Gtech AirRAM MK2 Vs Dyson V8 Animal: Which is better?

One of the more important chores around homes, that goes unnoticed when done properly but is definitely noticed when not done at all is cleaning. It is to those among us that do the cleaning to know about the “tools of the trade”, one such tool being – cordless vacuum cleaner. They not only take up a lot less space when compared to the traditional vacuum cleaners, they are also a lot more convenient to use. They are easier to set up and can also reach places of the house where the traditional ones might not.

In the current market, GtechAirRAM MK2 and Dyson V8 Animal are two of the top category leaders among cordless vacuum cleaners. But making a choice between the two will need careful consideration of several factors that we have outlined in the subsequent sections. So go through the article to carefully understand the differences and make a choice based on your needs and required specifications.

Overview of Gtech AirRAM MK2 Cordless Vacuum

Gtech is a UK-based company focused on making innovative, powerful, and affordable household appliances that make cleaning easier. The AirRAM MK2 is their second-generation cordless vacuum that builds upon the technology of the original AirRAM model.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of the Gtech AirRAM MK2 cordless vacuum:

  • AirLoc Technology – This patented technology allows the vacuum to not only pick up surface-level debris on the forward stroke, but also lock onto embedded hair, dirt and dust on the backward stroke. This makes it uniquely effective at tackling ground-in debris.
  • Lightweight at Just 3.2 kg – Weighing in at just 3.2 kg, the AirRAM MK2 is extremely lightweight and easy to carry up and down stairs or maneuver into tight spaces. Customers love that it avoids the back strain that can come from lugging around a heavy vacuum.
  • LED Headlights on the Nozzle – Bright LED headlights are mounted on the front of the vacuum to shine light on the area being cleaned. This ensures you don’t miss any dusty corners or hidden debris in dark spaces.
  • 22V Lithium-ion Battery – The fade-free 22V lithium-ion battery delivers a consistent level of power for the full 40 minute runtime between charges. Many cordless vacuums start to lose suction as the battery drains, but not the Gtech AirRAM MK2.
  • Bagless 0.8 Litre Bin – The dust and debris is collected in an easy-to-empty 0.8 litre bin, avoiding the inconvenience and added costs of vacuum bags.

In terms of performance, the Gtech AirRAM MK2 earns top marks for its ability to thoroughly clean carpets and lift embedded pet hair, dust and dirt. The lightweight body paired with cordless freedom makes cleaning staircases simple. It performs well on hard floors too, although doesn’t quite match the Dyson in that regard.

Overview of Dyson’s V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum

Dyson is a global technology company known for revolutionizing the world of vacuums. Their patented cyclone technology and continual innovation has made Dyson a leader in the vacuum industry. The Dyson V8 Animal builds upon the strengths of earlier Dyson cordless models to deliver maximum cleaning for pet owners.

Here are some standout features of the Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum:

  • Direct Drive Cleaner Head – The direct drive motorized cleaner head was designed specifically for deep carpet cleaning. With 150% more brush bar power than previous models, it drives bristles deeper into carpet fibers to lift out ground-in dirt.
  • Whole Machine HEPA Filtration – Dyson incorporated full HEPA filtration from end to end in the V8 Animal. This captures allergens as small as 0.3 microns and then expels cleaner air as you vacuum. Ideal for pet owners.
  • Up to 40 Minutes of Powerful Suction – The nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery maintains max suction for up to 40 minutes between charges. You can deep clean for the full runtime versus a gradual loss of suction.
  • Hygienic One-Touch Dirt Ejector – Emptying the 0.54 litre bin is hassle-free thanks to the hygienic dirt ejector. With the push of a single button, dust and debris is released cleanly and directly into the trash.
  • Motorized Brush Tools Included – The V8 Animal comes with a mini motorized tool, soft dusting brush and soft roller cleaner head for hard floors.

Direct Comparison of Key Features and Functions

Now let’s dive into a detailed, side-by-side comparison of the Gtech AirRAM MK2 versus the Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum cleaners across some of the most important factors:

CategoryGtech AirRAM MK2Dyson V8 Animal
Weight3.2 kg2.0 kg
Noise Level70 decibels78 decibels
Battery Runtime40 minutesUp to 40 minutes
Battery Recharge Time4 hours3.5 hours
Filtration SystemFoam filterWhole machine HEPA filter
Dust Bin Volume0.8 litres0.54 litres
Tools IncludedCrevice tool, dusting brushSoft roller head, mini motorized tool, docking station
Specialized Floor CleaningExcellent on carpetsSuperior on carpets and hard floors
Suction PowerGood, consistent suctionExcellent, deep cleaning suction
Pet Hair RemovalVery good, with AirLOC TechnologyExtremely effective, best in class
Ease of EmptyingGoodExcellent hygienic dirt ejector
PriceAround £157.99Around  £319
Warranty2 years2 years

As you can see from the table, the Dyson V8 Animal surpasses the Gtech AirRAM MK2 when it comes to suction capabilities, advanced filtration, and cleaning performance overall. But the Gtech remains significantly more affordable while still delivering on core cordless vacuum functionality.

