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Camping chairs are one of my favourite gears as an explorer. However, all this years I had to struggle carrying my camping chair during the trips just because I was unaware about the weight factor of the chairs. While my struggle started to spoil the adventure of a camping night, I started to question: How much does a camping chair weigh?

Well, here is what happened when my friend enlighten that not all types of camping chairs weight the same and you must pick the one that fits your requirements.

Outdoor heavy duty camping chair

I realised that just like me there can be many other people who might not be well aware about the same. So, I pulled my socks and started my research revolving around the weight of the camping chairs.

After studding about the requirements of different people, I headed towards the nearby store to practically test the weight of all the types of camping chairs and share my experience with you.

List of most common types of camping chairs and their average weights:

The tour of the store brought a bigger surprise to me as I discovered that there are not just 2 or 5 types of camping chairs, but, indeed 12 types or more. Let me list the most common camping chairs and their average weights:

Chair TypeWeight (lbs)
Standard Camping Chairs7.0
Ergonomic Camping Chairs12.0
Cooler Camping Chairs5.14
Reclining Chairs23.0
Canopy Camping Chairs10.12
Kids Chairs2.9
Oversized Camping Chairs15.5
Loveseat Camping Chairs15.0
Hanging Camping Chairs7.9
Ultralight Camping Chairs1.9
Stool Camping Chairs2.5
Swivel Camping Chairs5.7

Types of Camping Chairs

Standard Camping Chairs Average Weight: Thesecamping chairs are constructed of steel tubing and polyester or mesh fabric panels.

They are portable because they fold into a cylindrical shape and have a shoulder strap and drawstring carrying case.

In my experience at the store, all camping chairs vary in weight, functionality, and comfort, but the standard ones are lighter weighing around 7 pounds. 

Ergonomic Camping Chair Average Weights: I struggled with this type of camping chair. Since my father gave it to me, I thought it was my only option.

From my experience, ergonomic camping chairs are designed to comfort and support common pain points. However, an average ergonomic camping chair weighs 12 pounds, which is pretty heavy.

Cooler Chairs Camping Chair Average Weights: 

Outdoor enthusiasts like me will benefit from cooler camping chairs. Softshell thermal coolers are most common in these chairs. These chairs have a zippered cooler compartment under the seat and a back and base panel without armrests. Such camping chairs weights around 5.14 pounds only.

Reclining Camping Chair Average Weights:

In my opinion, this type of camping chair is the best if you want to add a luxurious touch to your camping trip.

A leg extension panel or footstool makes them more comfortable than camping chairs. While some have footrests, others have side tables, padding, or pillows. Their 23-pound weight makes them less portable but more comfortable.

Canopy Camping Chair Average Weights: Camping chairs with canopies are great for outdoor activities in the sun and light rain. They can fit neatly into a carrying case for outdoor events.

The average weight of such a chair is around 10.12 pounds. I suggest if you value comfort and convenience, choose them for sun and rain protection.

Kids Camping Chair Average Weights: Kids camping chairs are perfect for camping, picnics, backyard playtime, and other outdoor adventures with fun designs, comfort, and ease of use.

Its approx 2.9 pounds weight makes it lightweight and easy for kids to carry.

Oversized Camping Chairs (Big and Tall) Average Weights: Oversized camping chairs can provide a luxurious outdoor seating experience.

This type is certainly not my favourite, but; these giant chairs elevate the outdoor fun. On average oversized camping chairs weigh 15.5 pounds.

Loveseat Camping Chair Average Weights: Just like the name, this type of camping chair is suitable for lovebirds.

Loveseat camping chairs are ideal for snuggling up with a partner, taking in nature, or relaxing under the stars. The weight of such a chair is around 15 pounds. 

Hanging Camping Chair Average Weights: The convenience and design, makes these hanging camping chairs are popular.

These camping chairs hang from trees or other stable objects with ropes. They have fabric bases, back panels, and other parts. They weigh 7.9 pounds like standard camping chairs.

Ultralight Camping Chair Average Weights: Ultralight camping chairs are ideal for lightweight backpackers, hikers, and minimalist campers.

Their simplicity and feather-lightness ensure you always have a comfortable and portable seat wherever your adventurous spirit takes you. They are relatively light at only 1.9 pounds on average.

Stool Camping Chair Average Weights: Stool camping chairs are lightweight and portable outdoor seating options.

A single fabric stretched between two or three poles makes them compact and lightweight. The only thing that disappointed me is that these chairs have no back panel or armrests. However, they only weigh 2.5 pounds.

Swivel Camping Chair Average Weights: Swivel camping chairs add fun and versatility to outdoor seating.

These chairs provide the flexibility and freedom required to have a comfortable outdoor experience. They are suitable for watching the sunset, conversing around a campfire, and relaxation in nature. The 5.7 pounds weight of such chairs balances portability with functionality.

Now that you know how to divide up the weight, I can tell you about a visit to the local store. In-person evaluating of various camping chairs taught me the importance of finding one that can properly accommodate your body size and weight. Sitting in the chairs gave me an up-close and personal look at their sturdy construction and convenient foldability. I found the perfect camping chair for me there, and I think you will, too.

Keep in mind that the perfect camping chair for you will change as your tastes and experiences do.

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