Top 5 Most Popular Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers in the UK 2023

Back when I was just a teenager, I used to purchase clothes a lot without considering the background of the brand, the material that they use, their thought and work process, etc. I shopped just like any regular person, going to the store, selecting a dress, trying it on, and buying the one that looks and feels great.

But, last year, a piece of news by ‘The Guardian’ EU wants to force fashion firms to make clothes more durable and recyclable | Waste | The Guardian flashed in front of me, which alarmed my thoughts towards the same. According to the news, the EU forced people and manufacturers to switch to sustainable products. I did some reading and understood the importance of this step. Since then, I started questioning myself, “Have I ever wondered if my clothes were made in sweatshops or fair factories? Do their materials and dyes harm the environment or promote sustainability?

The answers were not very pleasing. I want to wear stylish clothes, but I also want to walk down a green street wearing them, which will not be possible if we don’t work to preserve the greenery of Earth. And so, I decided to switch to sustainable products. Besides, I was also determined to encourage more people for the sake of Mother Nature.

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I started my research from the base. The first thing to do was to find the UK’s best sustainable clothing manufacturers. I headed with my research by reading several articles and discussing with the industry expert. I did some fieldwork and used my experience to find the answer so more people can benefit and help sustain the earth.

List of the Best Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers UK:

01. Patagonia 

Patagonia Website

The first one is the Patagonia. It was the first brand among many others I relied on while shifting towards sustainable clothes. I mean that caring for the environment and others is its strong point. Patagonia doesn’t compromise with its materials. Picture yourself wearing clothes that make you look good and save energy.

How Patagonia Learned to Act on Its Values | Yale Insights Besides, Patagonia values fair labour by ensuring that the backstage Heroes are safe and respected by blending kindness and compassion while you wear stylish clothes.


  • Commitment to environmental and social responsibility
  • Use of sustainable materials
  • Fair labour practices
  • Worn Wear program
  • Range of outdoor clothing options
  • Excellent repair and recycling program


  • Limited options for formal or business attire.

2. People Tree

People Tree website

According to an article by ‘Panaprium’ People Tree – Sustainable Clothing Facts & Rating | Panaprium, in the busy world of sustainable clothing companies, People Tree is a gem.

People Tree stands different from the rest of the options in the market for its fair labour and citizenship. Picture yourself wearing clothes that make you look great and help the makers. People Tree’s every stitch and weave shows their dedication to this idea. Their collections highlight organic cotton and Tencel, demonstrating their commitment to eco-friendly fabrics. The brand’s supply chain is transparent, so you can see how your outfit travels to your closet. 


  • Fair labour practices
  • Use of sustainable materials
  • Transparency in supply chain
  • Wide range of options


  • Prices can be higher.

3. Rapanui


I read an article by ‘New College Swindon’ Sustainable Business – Rapanui – Sustainability at New College, according to which ‘Rapanui’ is one of the best sustainable clothing brands in the UK. I am also a frequent buyer of this brand, and trust me; I am in love with its clothes and sustainable thoughts.

Rapanui believes in making you look and feel good in their dresses, as you know you are doing something good for the environment. 

Besides, what I love about this brand is that it allows the customers to know about the source of their material. Rapanui also produces waste-free products, which will help you fall in love with this brand if you have a soft corner for the environment.


  • Use of sustainable materials
  • Traceability feature
  • Zero-waste production processes
  • Strong commitment to sustainability
  • Wide range of options


  • Expensive.

4. Komodo

Komodo clothing

While doing my research, I came across an article shared by ‘Commonshare’ KOMODO: Transforming the Fashion Supply Chain since 1988 | CommonShare News, which stated that Komodo is one of the leading UK sustainable clothing brands and is an example of conscious fashion.

By buying clothes from Komodo, you will be wearing organic cotton and bamboo clothes that show they care about style and the environment. 

Not to forget, the brand’s waste reduction efforts are simply remarkable. Komodo defies an industry known for waste. And from my experience, I found that this brand sells its clothes at a surprisingly reasonable price range.


  • Commitment to fair labour practices
  • Focus on reducing waste
  • Wide range of sustainable clothing options
  • Affordable prices


  • Limited options for men’s clothing.

5. Thought Clothing

Thought clothing website

According to an article by ‘Sustainable Gate’ Thought clothing – sustainable fashion brand England | Sustainable Gate, Thought Clothing is one of the best UK sustainable clothing manufacturers. I did some research and tried it out myself and found that the brand’s strong point lies in its careful use of eco-friendly materials. Picture yourself wearing clothes that express your environmental activism and style.

From timeless classics to trendsetting pieces, Thought Clothing’s sustainable clothing options are made to suit different tastes. In simple words, there is something for everyone at Thought Clothing. And do you what is the best thing about this brand? Thought Clothing is on its way to changing the typical myth that states sustainable clothes can’t be affordable. Their products are not just sustainable, but affordable and quality-appropriate as well. 


  • Use of bamboo and Tencel
  • Ethical and fair labour practices
  • Clothing options for men and women
  • Affordable prices


  • Limited options for plus sizes

From my researchone thing that was clear to me is that the fashion industry is undergoing a major transformation. People from all around the globe are switching to sustainable clothing for all good reasons. Besides, through my research, I understood that sustainable clothes don’t always have to be expensive. With the rising demand for sustainable clothes, more manufacturers are now coming up with products at reasonable prices. 

Supporting the sustainable manufacturers on the list can help our planet become more sustainable and balanced. Always remember, while you might have different options for everything for ‘Earth’ you certainly don’t have an alternative.

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