5 Best Washing machine with 5 year warranty in the UK 2023

Imagine spending the entire Sunday cleaning a pile of clothes manually. Are you alarmed already? Well, years back, our ancestors used to wash all the clothes manually, and it was all normal back then. However, now, after working the entire week, the thought of spending the weekend working more sounds exhausting. Since washing machines entered our lives, we have been very much dependent on them to save time and effort.

But again, the thing that I made you imagine can come true if your washing machine stops working. It will not just cost you a hefty sum of money, but will cause an additional concern in your busy life. Well, that doesn’t mean it is compulsory for you to suffer in this situation. You can avoid such an occurrence if you select a washing machine with an impressive warranty policy in the first place.

Our team did a thorough research and found that washing machines that come with a minimum warranty of 5 years can be reliable and efficient. But, with so many options, striking out the best can be challenging. Therefore, we tested all the worthy options in the market and shortlisted some of the best washing machines with 5 year warranty in the UK for you to choose from.

How did we select the best?
Wash Capacity:
We checked the load capacity of each product and included washing machines that can fulfill different requirements. Most of the models mentioned above come with a load capacity of 8kg-10kg.
Energy Efficiency Rating:
While selecting a washing machine we paid keen attention towards the highest rating of A+++ as it will help save energy.
Wash Programs and Settings: 
We picked models that allow you to change the cycle, speed, temperature and other extras like steam cleaning.

List of the top washing machine with 5 year warranty in the UK 

Bosch WIW28502GB Built in Washing Machine with 8kg Capacity
Our Top Choice
01. Bosch WIW28502GB Built in Washing Machine with 8kg Capacity
  • Quiet operation
  • Cleans effectively in less time
  • Saves water
  • Easy to use
  • Display not intuitive

Bosch WIW28502GB built-in washing machine is designed to offer efficient, silent, and convenient laundry care. With a white colour, it is a Bosch home appliance that brings quality and innovation that Bosch is well recognised for.

This product is famous for the EcoSilence Drive, an energy-saving motor. It is very silent that may be you will not hear it running but still, it has strong cleaning. The 10-year warranty guarantees motor reliability. SpeedPerfect allows faster wash times to wash up to 65% of perfectly clean laundry.

Besides, the brand has produced a smart interior for the VarioDrum that is soft to fabrics. The ActiveWater Plus with automatic load detection is very efficient when it comes to water saving and even smaller loads. Also, it has an 8kg capacity to cater for large washing loads.

Moreover, Bosch’s consideration towards convenience also showcases its other thoughtful features. These include an LED touch control panel with additional options such as start delay and remaining time display. Loading and unloading laundry from a washing machine is more effortless in a front-loading washing machine than it is in a top load model.


  • 8kg capacity
  • EcoSilence drive motor
  • SpeedPerfect
  • VarioDrum gentle on fabrics
  • ActiveWater Plus
  • LED touch control panel
  • Energy efficiency rating of C
Best runner up
02. Hoover 10KG 1400RPM Washing Machine
  • Suitable for big households
  • Dries clothes effectively
  • A+++ energy rating
  • Steam cleaning uses more water and energy

The Hoover H3WS4105DACE is a great laundry appliance for households who need a high capacity and are energy conscious. This is an attractive 10KG 1400RPM front load washer finished in white and with a stylish chrome door that combines style plus power in terms of robust cleaning.

The hoover washing machine has some key features like Steam 100% Natural Clean technology that is obtained by employing titanium heating elements to produce steam for deep cleaning fabric fibers. Besides, the Hoover app utilises the WiFi Wizard connectivity that allows monitoring and control of wash cycles and automatic reordering of detergents through Amazon Dash. It is also quite convenient to have it placed in the laundry and comes with dimensions of 58cm depth, 60cm width, and 85cm height.

Moreover, the H3WS4105DACE has an energy rating of impressive A+++ and is an energy-saving washing option. It comes with a 10kg wash capacity which is suitable for bigger houses. The brand offers a 10 year warranty on parts and a 12 month labor warranty when registered within 28 days after purchase.


  • 10kg capacity
  • 1400RPM spin speed
  • Steam cleaning
  • WiFi connectivity and app control
Samsung Series 5+ WW90T534DAW/S1
Best for features
03. Samsung Series 5+ WW90T534DAW/S1 
  • Large capacity for bigger loads
  • Energy efficient operation
  • Effective stain removal
  • Hygiene Steam
  • Longer wash cycles

The Samsung Series 5+ WW90T534DAW/S1 freestanding washing machine is loaded with features that make it convenient, efficient, and offer efficient cleaning.

This Samsung washing machine boasts a generous 9 kilogram capacity. Its AddWash door enables me to toss forgotten items during the wash cycle. The machine has a modern graphite finish that blends perfectly in any laundry room.

Besides, the WW90T534DAW/S1 performs through its EcoBubble technology which mixes air, water, and detergent to wash clothes efficiently in cool water, therefore saving energy. Also, the Super Speed mode completes a full load in 0.95 hours, which is just great for time pressed people. The Auto Dose is one of the best-liked features as it gives out the required amount of detergent for best results.

Moreover, the Smart Control+ feature of this washing machine also provides customised cycles. Also, it can recommend the best cycles for laundry by knowing your habits. The hygiene steam works great to wash clothes and get rid of dust mites. Besides, it runs at just 53 dB, and you can even use it at night!


  • 9kg capacity
  • EcoBubble technology
  • AutoDose detergent dispenser
  • AddWash door
  • Smart Control+ cycle customization
Best for silent operation
04. LG V3 F4V308WNW AI DD 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine
  • Automatically selects the appropriate wash cycle.
  • Freestanding design.
  • Too many settings.

