Holly Willoughby Announces Departure from ITV’s “This Morning” After Foiled Kidnap Plot

Holly Willoughby has announced her departure from the iconic ITV mid-morning programme “This Morning,” which must shock most of the program’s viewers. Holly’s decision after almost 15 years of hosting the show has taken avid viewers and coworkers by surprise.

However, the announcement did not come out of the blue and is most likely related to the traumatic experiences she faced when the disclosure of a conspiracy to kidnap and murder her allegedly emerged. Thankfully, the police were able to stop those plans. However, the impact that the episode must have had isn’t to be taken lightly.

Numerous celebrities and acquaintances, including Carol Vorderman, Emma Bunton, Nicole Appleton, Susanna Reid, James Martin, Laura Whitmore, Josh Cuthbert, Zoe Williams, Gordon Smart, and Dannii Minogue, inundated the host’s social media accounts with messages of support and well wishes.

Holly’s co-host on “This Morning,” Phillip Schofield, her erstwhile best friend and on-screen partner, has been at the centre of recent controversies, including allegations that they skipped the queue during the late Queen’s lying in state. The show was also receiving a lot of polarised reactions following these controversies.

While making parting statements, Holly cited her family as one of the main reasons for her exit from the show. She thanked all of the staff and coworkers at ITV, along with all the guests that they have had over the years. For those hooked on the show, the end of her 15-year tenure on the show signifies almost the end of an era, especially given the popularity that she and the show had amassed over these years.

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