3 Best Washing machine 1600 spin 9Kg in the UK 2023

In this generation, having washing machines has become very common in any household in the UK. One of my friends mentioned how she wants a washing machine with 1600 spins and a capacity of 9 kg but is confused as so many options popped up just after she browsed the internet. The situation she was going through is very common, and many knowledgeable people end up making the wrong decision, lured by some fancy and cheap products.

So, I decided to help her and all the other people struggling with the same issue. I called my team and started a proper research, where we tested, examined and compared several worthy options in the market for several weeks. Our tests were mainly based on important factors like spinning speed, energy efficiency, and many other factors to shortlist some of the best washing machines with 1600 spins and a capacity of 9 kg.

How did I select the best?
I selected the products that can effectively remove dirt, and stains.
I understand that the ability to remotely connect to your washing machine can increase convenience. So, I included products that will allow you to control your machine remotely.
Energy Efficiency:
My selection included products that will save your money and reduce your environmental impact.

List of the top washing machines 1600 spin 9kg in the UK:

Miele WSI863 WCS 9 kg Washing Machine
Our top choice
01. Miele WSI863 WCS 9 kg Washing Machine
  • TwinDos detergent dispensing.
  • Quick Power Wash.
  • Virus Hygiene Seal.
  • Allows remote control of the machine.
  • Expensive.

The Miele WSI863 WCS washing machine is a top of the line laundry appliance loaded with state-of-the-art technology. It has a big 9 kg drum for handling larger loads of laundry. It has the highest grade energy efficiency, which is denoted as ‘A’, which means superior energy efficiency.Miele’s one-hour QuickPowerWash feature utilises different wash motions and temperature control for refreshing fabric. SingleWash is one of the optimized cycles that can clean small loads. It takes less time when you need to clean clothes quickly.This washer was fitted with a TwinDos system from Miele to take the guesswork out of detergent dosing. Caring for fabrics, there are two types of liquid detergent appropriately metered in TwinDos. TwinDos technology together with PowerWash system provides more than 99.9% certified virus removal in sanitized laundry.The other advantage of this product comes in the form of controlling and tracking your washer via the Miele@Mobile app from a mobile phone. This means cycling, keeping track, and receiving alerts on the go for convenience.The pre-iron with steam is a luxury that helps during washing day. It softens fabrics and lessens of hours taken to press them. It has a calm mode for quiet washing.


  • Uses powerful water jets.
  • Energy-efficient rating of A+++.
  • Quick Power Wash feature.
  • Cap Dosing feature.
Candy Rapido RO1696DWMCE Freestanding Washing Machine
Best runner up
02. Candy Rapido RO1696DWMCE Freestanding Washing Machine
  • Efficient load management.
  • Remote control via Wi-Fi.
  • Customisable spin and temperature settings.
  • Space-efficient design.
  • App connectivity lags.

Anyone searching for a large capacity WiFi washing machine should consider the Candy Rapido RO1696DWMCE freestanding washing machine. The capacity of 9kg of the washer is perfect for families with heavy laundry demands. This Candy Rapido series washing machine has wash cycles of 14 minutes, 30 minutes, and 44 minutes for you to choose from so that you do not waste time.
The Candy Rapido laundry machine has a smart home capability, and this enables you to control the key functions of the machine remotely through your mobile device. The WiFi connectivity and candy apps will enable you to start cycles, add other apps, and perform diagnostic remotely. Moreover, you can choose a suitable time for your laundry. The washer comes with rapid cycle that provides convenience during your laundry days.
RO1696DWMCE is adjustable. The machine allows adjustment to 1600rpm spin speed and temperature for custom wash. It will wash them, whether the items are lightly or heavily soiled, including delicate fabrics and sturdy linens, with a load capacity of 9kgs. 


  • 9 kg capacity.
  • 1600 rpm spin cycle.
  • Rapid wash cycles.
  • Variable spin and temperature settings.
  • Dimensions: H85 x W60 x D53 cm.
Hotpoint NSWM 965C BS UK N Freestanding Washing Machine
Best for overall
03. Hotpoint NSWM 965C BS UK N Freestanding Washing Machine
  • Stylish and durable black design.
  • Effective stain removal.
  • Steam Hygiene endorsed by Allergy UK.
  • Time-saving Rapid option.
  • High-temperature washes.
  • No advanced features.
  • Produces loud noise while operating.

