Top 5 Biggest Construction Companies in the UK 2023

The construction industry has an inevitable contribution to the economy of the United Kingdom. Indeed, in this region’s business world, the demand for finding the best construction companies is very common. I was recently asked to perform a thorough study on the same subject for a client’s project. I was delighted as it was a worthy topic. I believe as the market keeps changing regularly, it is essential to stay updated about which companies are the leading players in the game.

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Without wasting any time, I started my research by surfing the internet. I read several articles and reviews by former and existing customers of the companies and made some calls to industry experts to benefit from their experiences. Lastly, I used my knowledge from working in this industry and fieldwork.

Once I was piled up with all the information, something struck my mind, and I decided to share my knowledge with more people so that they could get a kick start to their businesses in their way. The thought inspired me to come up with a list of some of the biggest construction companies in the UK.

List of Some of the Biggest Construction Companies in UK:

01. Balfour Beatty:

Balfour Beatty

While going through several articles, ‘Balfour Beatty’ popped in front of my eyes. I found it interesting and thought of finding more information about the company. From my studies, it was clear that this is a renowned construction company in the UK with a strong reputation in the industry. I was thoroughly impressed with the company’s portfolio, as it mentioned working on remarkable projects like the London Aquatics Centre for the 2012 Olympic Games. What I loved about Balfour Beatty the most was its commitment to sustainability, reducing carbon emissions and waste.

02. Carillion:


According to an article published by ‘BBC’ Mapping Carillion’s biggest construction projects – BBC News, Carillion is one of the oldest giants in the UK’s construction industry. After digging further, I understood that the company had a diversified portfolio. According to this, it has worked on projects like constructing hospitals and schools and maintaining railways and highways. But, although the brand was well-known for its innovative use of technology, it experienced a drastic downfall and went into liquidation in 2018. According to some news, Carillion | Business | The Guardian also got into legal trouble. However, I included this in my list because my client wanted to have detailed information about this company as he worked with Carillion and believes it will soon make a stronger comeback. 

03. Laing O’Rourke:

Laing O'Rourke

As I was reading several articles, one picked my interest, published by ‘CEO Review’ Top 10 Construction Companies in UK 2023 ( According to the article, Laing O’Rourke is counted among the leading companies in the construction industry. I read further, and to my surprise, the company has been involved in innumerable high-profile projects, such as the construction of Heathrow Terminal 5 and the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station. What impressed me the most is that the company works on its sustainability efforts, which, according to me, helped it stand out in the industry.

04. Costain


Costain was suggested by one of the industry experts who claimed that it could be a potential choice for anyone looking for a reliable option. I took his suggestion but wanted to do some digging myself. That is when I came across an article by ‘LondonHrGuide’. According to the article, Costain has expertise in dealing with a number of construction divisions. From my study I found that some of the remarkable projects by Costain are the construction of the Manchester Airport Relief Road and the redevelopment of London Bridge Station. 

05. Kier Group

Kier Group was a known name to me. I observed its work closely while I was working on another project. So, when one of my colleagues suggested this company, I was sure to include it. From my experience, this company has been a leading player in this industry for many years. The top 100 construction companies in the UK | Glenigan According to an article by ‘Glenigan’, Kier has overtrumped many big names in the industry. 

Kier group

Besides, Kier has been involved in several projects, like the Battersea Power Station redevelopment and the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium construction. As I have a soft corner for nature, any company prioritising sustainability automatically comes under my good book. It has also made remarkable efforts to reduce waste and use renewable energy.

From my research, I understood that the UK construction industry has seen an evident transformation in recent times. Through this article, I tried to shortlist some of the biggest construction companies for you. I handpicked them after thoroughly examining them via articles, reviews and fieldwork. All the companies mentioned in this list have proved to be at the top because of their dedication towards their project and quality of work, which kept hiking up with time.

Contruction model on paper

After handing over the study to my client, he seemed satisfied as the list was specifically made, keeping his requirements in mind. At this point, I have to mention that what worked great for my client might not do well for you. It all depends on the requirements and priorities. The selection process can be difficult as all companies have different visions and ideologies.

I suggest understanding your requirements, ideologies and preferences first. Once you have it all, you can pick the one that fits your needs the best.

However, finding that one construction company can be a difficult task. It is like finding a needle out of hay. I hope my list can give you a lead in getting your ideal company.

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