3 Ways to make camping more luxurious

My partner and I have opposite personalities. While I love outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, etc., she absolutely hates them. I look for nature and raw fun, and she prefers luxurious setups. Well, or relationship proves that opposite attracts. We somehow manage to support each other’s likes and dislikes. Sometimes, she makes the compromise, and sometimes I do. Mostly, she adjusts according to the situation to make me happy.

Our anniversary was a few months back, and she planned a camping trip to commemorate the occasion. She told me about the plan, and I was delighted. However, I wanted to do something for the camping date that would make her happy, too. I started my research to find the answer to my question: How to make camping more luxurious?


I was certain she would love it, and in this way, we both could enjoy it without compromising. To begin with, I read several articles, looked for inspiration from some YouTube videos, discussed with some co-workers and friends and used my ideas to bring out the luxurious touch to our special camping night.

After I was satisfied with the information I collected, I planned the night, and it was nothing but perfect for both of us. She hugged me tight, and we appreciated each other’s efforts. The moment inspired me to come up with this article and guide more people to make their camping experience more luxurious.

Choosing the Right Campsite:

The first thing to do is to pick a suitable campsite, as it can hold the potential to elevate or spoil it all in one go. During my study, I found that some of the best luxury campsites in the UK include the Lake District, Cornwall, Norfolk, and Yorkshire 20 of the best campsites in the Lake District – Times Travel (thetimes.co.uk). Here are the few things that I considered while selecting a campsite:

Location: The location plays a significant role in the experience. If you prefer a coastal view, choose a campsite near the coast. However, if you like to camp in the mountains or forests like me, I suggest selecting a campsite in those regions. Well, I knew my partner preferred the coast over the mountains, so I selected the coast.  

Camping Furniture

Convenience: Luxury campsites must have several conveniences to make your camping experience more comfortable. These may include a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, shower blocks, and laundry facilities. All these may sound abstract for camping, but there should be no rules when you want to make yourself or your loved ones feel special. Keeping my partner’s preferences in mind, I selected a campsite with the extra elements she would love.

Access to Outdoor Activities: Camping is about more than just spending time in the camp. It is also about the activities which will make your experience memorable. So, select a campsite with access to the activities that you enjoy. I learnt that some campsites offer guided tours and activities, which is an excellent option if you are new to camping, just like my partner.

Camp Activities

Upgrading your Accommodation: 

Glamping Tent

Glamping Tents: The selection of a tent makes a lot of difference in your camping experience. As I mentioned before I love everything natural and raw when I head for outdoor adventures. So, for me, the type of tents never bothered. But, ever since my partner started to join, I understood having a nice tent is essential. Glamping tents are a popular choice for luxury camping. So, if you want a solution to making camping more luxurious, start with glamping tents, as they have everything from bathrooms to kitchens and hot tubs.

Luxury Yurts

Luxury Yurts: Yurts, as you know, are traditional circular tents. Recently, they have gained quite some popularity as luxury camping accommodations in the UK. Innumerable spots in the country offer luxury camping experiences THE 10 BEST Self catering accommodation in New Forest and Cabins from £60 – Holiday Rentals New Forest – Holiday Lettings. All you need to do is book a date and drop by. It is best if you don’t have much knowledge about camping and you want to give it a start. Luxury yurts usually have comfortable beds, heating, and lighting. Some luxury yurts also have a private kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor decking. So, it is just like a luxury hotel with a hint of camping adventure.

Cabins: Cabins are another option for luxury camping in the UK. They offer more space and privacy than tents and have comfortable beds, heating, and sometimes a private bathroom and kitchen. There can be no second thoughts about this if you are afraid of insects and wildlife.

Indulging in Activities and Experiences

Hiking and Wildlife Watching: During my attempt to give the most luxurious camping experience, I found that the UK has some of the best hiking trails, from scenic coastal paths to rugged mountains. Hiking is a great way to explore the UK’s natural beauty and exercise in the process. I absolutely love hiking, but as it was about what my partner loves, I decided to skip it. 

Hiking and Wildlife Watching

Besides, you must also know that the UK is home to different wildlife, from red deer to otters and seals. Many luxury campsites offer guided wildlife tours or opportunities to observe wildlife in their natural habitat. Consider including it on your trip if you love watching wildlife.

Water Sports and Fishing: As I mentioned above, my partner loves coastline camping more than mountain campsites. Although it was for her happiness, selecting a campsite near the coast can be a smart idea given the coastline of the UK spans over 11,000 miles.

Water Sports and Fishing

So you can enjoy water sports such as surfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. You can also engage in fishing by the river or stream and enjoy a silent yet romantic time. We enjoyed our time together and had dinner with the fish we caught and a glass of wine.

Spa Treatments: After our dinner, an executive came to give my partner another surprise I had planned for her. Our campsite offered spa treatments like massages, facials, and other beauty treatments. The idea blew her, and looking at her eyes twinkling like a star, my world lightened up. So, if you want to add luxury to your camping experience, I suggest including the spa treatments in your list. 

Spa Treatments in camping

Well, the trip was something other than what a traditional camping enthusiast would like. But it certainly was a different and luxurious approach, which I honestly enjoyed. From my research in finding ways to make camping more luxurious, I realised sometimes you can relax by relying on different approaches. While both traditional and luxurious ways offer different experiences, I think it is worth trying. Trying things for my partner gave me a new perspective on being surrounded by nature without compromising luxury and convenience.

I felt so glad to try it, as everything turned out amazing. As I share my experience of trying to make camping more luxurious, I hope you can use the study to improve your next camping trip.

Caleb Roberts

Caleb Roberts

Caleb Roberts is a world traveler who shares his life through writing. Since he likes traveling and staying close to nature, Caleb knows what nature offers adventurers. His incredible guitar playing draws travelers back year after year. Adventurers use his reviews written for The Readers Time on outdoor gear and technology to plan their trips.

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