4 Ways to get rid of smell in washing machine Top loader

Smelling an offensive washing machine is never pleasant. I recall when my roommate and I first smelled our top loader washing machine – we couldn’t figure out why the room reeked of chemicals from it; that was when I took action to find out why our top loader washing machine smelled dreadful. 

I started my research and read an article from Home Decor Bliss Why Does My Top Loader Washing Machine Stink? (homedecorbliss.com), that claimed top loader washers smell due to bacteria accumulation resulting from the detergent residue, poor ventilation, neglected maintenance, blocked drainages, or using cold water for laundry, among many other causes. All these factors tend to build up within themselves over time. It is caused by poor ventilation neglect, maintenance blocked drainages, or many other factors.

So now comes another question – How to get rid of the smell in the washing machine top loader? Likewise, this was our question until we learned that top-loading washing machines can quickly eliminate the musty aroma with just a few steps. I went through many articles, slid into several experts’ dm’s, watched many YouTube videos, and compiled my experience to present you the solution on how to fix your top-loading washing machine when it starts to smell.

Step-By-Step Method of Cleaning the Washing Machine:

Step 1: Preparing the necessary supplies for cleaning:

Cleaning agents white vinegar, baking soda, Microfiber cloth and small scrub brush
  • You will need white vinegar, easily available in your kitchen.
  • Some baking soda; again, this ingredient is available any most households.
  • Microfiber cloth or sponge for easy dirt removal.
  • Toothbrush or small scrub brush to reach difficult areas of your washing machine Hot water, because hot water can make the cleaning process easier and faster.

Step 2: Cleaning the drum and agitator:

Cleaning top load washing machine's drum and agitator

Start the cleaning process by wiping down the drum and agitator with a damp microfiber cloth or sponge.

Hot-water fill your washer’s drum.

 Mix one to two cups of white vinegar and baking soda into hot water in your drum mixer and agitate for several minutes before pausing. Let the solution break down odours and buildup for an hour.

How to Clean a Smelly Washing Machine: 10 Steps (with Pictures) (wikihow.com)

Step 3: Cleaning the detergent dispenser and other removable parts:

Cleaning the detergent dispenser of top load washing machine

After removing the detergent dispenser tray from its base, submerge it in hot water with vinegar for 30 minutes and scrub with a toothbrush or sponge to loosen build-up and residue before rinsing and air drying.

Step 4: Wiping down the exterior of the washing machine:

Washing machine exterior cleaning

To keep exterior surfaces clean, use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down the control panel lid, sides, corners, and hidden spots before drying with a clean towel or cloth to avoid water spots or streaks. After each cleaning cycle, dry exterior surfaces with another clean towel/cloth and let them air-dry before covering with new ones for drying.

Preventive Measures

Proper maintenance routine: After every load, wipe down your drum and agitator with a damp cloth to avoid residue build-up from items such as wash residue. Additionally, rinse and dry out your detergent dispenser tray regularly in order to eliminate accumulation.

Use the right amount and type of detergent:

Although it may seem irrelevant, too much detergent can leave residue and unpleasant odours, so only use the amount recommended by load size.

HE detergent for top-loaders works greatest.

Allow the washing machine to dry properly: Always remove wet clothes after the cycle to reduce odor-causing dampness and to help the machine dry faster.

Keep the washing machine door or lid open when not in use: I recommend leaving your washing machine’s door or lid open to prevent mould, mildew, and bacteria growth. You can keep the lid open during speed drying as well.

Make your washing machine smell fresh by following these golden rules for fighting odours: use just enough detergent; after each washing cycle remove clothes immediately from the machine’s airflow system to allow its airflow and make your room smell pleasant; follow airflow regulation protocols within the room.

Do not panic if you smell something burning in your washing machine; disconnect that device immediately, as it may still pose a danger once unplugged and turned off. Consult an expert if your washing machine requires professional assistance. Apply these tips to keep your washing machine smelling great and make laundry days an enjoyable experience.

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