LG V3 F4V308WNW AI DD 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine is a quality laundry appliance which utilises the best of today’s AI technology for superior washing results. The model of LG F4V308WNW includes an AI Direct Drive system (AI DD), which is based on artificial intelligence. Its AI DD automatically detects load size and fabric softness. Besides, this technology allows you to customises each wash cycle to suit your clothes and does not waste water or electricity.

This LG washing machine measures freestanding compact but boasts an extra-large 9kg stainless steel drum with durable stainless steel lifters. In fact, this gives the interior more space to take on larger amounts of laundry at once. Similarly, the front load access also makes loading and unloading simple. Moreover, to facilitate this, there is a Pause & Add Items option where you can make a quick pause of the cycle to add forgotten items.

The LG V3 is an energy-efficient home laundry appliance with a B rating for energy efficiency. It has an inbuilt heater to increase the efficiency of stain-removal.


  • AI DD technology
  • 9kg capacity
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Front load access
  • Energy efficiency rating of B
Best for overall
05. LG V9 F6V910BTSA EZ Dispense 10.5kg Freestanding Washing Machine
  • Auto detergent dosing
  • Fast wash times
  • Effective steam cleaning
  • High energy efficiency
  • 10-year warranty on motor
  • Bulky size.

The LG V9 F6V910BTSA washing machine comes with innovative washing technology and premium washing features that ensure maximum laundry convenience. It is a spacious freestanding washer with a 10.5 kg wash capacity, which is ideal for large laundry loads.

One of the outstanding features of this LG washing machine is its remarkable energy efficiency. Moreover, it has an Energy Class A rating, which enables energy and money saving during every cycle of your laundry. Technology such as direct drive also helps in boosting efficiency, as it does with turbo wash 360. AI analysis adjusts drum movements based on load weight and softness for every wash, and the direct drive motor uses this to optimise every wash. However, TurboWash 360 vigorously sprays water in all directions to cut washing time.

With AI DD and auto dosing innovations, this LG machine makes laundry easier. AI DD is LG’s 3rd generation beltless drive system, saving space inside the machine while increasing durability, with LG offering a ten year warranty. Auto dosing removes the guesswork regarding the correct doses of detergent per laundry load.

Besides, LG V9 uses steam to cleanse allergens and pure water to sanitise when you want deep cleaning of laundry. Parents can be rest assured due to the steam tech used to specialised cycles such as in baby care and allergen removal.


  • 10.5kg capacity
  • AI DD (Direct Drive) motor
  • EZ Dispense
  • TurboWash 360

Top Washing machine with 5 year warranty in the UK compared:

Product NameCapacityWarrantyFeaturesRPMColorEnergy Rating
Bosch WIW28502GB Serie 88kg5 years (T&Cs)SpeedPerfect, ActiveWater Plus, EcoSilence Drive1400WhiteC Rated
Hoover H3WS4105DACE10kg5 years‎C Energy Rating (equivelant to A+++ on old scale)1400White/Chrome DoorA+++ Rating
Samsung Series 5+ WW90T534DAW/S19kg5 yearsAuto Dose1400WhiteA Rated
LG V3 F4V308WNW AI DD9kg5 yearsAI DD1400WhiteB Rated
LG V9 F6V910BTSA EZ Dispense10.5kg5 yearsEZ Dispense1600 BackNot specified

Your priorities will determine your “best” washing machine. Depending on your priority of warranty and features, you may consider Bosch WIW28502GB and Samsung Series 5+ washing machines. On the other hand the Hoover H3WS4105DACE and LG V9 F6V910BTSA can be great options if you have a big family and require a machine that will handle high volumes. Always remember to consider your budget, energy efficiency among other personal preferences before coming to a decision.

Things to consider when going to purchase a washing machine with 5 year warranty in the UK

Wash Capacity: Think about the number of people in your family and the size of the washes. Most of the models mentioned above come with a load capacity of 8kg-10kg and you must make your selection depending on your requirements. The Hoover H3WS4105DACE with a capacity of 10 kg is a great option for big families. However, Bosch WIW28502GB Serie has a capacity of 8 Kg which is great for smaller families.

Energy Efficiency Rating: While selecting a washing machine, you must ensure that you choose the highest rating of A+++ if you need maximum energy savings. Samsung WW90T534DAW and Bosch WIW28502GB have high efficiency and, therefore, can be great considerations.

Wash Programs and Settings: Look for models that allow you to change the cycle, speed, temperature and other extras like steam cleaning. For instance, WW90T534DAW has specialty cycles like Hygiene Steam.

Noise Levels: You wouldn’t like to disturb others while you are doing your laundry. Therefore, checking for the noise level is very important. Usually, front load washing machines operate in a relatively quieter manner. Bosch advertises the quiet operation due to its EcoSilence Drive.

Smart Capabilities: A little more is always blissful. So, check if the washing machine is packed with smart features for added convenience. Modern machines come with WiFi and app connectivity, so you can monitor and control remotely. Hoover H3WS4105DACE comes with WiFi Wizard technology and can be a great pick in this case.


We understood from our research that it is wise to buy a 5-year’s warranty washing machine that would save additional costs and protect our interests. With the same objective in mind, we have presented some of the best washing machines with a 5-year warranty in the UK market.
Besides, we didn’t pick any product from anywhere. We undertook exhaustive research on all the suitable items to collect accurate data for you. The products were tested on various grounds such as capacity, energy efficiency, spin speed, noise level, type, brand reputation and price.
It is imperative to be sure that we can buy a good washing machine with 5 year warranty. However, one should try to find a reasonable balance in terms of the price and the level of standard. This will give you reasons for buying a quality product whose services are going to last. Therefore, you should be extra cautious when looking at the factors mentioned in this essay. We believe that our recommendation will guide you to get the perfect washer that would fit your wants and needs.

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