Hotpoint 9kg 1600rpm Freestanding Washing Machine offers excellent laundry care for any household. The front-loading washing machine has a spacious 9kg capacity and can conveniently handle more sized loads of laundry. One notable feature is the Steam Hygiene cycle that injects steam into the drum to remove the bacteria up to 99.9% without using chemicals. It is a hygienic wash that is good for allergy sufferers and families with kids. 

Besides, there is the Anti-Stain 40°C cycle that helps in stain removal by tackling common stains at a relatively low temperature aimed at protecting the fabrics. The 1600rpm spin speed has lesser moisture, hence clothes dry faster, enhancing performance. 

The Rapid Cycle feature enables an average wash cycle to be completed in thirty minutes. This is a freestanding washing machine with dimensions 23.4D x 23.8W x 33.5H cm. Hotpoint 9kg model is rated Energy Class D for energy efficiency saves energy without compromising on its cleaning power.


  • Anti-Stain program.
  • Full Load 45″ quick wash.
  • Rapid option.
  • Anti-Allergy.

Top Washing machine 1600 spin 9Kg in the UK compared

Feature / AspectMiele WSI863 WCSCandy Rapido RO1696DWMCEHotpoint 9kg 1600rpm
Annual Energy Consumption130 Kilowatt Hours9 kg‎57 Kilowatt Hours 
Spin Speed1600 rpm1600 rpm1600 rpm
ColorLotus WhiteWhiteBlack
Material‎ABS‎Stainless Steel, Plastic‎Stainless Steel
Special FeaturesTwinDos and PowerWashErgonomic design, Alexa enabled, 9 Rapid WashesDrum Clean
Noise Level‎47 dB51 dB‎80 dB

The definition of best depends on the needs of each one. Hotpoint NSWM 965C BS is a good choice if you highlight low noise and power saving. Nevertheless, the Candy Rapido RO1696DWMCE has an advantage over you if you need more advanced connections and use special facilities. Remember, you should choose the best one based on your priorities.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Washing machine 1600 spin 9Kg in the UK:

Cleaning Performance: When it comes to cleaning, washing machine performance is the first consideration. This defines the efficiency with which it cleans dirt and stains while maintaining the quality of your clothing.

The automatic detergent dispensing from TwinDos in Miele WSI863 improves cleanliness and, hence, is a good choice. It accurately measures liquid detergents, which provides personalized care, eliminating over 99.9% of viruses.

Energy Efficiency: When choosing to buy a washing machine, remember that its energy efficiency can help you save money on your utility bills and your impact on the environment. The energy efficiency of the Miele WSI863 is rated A, which implies that it is environment-friendly and cost-effective.

Connectivity: The capability to control your washing machine from somewhere outside will provide you with convenience and control in your laundry. Hence, look into the machine’s connectivity and go for the one that will allow you to control your machine from home, for instance, Miele@Home. Miele@ mobile app allows you to control it, making laundry day less hassling.

The Candy Rapido is Wi-Fi enabled, and this means that you can download additional wash cycles, initiate wash cycles, and perform diagnostic checks using a smartphone app.

Quick Wash Options: For quick cleaning and laundry purposes, quick wash cycles will use energy and time effectively. Thus pick Hotpoine NSWM 965C BS, UK N. This has a Full Load 45 programme that can do a full load in forty-five minutes without compromising on cleaning.

Allergen Protection: This is especially important for you if you have allergies or sensitive skin. The Hotpoint’s Anti-Allergy function is for individuals with allergies or sensitive skin. Higher temperatures are needed to kill bacteria and allergens.

The laundry routine could be quite efficient using a spin speed of 1600 and 9 kg washing machine. However, the variety of available models implies that it is necessary to take into account a few crucial characteristics, such as capacity, spin speed, energy efficiency, noise level, and features, in order to make the correct choice for you and maximize the return of your investment.

In this article, I tried, evaluated, and compared some of the best 9 kg washing machines with a spin speed 1600. I have considered various products and noted the merits and demerits of each machine, and have made my choice for you from the best options.

All the products stated above are equal and equally efficient. You can choose anyone that fits your taste, budget and requirements.

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