Blackpink’s Lisa Faces Block on Chinese Social Media amid Controversy over Paris Cabaret Performances

The ban of Lisa’s account on Chinese social media has fueled speculations that it is linked to her recent visits to the famous Crazy Horse nightclub in Paris. A notice posted on Lisa’s Weibo account indicated that some users alleged that Lisa’s content “violated laws, regulations, and Weibo agreement.”

The Crazy Horse nightclub is famous for its sexy cabaret shows where dancers perform semi-dressed in light and shadow. However, some viewers who attended to see Lisa at Crazy Horse observed that she had been covered, partially at least. Interestingly, the accounts of Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé, the other three Blackpink members, are still available on the Internet.

The reactions on social media in connection to the incident have been all over the map. Some users celebrated the action by saying ‘Finally our “clean up internet operation” is working’, while others raised concerns and questions. One of the users commented: “How scary! Is even this managed?” The controversy appears to have emerged out of fears that Lisa’s performances are vulgar and therefore likely to be censored in China.

Lisa’s name, lalalalisa-m has also changed to user733045423, while she has no longer eight million followers list. Furthermore, Chinese actresses Angelababy and Zhang Jiani, who were present at Lisa’s shows in Paris in late September, have had restrictions imposed on their social media accounts. Crazy Horse Paris clarified that Angelababy did not see Lisa’s performances, which leaves the fans questioning the motives behind this account.

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