Health Secretary Steve Barclay Takes Stand against “Wokery” in NHS

A set of proposals has been unveiled by Health Secretary Steve Barclay to counter what he claimed to be the influence of “wokery” in the National Health Services (NHS). He claimed that the purpose of undertaking this task was to ensure that women’s rights in the healthcare space were protected.

Transgender women will no longer be allowed to receive treatment in the female-only wards of hospitals, according to this proposal. According to Barclay, it is part of a broader attempt to restore gender specificity in language and policies in the healthcare space.

To introduce a common-sense approach to the issues of sex and equality in the healthcare space, Barclay has also suggested the reintroduction of sex-specific language in health advice pages, especially in those that cover conditions specific to the female gender, like cervical and ovarian cancer, and menopause among others.

As per the comment made by the Health Secretary, it is crucial for him that women’s voices are heard within the NHS. He further went on to claim that the introduction of words like “chestfeeding” and “people” instead of “women” when referring to pregnancy has a detrimental impact on women’s rights in the healthcare system.

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