5 Best Top Loader Washing Machine in the UK 2023

Washing machines are one of the most common appliances that you can find in any household in the UK. However, it is often seen that the existing washing machine doesn’t work properly or is easy to use. Well, there are two types of washing machines: one that loads from the front and the other from the top. Here in the UK, people usually prefer top-loading machines.

However, there are several options for top loader washing machines in the UK market. Having multiple options might sound fascinating, but in reality, it is the prime reason people spend a great chunk of money on buying the wrong product. Does that mean you have to compromise and settle anything for less? Well, absolutely not! Our experts have spent weeks testing, analysing, and comparing different worthy options. We have collected all the required information in different steps and finally shortlisted some of the best top loader washing machines in the UK. Our recommendations will help you select the best for yourself among the innumerable options out there.

How did we select the best?
We checked the load capacity while selecting the best top loader washer. After comparing several options, we included machines of different load capacities to fulfill the different requirements of different households.
Wash Programs: 
We considered machines with multiple wash programmes for different fabrics.
Space Constraints: 
Our prime goal was to provide information about products that every person can purchase irrespective of the space of their apartment or hope. We included a machine that can handle heavy loads, and we also included compact options.

List of Some of the Top Loader Washing Machine in the UK:

Out top choice
01. Whirlpool 3LWTW4815FW Atlantis 15Kg 6Th Sense Top Loading Washing Machine In White
  • Ideal for large households.
  • Versatile wash programs.
  • Easy-to-use top-loading design. 
  • Great for those with mobility issues.
  • Saving electricity bills and reducing environmental impact.
  • Bulky top-loading design.

The Whirlpool Atlantis 3 LWTW4815FW is a good top loading washing machine for large capacity families. This American-made Whirlpool model comes with a significant 15-kilogram capacity that allows for handling large loads in one go. Porcelain basket guards clothes during wash process.
The 3LWTW4815FW operates as a high efficiency washing machine, automatically reducing its water and energy usage according to the amount of load. This makes this model an energy-efficient house appliance choice which has lower running costs compared to conventional models. The washer is qualified for energy star and meets energy efficiency guidelines.
With 21 different wash programs, the 3LWTW4815FW is highly versatile to deal with a wide range of laundry. It also comes with safety features, including an automatic lid lock, that is useful when it is in operation. This model has a powerful maximum spin speed of 660 RPM for superior washing and spin performance.
Regarding specifications, this large capacity top loading washer has a height of 106.7 cm, a width of 69.9 cm, and a depth of 68.6 cm. It runs on 240V which is the normal voltage for most common domestic appliances.


  1. Large 15 kg capacity.
  2. Wash programs, including cotton, synthetics, delicate, and wool.
  3. Accessible control panel.
  4. Energy-efficient motor.
Best runner up
02. Cater-Wash 8kg Slim Top Loading Washing Machine CK8580
  • Suitable for various household sizes.
  • Ensures machine cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Convenient.
  • Easy for users of all technical skill levels.
  • Not suitable for those with limited upper body mobility.

Cater-Wash 8kg Slim Top Loading Washing Machine CK8580 is an ideal laundry option for households seeking a compact and energy efficient washer. This Cater-Wash washing machine has a slim and compact top loading design that does not consume much of the laundry space, yet it has a 8 kg capacity drum ideal for washing medium to big loads.
One of the notable characteristics of the modern CK8580 top load washer is the A+++ energy rating which is much better than the older washing machine models. Tub clean cycle keeps cleanliness, LED display allows for selection of the 16 built-in wash programs. It also comes with an option for multiple spin speeds up to 1200rpm, giving your laundry the right spins for the job.
The child lock feature ensures that little hands will not be accidentally tampering with the product and consequently, parents will certainly appreciate this feature. The pre-wash cycle is excellent for dealing with tough stains and the temperature range is appropriate for different fabrics. Cater-Wash CK8580 top loading washing machine is an ideal option for families looking for a dependable and multi-functional washer to fit in a small space, consuming less energy and featuring child lock and tub cleaning program. This high quality Cater-Kwik washing machine comes with a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.


  1. 8kg load capacity.
  2. Space-saving top-loading design.
  3. Tub Clean and Pre Wash cycles.
  4. 1-year parts and labor warranty.
  5. Free delivery for mainland UK addresses.
  6. User-friendly control panel.
Best for bachelor
03. WEWE.V Portable Mini Washing Machine
  • Robust and environmentally friendly build.
  • User-friendly and versatile.
  • Portable and space-saving design.
  • Limited capacity (3.5 kg).

This portable mini washing machine is a compact device that will help you handle your laundry.
Although it is a mini washing machine, it has ten washing programs designed to deal with all types of fabrics and stains. The durable stainless steel drum resists corrosion and features a unique forward and backward cleaning pattern that gently removes even set-in stains for cleaner clothes. The internal 360° blue antibacterial net prevents bacterial growth for fresher and cleaner laundry.
Less than 45dB operation makes operation ideal in small living spaces. They are also easy to load and unload from the top. The compact size with the built-in intake hose and drainage tube enhance portability. Plug-in and play.
This portable washing machine is made of durable ABS plastic, stainless steel and alloy steel, which makes it very durable. It will come in a sleek blue, which will match any living space. This mini washing machine is affordable, and it is ideal for apartments, dorms, campers, and any other place where space is limited. 


  1. Durable ABS-reinforced plastic construction.
  2. Easy-to-use design with an intake hose and drainage tube.
  3. Low noise.
  4. Effective forward-backward cleaning mechanism.
  5. 360° blue antibacterial net.
  6. Compact and lightweight.
FAYERY Mini Washing Machine Camping Washing Machine
Best for portability
04. FAYERY Mini Washing Machine Camping Washing Machine
  • Good capacity for a mini washer.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Allows customisation of wash cycles.
  • Easy to move around.
  • Water efficient.
  • Good for small spaces.
  • Affordable price point.
  • Short power cord limits placement.
  • No automated detergent dispenser.

