How many Kg washing machine for family of 3 (Capacity, items it can Fit & Suitable for)

I was so happy when I finally settled down with the person I would love and raise a family with years ago. Soon the family of two hiked up to three after my child was born. We had to install car seats, change the washing machine and baby-proof the apartment.

Although I have enough knowledge about machinery, exhausted from becoming a new parent, I ended up buying a washing machine of the wrong size that a salesperson randomly suggested. Soon enough, I was thrown out of the house along with my big washing machine as the wrong size was not solving the issues, instead adding up more. That’s when I decided to find the answer for how many kg washing machines for a family of 3 is ideal.

My research started from my computer from an article of Herne Bay Domestics What size Washing Machine do I need? – Herne Bay Domestics Ltd , to some well-known Tuber’s channels, then to the dm’s of experts, heading towards the showroom and lastly to the secondhand store where I could try and test on the machines to get answers to my questions. Now backed up with all the knowledge I have gathered, I brought the perfect washing machine, and finally, my family is happy. Therefore, I decided to give my recommendation for the ideal washing machine size for a family of 3 and also share my experience with people like me to make their journey of buying the suitable size washing machine for their family of 3 easier.

Based on what I’ve learned from my research and the articles written by popular websites like oshoSpotless and Herne Bay Domestics, I would suggest washing machines between 7kg and 9kg for a family of three. If your laundry needs are not too big 7 kg machines should be ideal for you. However, for bigger loads, like fluffy comforters, an 8 kg or 9 kg machine is a better choice that you can make to ensure your laundry gets done quickly and without problems.

A bucket of clothes is being put in the washing machine for washing

Keep in mind, though, that washing machine manufacturers will probably offer you more than one size, from 5 kg to 12 kg or even more.  However, for the best results, it is probably best to stick within the range I have suggest, especially if you have a family of three. But these estimates should only be used as a general guide, since the amount of laundry each household needs is different.

How to determine the ideal washing machine capacity?

The journey of buying a new washing machine starts with selecting the right size. The washing machine’s capacity is its laundry capacity. There is no magic formula for drum size.

Large Washing machine drum

But there is definitely a way to help you determine your ideal washing capacity.

  • I was told by a friend that I must start by calculating the household’s average wash load like counting towels, sheets, and clothes. This helped me understand the minimum capacity needed to do laundry professionally.
  • Next, from an article by oshoSpotless, What Size Washer Do I Need? (4 Things You Must Know) ( I understood that it is important to measure the laundry space to make sure that the desired washing machine fits properly. Finding the right balance between load and space is the secret for picking the right machine.
  • Energy matters: In my experience, larger washers use more water and energy per cycle. Consider your efficiency labels and eco-friendly goals before buying a washing machine.
Washing machine energy saving options
  • Think ahead: Size up if your laundry gang or washing needs are growing. A larger washing machine may save you later. I will showcase a detailed table in the next section to help you understand your requirements as a bigger family or larger washing requirements.  However, if you are not planning to add members to your family just like me, you can skip this part.

Size Guide for Washing Machines:

Washing Machine CapacityItems it can FitSuitable for
5kg25 T-ShirtsPeople living alone
6kg30 T-Shirts or 1 Single DuvetCouples
7kg35 T-Shirts or 1 Double DuvetSmall-sized family
8kg40 T-Shirts or 1 Queen DuvetMedium-sized family
9kg45 T-Shirts or 1 Medium King DuvetLarge-sized family
10kg50 T-Shirts or 1 Heavy King DuvetLarge-sized family
11kg55 T-Shirts or 1 Heavy King DuvetVery large-sized family
12kg60 T-Shirts or 1 Heavy King DuvetVery large-sized family

Finding a washing machine of suitable capacity is like playing the lottery for family laundry needs. Based on the research I can say that for families of three people, 7 to 9 kg should be target capacity range.

Do not trust just me – change is possible in your laundry story! Keep an eye on what your washing habits and needs are so you can manage the three’s laundry day like an expert.

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