Step by Step Guide On Cleaning Muddy Walking Boots

My inspiration for writing this article is directly connected to an incident at my Granny’s house. My Granny has a massive backyard in her house located in Telford.

Recently, I visited my Granny since I had to pick her up for my brother’s graduation ceremony. When I visited to pick Granny up for my brother’s graduation ceremony, we had some extra time, so I took a memory lane tour while enjoying my visit. While enjoying my time, I didn’t bother to do the aftermath of this mud-covered adventure. Seeing my boots all covered in mud, she didn’t allow me to come inside.

We went for the ceremony and returned home, and the struggle started once I realised I had to clean that mud. That is when a question popped into my mind: How do clean, muddy walking boots?

muddy walking boots cleaning result before and after

Luckily, I was staying at my parent’s house, where my mother and Granny shared some insightful tips to clean muddy walking boots, which I will now pass on to you because most people struggle with cleaning their boots. I also researched and tried various methods mentioned by renowned YouTube channels like REI, Go Outdoor TV, etc., so you can only try the best techniques.

Step-By-Step Process for Cleaning the Boots:

That lovely evening walk was refreshing, but that day, I discovered cleaning the boots can be quite a task. During my research, I found that people buy new boots because they don’t take proper care of them. The Statista presented a graph on the Year-on-year change in comparable sales of Boots in the United Kingdom (UK) from the 1st quarter of 2016 to the 2nd quarter of 2023.

Boots UK: quarterly comparable sales retail and pharmacy 2023

Boots UK: quarterly comparable sales retail and pharmacy 2023 | Statista

However, after struggling, having thorough research, and testing some strange ways, here is how you can easily remove mud from your boots:

Getting rid of the mud:

Like my father always said, the first step towards your goal is to get rid of toxins in your life. Well, it seems that this piece of guidance is universal. So, to clean your boots, you first have to get rid of the mud. You can stomp the boots hard on the floor, wipe on grass, or soak a kitchen towel or rag and wipe the mud off. My personal favourite is to stomp the boots on the floor. After removing as much mud as possible, you can move forward.

Remove laces and insoles:

This is the step where my Granny disclosed that cleaning becomes much more manageable by removing laces and insoles. So, before cleaning muddy shoes or boots, remove the laces and insoles. This lets you clean the shoe’s exterior without distractions. Besides, this lets you clean the tongue and eyelets of the boots freely. Granny also added that we must always brush off excess mud with a brush or hands before washing.

Remove laces and insoles of muddy boots

Take a brush and dip it in soapy warm water: While I was doing my research on this subject, I found a video from Go Outdoors TV GO Indoors – Cleaning Your Walking Boots – Bing video where the host mentioned cleaning your shoes according to their material. Use a soft brush or cloth with mild soap or detergent and water for leather boots. For fabric or synthetic materials, use a gentle scrubbing brush with detergent.

Take a brush and dip it in soapy warm water: Deal with your laces: Moving forward, I came across a strange life hack video, from Go Outdoors TV GO Indoors – Cleaning Your Walking Boots – YouTube video that stated that hot soapy water removes stubborn mud and dirt from laces.

 In the beginning, honestly, I was a bit spectacle. The hack’s effectiveness, however, took me by surprise.

Boots are submerged in the water

Target the insoles: You don’t want to discomfort anyone with the unhygienic smell of your boots. That certainly won’t put a great impression of yours on people.

Smelling insole

 As insoles collect mud and odours, they must be cleaned too. Insoles stay fresh and comfortable by gently scrubbing off mud and letting them dry.

Dry everything thoroughly: After cleaning, let shoes, boots, laces, and insoles dry. However, remember radiators can damage materials, so you might like to avoid them.

Waterproofing treatment: Mud inside your boots may indicate wear or waterproofing issues. Apply a specialist waterproofing treatment, after cleaning, before letting them dry. How To Make Your Shoes Waterproof – Detailing Tips & Tricks – Chemical Guys Fabric Guard – YouTube video

Maintaining walking boots ensures a hassle-free outdoor experience. My easy walking boot-cleaning method will allow you to go from muddy paths to clean, comfortable shoes for your next adventure. I have provided practical gear care solutions because I understand the struggle of cleaning muddy boots. This cleaning method will save time and lets you enjoy the outdoors and the journey.

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