8 Ways to Make Boots Tighter Around Ankle

I am obsessed with boots. But it feels terrible when my boots start feeling loose around the ankle. Like many others, I avoided the problem for a while, but soon, an incident alarmed me. I stumbled around and fell on the road while on a date. The physical pain was undoubtedly high, but the embarrassment did hit harder. It was like a wake-up call, and I decided to find out how to make boots tighter around the ankle.

A woman holding an Ankle boots

While looking for the answer, I went through one well-written article from ‘Wiki How,’ after reading, I understood that boots often slouch at the ankle because that area is narrower than the calf. After experimenting with some methods myself and taking inspiration from some runway designers like Christopher Raeburn and many other models, I came up with some simple yet effective ways to tighten your boots around the ankle.

What Can You Do to Make Your Boots Fit Closer to Your Ankle?

Use Thick Socks: I have used this trick since I was a baby to fit into my mother’s shoes; little did I know that as a grownup, it can be a lifesaver. Wearing thicker socks is the easiest way to make your boots fit better. While I was trying on socks made of different materials, I discovered that cushioned or woolen socks are best for boots.

Thick socks

Lace Up Properly: This solution is inspired by my mother, who kept asking me to tie up the lace of the shoes properly. Boots fit securely and comfortably with proper lacing. Loosen the laces from the toe, encouraging easy boot entry. Position your foot in the boot for a good fit. Gradually tighten the laces from the toe to the ankle. To increase ankle tension, skip a set or two of eyelets in the middle of your boots. Once you reach the top eyelets, tie a double knot or your preferred knot to keep the laces in place.

Lace Up ankle boots

Add Insoles or Inserts: Insoles or inserts are a great way to tighten your boots and add comfort. In my experience, gel or foam insoles offer better cushioning and support. Besides, most gel or foam inserts can be trimmed to fit your boots perfectly. This adaptability lets you customise the inserts to fit your boots perfectly.

Wear Boot Cuffs or Gaiters: Here is what happens when you find a fashionable and functional solution. This solution is used mainly by runway models.

Boot Cuffs

Boot cuffs or gaiters are stylish and practical accessories that enhance your outfit and fit your boots around the ankle. They prevent boots from slipping and tighten the ankle by hugging the top.

Heel Grips:

Heel Grips

Another glam backstage solution is heel grips. Heel grips correct ankle-loosening footwear. These self-adhesive pads grip and prevent sliding in your boots’ heels. Heel grips secure your boots and ankles while walking, running, or doing other activities. Heel grips are also self-adhesive and removable without residue.

Utilize a Boot Stretcher:

Utilize a Boot Stretcher

You can stretch or tighten your boots with a boot stretcher. You only need to pick a boot stretcher that fits your boots. Carefully insert the boot stretcher into your boots’ ankles. Turn the boot stretcher knob or handle to apply ankle tension gradually. Leave the stretcher in place for a few hours or overnight after achieving the desired fit. Don’t forget to carefully remove the boot stretcher after stretching.

Visit a Professional Cobbler:

Professional Cobbler

Here is the solution if you can’t fix it. Professional help may be best in that case. A professional cobbler can fit and extend the life of your boots. Entrusting your boots to a qualified cobbler for a flawless fit and long-term enjoyment is a good idea if you’re considering significant changes or are unsure about making improvements.

Use a Boot Strap:

This is my personal favourite. A simple bootstrap can help you get a snug fit around your ankles. This compact tool attaches to boot pull or loops. Attach them to your boots’ loops, tighten the tension, and enjoy a snug, comfortable fit.

Use a Boot Strap

Why wear uncomfortable boots? When I have got some excellent advice for you. First, try thick socks or lacing them differently. They can fail, but you can improve by hiring a cobbler. With determination and a dash of know-how, you’ll walk around in your favourite boots feeling snug as a bug.

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