backrest tilts 90 – 135 degrees, letting you relax, sit back, and concentrate on your work. The breathable mesh design of this product helps you stay cool and dry. The daytime comfy has a soft, breathable, high-density sponge cushion.

It has castor wheels and air roads SGS. Besides, it is BIFMA 300 lbs certified for durability and reliability. The silent castors and metal base provide stability and protect your floor from scratches and damage.


  1. Ergonomic backrest.
  2. Multiple adjustable features.
  3. Product dimensions: 54D x 48W x 115H centimetres.
Best for overall
05. BASETBL Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Durable and breathable mesh fabric.
  • Versatile design.
  • Easy assembly process.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • No additional cushioning or padding.

The BASETBL Ergonomic Office Chair features a thoughtful design. It makes your home working quality time and office work a bit more enjoyable. The lumbar support on this home office chair provides a range of motion of two inches. This relieves the back muscle strain and fatigue on muscles. It is a chair that values your comfort even when you sit for long periods.

The BIFMA and SGS certifications of this product make the Class-3 gas lift safe and reliable. The heavy-duty nylon base can hold 330 pounds, giving stability to those who weigh more. It involves reclining for 90-120 degrees and relieves stress from prolonged labour or work.

Besides, it has a memory foam cushion under a breathable mesh. This remarkable combination prevents deformation and ensures sitting comfort for a long. The BASETBL Ergonomic Office Chair is ideal for private and public offices, bedrooms, or conference rooms. It is a good choice for all good reasons since it is comfortable, affordable, and durable as well.


  1. 2″ adjustable lumbar support.
  2. Pneumatic controls.
  3. Rocking mode.
  4. Upgraded memory material cushion.
  5. Product dimensions: 63D x 25W x 58H centimetres.
How Did We Select The Best Options?
We understand that weight capacity is a vital point. So, for stability and durability, we selected chairs with robust construction and high weight capacity. 
Ergonomic Design: 
Long-term sitting comfort requires an ergonomic chair. Therefore, we ensured the chairs we included have adjustable back support, headrests, seat height, recline, and armrests.
For utmost comfort, our team handpicked the chairs with high-density sponge cushions that retain shape and support.
After examining all the products practically, we read the reviews posted online to collect genuine insights. 

Comparison Table:

SIHOO Office Desk Chair, Ergonomic Computer Office ChairVaries, typically up to 300 lbsMesh/PU Leather
Realm of Thrones CAPTAIN Ergonomic Office ChairUp to 330 lbsFaux Leather
Office Chairs for Heavy People Big and Tall 500lbs Wide Seat Ergonomic PU Leather Desk ChairUp to 500 lbsPU Leather
NOBLEWELL Office Chair, Ergonomic Mesh Desk ChairUp to 330 lbsMesh
BASETBL Ergonomic Office ChairUp to 300 lbsMesh/PU Leather

It was evident throughout our research that determining the “best overall” office chair without knowing the preferences, budgets, and specific needs is challenging. However, on impartial ground, the “Office Chairs for Heavy People Big and Tall 500lbs Wide Seat Ergonomic PU Leather Desk Chair” is distinguishable from the other choices. Of the options listed, it has the highest weight capacity of 500 lbs, which could be useful for people who require more support. However, we suggest considering your requirements and preferences before making a decision.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Office Chair for Heavy Person in the UK

It is important to consider the weight capacity of heavy person’s office chair. For strength and stability, they should go for heavy-duty chairs. Office Chairs for Heavy People Big and Tall 500lbs Wide Seat Ergonomic PU Leather Desk Chair.
Ergonomic Design: To sit for long-term, it should be an ergonomic chair. For example, the “SIHOO Office Desk Chair, Ergonomic Computer Office Chair” and the “Realm of Thrones CAPTAIN Ergonomic Office Chair” provide for multiple ergonomic adjustment settings to customise your sitting experience.
Comfort and cushioning: Select high-density sponge cushioned chairs that maintain their shape and provide the necessary support. The comfortability comes from SIHOO Office Desk Chair and NOBLEWELL Office Chair, Ergonomic Mesh Desk Chair with high-density sponges.
Breathability: Go for breathable chairs that keep you cool and dry. Another worthwhile option may be “SIHOO Office Desk Chair” and “NOBLEWELL Office Chair, Ergonomic Mesh Desk Chair” which both feature breathable mesh designs for airflow.
Durability and Warranty: Think of the longevity of the chair and its warranty. Get chairs that come with warranties and extensive testing as this will give you peace of mind. REALM OF THRONES – CAPTAIN ERGONOMIC OFFICE CHAIR has 5-year manufacturer warranty & SIHOO OFFICE DESK CHAIR has 3-year manufacturer warranty.


Through our research, we realised that an office chair has to be suitable to the body weight of heavier people. Thus, looking for their comfort, support, and productivity in the office environment is very important.

However, when choosing the best, we considered the weight capacity, seat size, adjustability, lumbar support, and durability of materials. We tested uncountable products, paying attention to these attributes to find the options that support heavy individuals. All the products mentioned above are specifically designed for heavy people. They are also effective in reducing back pain, poor posture, and improving productivity.

In this regard, we have compiled a list of some of the best office chairs in the UK to assist you with your selection. Moreover, these were tested by us so as to ascertain they fit the comfort and support requirements. Heavy desk workers should put their focus on finding an appropriate office chair. We hope this guide will help you in making your decision.

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