How To Wear ankle boots over 50

Last Friday, we gathered at my aunt’s house to celebrate her 50th birthday. My aunt is that glamorous lady who hardly looks like her age. In fact, she was why I took an interest in the fashion industry. She always used to dress up and look neat and beautiful.

We settled down on the lawn after the cake-cutting ceremony. My aunt sat by my side and complimented the pair of ankle boots that I was wearing. Instantly, she expressed that now she is 50, maybe wearing these ankle boots is a long shot for her. I snapped and said age is just a number, and a person’s look depends on confidence. She laughed at me and left to visit others.

White Ankle boots for over 50 years old lady

I felt terrible and wanted to help her feel confident even in her 50s. Whatever I could think was like dolling up an 18-year-old model, and she certainly wanted something that would help her look classy and age-appropriate. After reaching home, I started my research to find “How to wear ankle boots over 50?”

I read several articles, watched videos, used my industry knowledge and took inspiration from celebrities over 50. Once I collected all the required information, I decided to write this article so that more women above 50 can wear ankle boots and feel confident.

Styling Tips for Ankle Boots over 50

Embrace classic and timeless looks:

  • Pair ankle boots with straight-leg or boot-cut jeans: A classic look never goes out of fashion. Besides, women of any age can pull a classic look. Take straight-leg boot-cut jeans and pair them with your ankle boots to create a balance and illusions of long legs. 
Pair ankle boots with straight-leg or boot-cut jeans

Midi skirt or dress: Pair your ankle boots with midi skirts and dresses. It can be a great pick for women over 50 who want to add sophistication and elegance to their look. A pair of ankle boots will add a modern twist and help get a style appearance.

Ankle boots with Midi skirt

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  • Trousers or cropped pants: Show off confidence while you wear ankle boots.
Ankle boots with Trousers or cropped pants

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Well-fitted trousers or cropped pants will help you achieve a polished and sharp look. You can wear such pants with ankle boots to your office or any formal occasion.

Experiment with textures and colours:

  • Suede or leather ankle boots: Being in your 50s doesn’t mean you have to select only plain fabrics. You can play with textures to achieve that ideal look.

Experiment with rearing suede or leather ankle boots to add a touch of luxury. Besides, ankle boots of different textures can create visual interest and depth in your outfit.

  • Neutral shades for a sophisticated look: If you are not conscious of taking a colourful approach, I suggest you rely on neutral-coloured ankle boots.

Colours like black, brown, or taupe are versatile and can be paired with different outfits. 

  • Bolder colours to make a statement: Well, in my 50s, I want to be a bold and beautiful lady who will also be classy. So, if you are like me, dare to add some colours to your ankle boot collection.

My personal favourites are burgundy, navy or metallic shades. My aunt also likes these colours, but now she prefers avoiding them for some reason. I want to let her, and many other gorgeous ladies out there know that there is no age or gender for colours. Add vibrant colours to your look to add a playful and trendy element.

Layering and accessorising:

  • Tights or leggings in cooler weather: Well, you can’t expect to look a certain way throughout the year. Occasions, weather and many other external factors will influence your styling.
50 year old woman ankle boots with tights or leggings

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But that doesn’t mean you have to walk around like a sack. Here come the heroes: layering and accessorizing. During the brutal winter, layer your ankle boots with tights or leggings for warmth and style. 

  • Add a long cardigan or blazer: Layering is critical for achieving a styling outcome that keeps you warm, too. Add a long cardigan or blazer with your ankle boots for a sophisticated and manageable outfit.
Ankle boots with long cardigan or blazer

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 This look will help you get people’s attention, and they will take all your words seriously.

  • Scarves, belts, and statement jewellery: Styling doesn’t end with shoes and clothes. Your accessories play a vital role in the styling journey. Elevate your look by adding a vibrant scarf, a belt, or statement jewellery to complete your look.
Ankle boots with Scarves

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Just remember not to overcrowd the look by using all the accessories that you have. Form a balance and let your confidence speak.

Selecting the Right Ankle Boots

Comfort and support: 

While the way you style can help you feel younger, there is no hiding from the fact that our body starts to demand attention for different things as it ages. The same goes for our feet. In your 50s, you will need more support and cushioning in your footwear. I suggest selecting ankle boots that have padded insoles and arch support. Also, pay attention to buying ankle boots with adjustable closures, like laces or buckles, for better comfort.

Heel height: 

If you go shopping for ankle boots, you will be surprised by the various types offered by today’s market. The boots nowadays come in different heel heights, ranging from flat to high-heeled. Just to please others, don’t hurt your feet. Note your daily activities and comfort level first. I suggest buying lower or chunkier heels if your work or event demands you to stay constantly on your feet or prefer stability. However, you can also buy higher heels, which you can use for special occasions. Besides, high heels are ideal for adding height and making you look taller.

High-quality materials: 

Quality can change the game entirely. Don’t let the cheap products lure you as they might not last longer. However, it doesn’t mean you must spend more money on irrelevant products. In this case, striking the balance is the key. I suggest investing in ankle boots made from high-quality materials for durability. Besides, good quality materials will add an elegant touch to the outfits. Nothing can go wrong with leather or suede ankle boots, as they are the classic choices that define grace and support timeless beauty.

Tips for Selecting the Right Ankle Boots infographics

From my research, it was clear that by embracing ankle boots as a fashion choice in the UK, women over 50 can walk out more confidently. It doesn’t matter if you are 50 or 60 years old; a pair of ankle boots does not know your age, and people also doesn’t need to know.

I handed over my study to my aunt and assisted her in the styling journey. She looked just like the one whom I admired as a child. I realized there is no rule to adopt a certain style at a certain age. I love my aunt just the way she is. Besides, all women keep improving with time, just like a great bottle of wine.

Besides, in my opinion, ankle boots are great for older women, given their versatility, elegance, and touch of sophistication.

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