Top 5 Construction companies in Yorkshire 2023

Finding the best construction companies is a common requirement for most clients, no matter what project they are working on, and being in a profession where you have to meet different people leading different businesses. On top of that, they all have different visions in mind when they seek business consultancy. The inspiration behind writing this article was from an incident during the initial days of my journey in the business industry. 

While I was collecting information for one of my client’s projects, I came across a requirement for finding the top construction companies in Yorkshire. From my past projects, I knew that Yorkshire is home to many construction companies. But, to my surprise, I never did an in-depth study to find the best. As a newbie in the hive, I looked at the situation as an opportunity to dig into the subject and find the best out of the multiple options.

Contruction project in Yorkshire

I started my research by reading several articles and reviews. As I recall those days, I remember consulting some industry experts, doing fieldwork to get accurate information, and using my knowledge to form a list. After my digging ended, I handed over the outcome to my client and right at that moment I thought of sharing the insights to help more people like my client.

List of some of the top construction companies in Yorkshire

01. Interserve Construction Limited:

Interserve Construction Limited

While surfing the internet to get a lead, I found Interserve Construction Limited Interserve Construction Limited – Castleford – West Yorkshire – UK ( I wanted to know more about the company and decided to dig deeper and found that Interserve has been one of the industry leaders for 150 years. The reviewers have stated that the company has the full potential to be at the top options in the region. I read further and found that the Diamond Synchrotron project at the University of Sheffield was led by Interserve, which shows their dedication to quality.

02. BAM Construction Limited:

BAM Construction Limited
BAM Plant Power Pic: Peter Devlin

As I was reading some articles, the name BAM Construction popped in front of my eyes. After reading for a while, I realized it is one of the UK’s leading and oldest construction companies. The company left a remarkable impression on the industry by working on several complicated projects. Some notable projects by BAM Construction were the Leeds City College, the Hepworth Wakefield Gallery, and the Royal Arsenal Riverside development in London. After about an hour of reading, I was sure this could be an excellent pick for my client. 

03. Henry Boot Construction Limited: 

Henry Boot Construction Limited

An industry expert suggested this one. According to him, Henry Boot Construction is one of the leading construction companies in the industry with over 130 years of experience. However, I was curious to know more about the company and found that Henry Boot Construction has been a part of some remarkable projects like the new Odeon Cinema in Leeds, the new Centre for Digital Innovation at Barnsley College, and the award-winning Project Tomlinson in Sheffield. After viewing its projects, I was certain that it surely deserves a spot on my list.

04. Wates Construction Limited: 

Wates Construction limited

While going through some reviews by former and existing customers a reviewer mentioned about Wates Construction. It is a famous construction company and I was familiar with the name. Building, civil engineering, and real estate development are the sectors where its expertise lies. The company has completed complex projects, demonstrating its expertise. It worked for the Library of Birmingham, Sheffield University Student Centre, and Leeds’ prize-winning Wellington Place development, which helped it create a strong impression in the industry.

05. GMI Construction Group PLC:

GMI Construction Group PLC

There can be very less people in the construction industry who don’t know about GMI Construction. It is relatively a new company if compared to the other options in the list. However, it is not behind in the race in any way. GMI Construction is popular in the field for providing quality services that too under the allotted deadline. Some of the remarkable works done by the company include the building of the new Saint-Gobain Innovation Centre in Leeds, the headquarters at Leeds Bradford Airport, and the award-winning St. Helens town centre revitalisation.

From my research, it was clear that finding the best construction company in Yorkshire is crucial if you want to taste success in any construction project. After reading several articles and a weeklong fieldwork I was impressed with the outcomes, and my client was. Through this article, I tried to provide an overview of the best construction companies in Yorkshire, which will help you get a lead in your next project.

However, you need to know that selecting the right construction company can be challenging. What worked for my client might not be a great pick for you. I suggest, taking time to understand your requirements, ideologies, visions, and priorities. Select the one that matches your preferences to avoid conflict in the future. All the options mentioned above are equally efficient and reliable. But, if your needs are different you may like to pick from the innumerable options out there.

I hope the insights that I have shared can be helpful to you in easing your search process for the top construction companies in Yorkshire.

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