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I am a fashion enthusiast, and after being associated with the industry for many years, I decided to start something of my own. I wanted to start a clothing business for quite a long time, but I knew I needed to be more confident.

One afternoon, we were having a small get-together at my parent’s house. I shared my dilemma, and everyone encouraged me to take the step as there will be no good time if you don’t give it a try. While everyone wanted me to follow my dreams, my uncle suggested I do proper research and use my years of experience before jumping into the ocean.

A Business woman started clothing startup

As I started my research, I found that many people like me ask the same question: How do you start a clothing business by buying wholesale in the UK?

My eyes twinkled, and I decided to share my knowledge and help other aspiring entrepreneurs find a direction. The research was not easy; it included reading several articles and business books and watching some motivational videos. I also consulted a friend who happened to be a business consultant. After I was convinced with the gathered information, I decided to share the insights to help you get a kick start to your business.

Research and Planning:

Step 1: Market research.

In the initial stage of my research, it was clear that I could set myself up for business success with thorough market research. Look at what your target customer thinks, find hidden insights, and pay attention towards your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Market research

Step 2: Make a creative business plan.

In the next step, it is important for everyone to understand that successful clothing businesses start with a solid business plan. According to my business consultant friend, it must include detailed data on your target market, pricing strategies, sales projections, and marketing plans to achieve your business goals.

Business Plan

Step 3: Calculate money accurately.

My friend additionally stated that a business’s success depends on its finances. He advised getting an elaborate financial plan, sales projections, and accurate profit and loss scenarios.

Profit and loss percentage

Finding the Right Suppliers:

Identify the Different Types of Wholesalers in the UK: While researching, I came across an inspiring article published by ‘Osome’ Launch a Successful Clothing Business with Wholesale in the UK | Osome, according to which the UK wholesale clothing market is multifaceted, with many competitors and several advantages and disadvantages. You must evaluate each area as it will help you make the right choices that match your business goals.

Business deal with whole seller

Research suppliers and request samples: With the right wholesaler, remember to find a supplier who can deliver high-quality goods at a fair price. Invest some time in checking out the potential suppliers. Review potential suppliers’ reviews and industry reputation. You can also ask for samples from different suppliers so that you can compare them and select the best.

Assess price and quality: From my experience, comparing and judging suppliers is one of the most crucial steps.

Business woman busy in making order

Before making a deal, focus on comparing prices and product quality.

Making the Purchase:

  • According to an article by ‘Shirt Max’ How to Start a Clothing Business with Buying Wholesale – The Ultimate Guide (, first roll up your sleeves and don’t shy to negotiate with your supplier. From my experience, I understand that every penny in the initial days of your business is significant. Don’t settle with the first option, as you are paying your money with the hope of being successful. Well, by negotiations, I definitely don’t suggest being aggressive. Be polite and confident and discuss price without restraint. Consider asking for discounts or better terms.
  • Now, let’s put our focus on smaller print. After being scammed several times, I realized that you must be as cautious as Sherlock Holmes before clicking the “buy” button. Pay attention to how the supplier wants to be paid. From my experience, some require a deposit, while others use credit. Before committing to any supplier, understand the entire agreement.

Pros of buying wholesale

CLothing Business man handling order
  • High-quality clothes: I took my friend’s advice about buying bulk products. I tried and found that bulk purchases often reduce quality concerns. Top-notch clothes are a treat to your customers and a ladder towards a brand establishment. The golden rule for manufacturers is to send their best products to wholesalers, who sell them to you for a fraction or less. 
  • A World of Styles: Believe me, after working for so many years in this industry, I am certain that the wholesale train is like a fashion party. Imagine having a huge selection of styles and sizes effortlessly. Perfect for regular and plus-size customers, as styles improve for everyone when they have multiple options.
  • Ease of access: Wholesale is a wonderland where you can easily find stylish clothes. Trust me; I often feel like everyone is working for me while I am just commanding my requirements. Manufacturers adjust their products for wholesalers with their own requirements, meaning your clothes will fit perfectly.

Cons of buying wholesale:

Low quality Clothes
  • Buying from a wholesaler can be more complicated and lengthier if they are not located in your region. Say, for example, if you are dealing with a Chinese company rather than a UK-based company, it is more likely that you might get into conflicts. Besides, if you face any product problem, it will take longer to resolve. 


From my research, I have learned that starting a successful clothing business in the UK by buying clothes wholesale is like going on an exciting new adventure. It is like a baby that requires your ultimate attention and careful planning. From research to budgeting to writing a detailed business plan, every step is crucial.

A Business Woman opened her clothing

If you are planning to start one, I must give you a heads-up that it is not easy to start a clothing business in the UK. It will certainly be a long journey demanding your sweat, hard work, and a lot of passion for fashion. If you have the proper knowledge and a guiding light, your dream of owning successful clothing business can become a beautiful reality. I hope my information give you the skills and direction you need to succeed.

Lilyana Bennett

Lilyana Bennett

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