Cleaning Tests and Reviews: How the Vacuums Perform In Real Homes

Reading vacuum specs and features is helpful, but seeing how cordless cleaners perform in actual user testing reveals even more. Here is an overview of professional testing results as well as customer reviews on these vacuums:

Good Housekeeping Cleaning Tests

The Good Housekeeping Institute conducted lab tests and in-home trials on both the Gtech AirRAM MK2 and Dyson V8 Animal. Here are some excerpts from their evaluations:

  • “The AirRam picked up an average of 93% of the sand we put down on carpet and hardwood in the Lab’s tests. Plus, it aced our pet hair test, earning a perfect score for getting every trace on carpet.”
  • “The V8 Animal picked up 89% of the sand on carpet and a superb 98% on hardwood. Plus, its Direct Drive cleaner head earned raves for how thoroughly it removes embedded dirt and pet hair.”

Ideal Cleaning Situations and Use Cases

Based on the strengths and weaknesses uncovered in professional testing, here are the ideal cleaning scenarios for each cordless vacuum:

Cleaning Situations Where the Gtech AirRAM MK2 Excels

Gtech AirRAM MK2 on carpet
  • Quick cleanups of hard floors when you need a lightweight and nimble vac.
  • Cleaning interior stairs when you’ll be carrying and manoeuvring
  • For small homes or apartments where deep cleaning capability is less important.
  • As an affordable secondary vacuum dedicated to quick jobs like cleaning the car.

Cleaning Situations Ideal for the Dyson V8 Animal

  • Homes with lots of carpeting and rugs, especially those with embedded pet hair.
  • For thorough whole-home deep cleaning since it maintains full suction for the 40 minute runtime.
  • Large homes where you need to cover a lot of ground in a single clean.
  • Homes where allergens are a concern due to the fully sealed HEPA filtration system.

Cost Comparison: Is the Dyson Worth the Higher Price?

There is no question that the Dyson V8 Animal commands a premium price, usually costing around  £300 to  £319 compared to the Gtech AirRAM MK2 at around £157.99. Is the Dyson worth double the investment?

Here are some factors to help determine if the extra cost is justified for your situation:

  • The Dyson outperforms the Gtech on carpets and hard floors, especially for homes with pets. The suction power and cleaning performance is superior.
  • The whole machine HEPA filtration makes the Dyson the best choice for allergy sufferers who want to remove fine particles.
  • The direct drive cleaner head and included accessories like the soft roller optimize the Dyson for different floor types.
  • For larger homes, the V8 Animal’s greater cleaning efficiency means you can cover more ground per battery charge.
  • Dyson has a proven track record of durability, having pioneered cyclone technology.

On the other hand, the AirRAM MK2 offers tremendous value for the price. The performance is still quite good for quick cleanups, stairs, and smaller rooms. The lower price point makes it accessible to more buyers.

Ultimately it comes down to determining how much you value the advantages Dyson provides in terms of deeper cleaning performance and advanced features. For many buyers, the more affordable Gtech meets their needs.

Convenience and Handling: Maneuverability Matters

Beyond cleaning performance, ease of use and handling makes a big difference in how convenient and enjoyable a cordless vacuum is to operate in your home.

In terms of maneuverability and ergonomics, the Gtech AirRAM MK2 shines for a few key reasons:

  • Its extremely lightweight 3.2 kg body makes carrying and operating the Gtech AirRAM MK2 very comfortable, even for extended cleaning.
  • The low profile cleaner head fits under furniture easily, unlike bulkier models.
  • Cordless operation combined with swivel steering provides excellent control for navigating obstacles.
  • The dust bin is conveniently located and simple to empty with the push of a button.

The Dyson V8 Animal offers outstanding maneuverability in its own right:

  • Weighing 2.0 kg, the V8 Animal is light and easy to handle for most users.
  • Its cleaner head has a very low profile to reach tight spaces.
  • The swivel and steering make navigating furniture and tight corners smooth.
  • The hygienic dirt ejector makes bin emptying nearly effortless.

While the V8 Animal is undeniably maneuverable, the Gtech AirRAM MK2 edges it out when maneuverability is your top priority. But both deliver on convenience and handling.

Verdict: Selecting the Right Cordless Vacuum for You

In the battle between the Gtech AirRAM MK2 versus the Dyson V8 Animal, Dyson emerges as the superior performer but at a higher price. The V8 Animal stands out for its industry-leading suction capabilities, filtration, and cleaning performance across floor types.

However, the Gtech AirRAM MK2 offers tremendous value for more casual cleaning. It retains the key advantages of cordless vacuums like lightweight portability and ease of emptying.

For pet owners needing to constantly combat embedded hair, the Dyson V8 Animal is certainly worth the investment. Larger homes with mostly carpeting also benefit from its unmatched deep cleaning power.

But for smaller living spaces or bare floors, the Gtech AirRAM MK2 will meet cleaning needs at half the price. Overall it provides great bang for your buck.

Take time to honestly assess your cleaning challenges and budget. This will lead you to your ideal fit between the convenience of the AirRAM MK2 or the world-class performance of the Dyson V8 Animal. With either choice, enjoy unleashing the potential of cordless cleaning in your home!

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