7 Innovative camping chair shoring ideas

Are you a thrill seeker who enjoys camping? If that is the case, I know your camping chairs will always be set and waiting. Besides, according to an article by the Guardian, since lockdown measures were lifted, Halfords’s sales for camping chairs have shown an evident hike by around 120%, along with other camping and traveling gear. Unfortunately, after an enjoyable camping experience storing those same chairs can be time taking and tiring.

Since I found many people asking for ideas about how to store camping chairs, I started looking, and here is what happened when I found an article by Camping Seeker. I tested more effectively camping chair storage ideas after reading the article.

My research began with climate, accessibility, space, and security. I next evaluated solution reliability and practicability. After doing my research, I picked only those solutions about which I was completely sure. Since all are user-friendly solutions and are designed to fit seamlessly with your requirements, I thought of sharing them with you.

Easy Storage Ideas for Camping Chairs:

01. Keep Camping Chairs in a Large Trash Can

Camping Chairs in a Large Trash Can

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I was invited to my friend’s house and saw a strange yet innovative storage solution there. My friend’s parents stored their extras, like badminton rackets and skis, inside a new thrash can, and here is how I got the idea of using the same method for storing my camping and travelling gear. Camping chairs and umbrellas can be fitted in clean trash cans. You only need them to seal if you have humidity, dampness, and vermin. If you wish, many heavy-duty bins have lids on them. You can go for them too. There are also visually appealing all-weather options for patios and decks.

02 Place Camping Chairs under Benches

Storage bench box

Camping chairs can be stored under utility benches. Well, this is quite a common practice in houses with limited space. The “open” shelf is useful in a dry, arid space if the chairs have their sleeves.

For those who prefer cupboard-style storage with smaller compartments, I found the Seville Classics Rolling Workbench. To make sure the chairs and bench fit, measure them carefully.

03. Use Large Storage Bins for Camping Chairs

Large Storage Bins for storing Camping Chairs

I have personally experienced that camp chairs rust and attract mice, rats, and chipmunks. Store chairs in a dry, arid place or properly seal them to avoid such issues.

Chair storage rarely requires heavy cargo cases. However, using heavy cargo cases to protect a swamp hunting cabin or boat chairs is a good idea. Some cheaper models have pull handles for not insulated garages or damp basements.

04. Store Camping Chairs in a Giant Cardboard Box

Large car board box

While researching to find storage ideas for camping chairs, I found a great solution that requires no money at all and is also very useful. Large cardboard boxes are used to deliver refrigerators, washers, dishwashers, and dryers. In good condition, these boxes can store camping chairs.

However, you must know that cardboard isn’t ideal for storing camping gear in humid, damp, and vermin-prone areas. To protect gear in such conditions, use alternative storage.

05. Install Lockers to Hold Camping Chairs

Lockers to Hold Camping Chairs

Building cupboards can be challenging for anyone who is not familiar with DIY, as well as for those on tight rent budgets or living in small homes. From my experience, I can say that lockers or steel storage cabinets offer great solutions when looking to increase storage in the garage or utility room basement.

Metal lockers give any room an office feel and provide a lot of storage in various sizes and designs.

06. Stack Camping Chairs on Shelves

Stack Camping Chairs on Shelves

Image credit: goodsamclub.com

I feel camping chairs resemble burritos; however, the difference is that they don’t roll. Instead, their unique shapes allow them to fit securely on long shelves.

07. Store Camping Chairs in an Empty Drum

Stored Camping Chairs in an Empty Drum

Image credit: Pinterest.com

This storage solution is also inspired by the first one. Like a trash can, an empty metal drum can also store camping chairs easily. In fact, I discovered that an empty dram can keep your camping chairs from falling over and help them all stay in one place. But all you need to do is make sure its location is not exposed to moisture or humidity damage. Besides, it must also be protected from animals and pests to avoid unhygienic situations or damage.

Proper camping chair storage helps preserve their lifecycle. Since I understand you need reliable information, I got all the detail while conducting extensive research on these camping chair storage solutions. I ensured that they are all practical, accessible, and reliable. Because, obviously I didn’t want to add to your struggle, instead I want to ease it.

All the solutions are selected based on reviews, personal experience, and comparisons with the prime goal to offer trustworthy solutions to enhance your experience.

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