FAYERY Mini Washing Machine is a superior portable washing machine. This mini washing machine is a top loader with a 4.8 Kg capacity for spaces like camping trips, dorm rooms, RVs, apartments, etc. In spite of being small, it has powerful features.
It is a mini washing machine made of durable ABS plastic to enhance its durability. It has a simple front load design for loading and unloading clothing. The built-in spin function, which effectively eliminates unwanted water, is yet another feature of the machine worthy of note. This strong motor runs at the frequency of 50Hz for efficient cleaning.
Wash and dry times can be adjusted to suit personal preferences with the help of time control settings. The washing machine provides flexible laundry time management whether it’s a 30 minute cycle or a thorough 1-hour wash.
The mini washing machine has an intake hose and drainage tube for easy water usage. Simple water input and output is provided and water is saved. This portable laundry appliance provides a water and energy friendly washing solution when camping or dorming.
The FAYERY mini washing machine weighs only 14kg. It is space saving laundry option for tiny homes, RV’s, and apartments with small sizes. The mini washer is a good option for individuals who need a washing machine that is energy efficient and eco-friendly.


  1. Spin function.
  2. ABS plastic construction.
  3. Compact and portable.
  4. Time control settings.
  5. Semi-automatic operation.
Best for overall
05. Think Gizmos Portable Washing Machine
  • Ideal for small loads and quick laundry tasks.
  • Space-saving design. 
  • Doesn’t require plumbing.
  • User-friendly.
  • Inclusive package with essential parts.
  • Not suitable for washing bedsheet.

Think Gizmos Portable Washing Machine is a twin tub laundry, which is convenient, effective, and convenient. This portable washer is ideal for washing on the go. You can easily wash clothes when camping, traveling in a caravan, or even at home if your space is limited.
The twin tub design allows a washing of up to 3.6 kg load of laundry in one tub, while spinning of up to 2 kilograms to wring excess water out of clothes. The washing machine timer lets you change from 15 minutes to 5 minutes wash and spin cycles. In general, the Think Gizmos portable washing machine is a fantastic laundry convenience taking only a fraction of the space of regular washing machines.
It has top load access that enables one to add and remove laundry. It is also a lightweight machine of 10kg, suitable for use in RVs, dorms, and other small spaces where you need a compact washing solution. The lint filter traps the debris during washing, and the mini washing machine comes complete with the necessary parts for instance, the washing bag, water hose and manual.


  1. Dual-tub design.
  2. Compact and lightweight.
  3. Customisable wash and spin timers.
  4. Easy to use with added lint filter and free laundry bag.

5 Top Loader Washing Machine in the UK Compared:

Product NameCapacityProduct DimensionsMaximum rotational speed
Whirlpool 3LWTW4815FW Atlantis 15Kg15 Kg68.6 x 69.9 x 106.7 cm660 RPM
Cater-Wash 8kg Slim8 Kg63D x 40W x 87.5H cm1200 RPM
Washing Machines Portable Mini3.5 Kg36 x 40 x 69 cmNot specified
Mini Washing Machine Camping Washing Machine (Top Loader with Spin Function for 4.8 Kg Laundry, Energy And Wat(mini washing machine)4.8 Kg59×36×36 cm700 RPM
Think Gizmos Portable2 Kg38.5D x 60W x 69H cm1440 RPM

The “Think Gizmos Portable Washing Machine” appears to be the most flexible and user friendly option. There are separate wash and spin tubs, a good load capacity, and a lint filter that make it usable for multiple tasks in the laundry. This also makes it compact and light making it best suited for use in narrow spaces and when travelling. “Whirlpool 3LWTW4815FW” is bigger and could be better in family laundry needs. Nevertheless, the right decision will only be yours to choose according to your desires and wants. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Top Loader Washing Machine:

Load Capacity: Check for the load capacity while buying a top loader washing machine. The Atlantis from Whirlpool, weighing 15kg, is perfect for large families or frequent laundry loads. On the other hand, the Cater-Wash Slim at 8kg can work for a small family.

Wash Programs: Go for machines with different wash programs for different fabrics. Whirlpool Atlantis and Cater-Wash models boast cotton, synthetics, delicate, and wool wash cycles to protect your laundry.

Energy Efficiency: The effect on the electricity bills should also be considered. The energy-efficient motor saves electricity in Whirlpool Atlantis. It is a perfect choice, especially for the environmentally conscious consumers.

Space Constraints: Top-loading machines are bulkier for people with small laundry rooms. It is important to measure your space before picking a washing machine. You can opt for compact options such as the Think Gizmos Portable Washing Machine. 

Warranty and Customer Support: Make sure to check the warranty coverage compulsorily before deciding. Ensure you go for the best model with reasonable warranty policies and reliable customer support like the Cater-Wash 8kg Slim. It has a one-year parts and labor warranty, thus assuring buyers in case of any problem.

Budget: Consider your budget because top loader washes come at different prices. Compact Washer – Top Loader Portable Laundry can be cheaper, but Whirlpool Atlantis premium features could cost more.

In our research we found out that selecting a good washing machine with a top load comes with many issues. We considered the price, features, capacity, speed, noise levels, and energy efficiency.
We carried out rigorous testing to select some of the best top-loading washing machines in the UK. We wish to assist you in finding a product that matches your requirements and pocket.
All the recommended top-loading washers are equally efficient. We ensured that everyone could find what they desire, whether people need a large machine for their big houses or a smaller machine for their small houses.

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