Karcher SC4 Vs SC5: Which is Better?

I like steam cleaners for their efficiency and environmental friendliness. As I intended to buy one, I went to a store where I came to know that there are two popular options in the market which are: Karcher SC4 Cleaner Easyfix 1.512-450.0 and the SC5 EasyFix Steam Cleaner with Microfibre Cloth Set. I needed clarification about which one to purchase and was determined not to pick anything randomly. So, I walked out of the store and decided to come back once I was sure which one, I should go for.

The journey of finding the best was certainly not an easy one. So, I started the research by reading several articles, watching some YouTube videos, reading customer reviews and consulting with the store salesperson. 

Through my research, I realised that, just like me, there are many people who are trying to understand the difference, which further motivated me to present the outcome of my research through this article. 

To start with, let me enlighten you about the fact that mainly power and size are the point which differentiates these models from each other. Powerful SC5 with 4.2 bar steam pressure and a larger cleaning head allows for faster cleaning. The SC5 costs more and is bulkier than the SC4. Let’s compare these two models to help you understand the subject better.

Comparison Table: Karcher SC4 Cleaner Easyfix 1.512-450.0 VS Kärcher SC5 EasyFix Steam Cleaner with Microfibre Cloth Set

FeaturesKarcher SC4 Cleaner Easyfix 1.512-450.0Kärcher SC5 EasyFix Steam Cleaner with Microfibre Cloth Set
Childproof safety lockYesYes
Safety valveYesYes
Steam flow regulation, on handleYesNo
Integrated funnelYesYes
2-tank systemYesNo
Floor cleaning kitEasyFix + extension tube (2 × 0.5 m)Not specified
EquipmentHand nozzle, detail nozzle, power nozzle, round brushesMicrofibre cover for hand nozzle
Microfibre floor cloth2 pieces1 piece
Permanently refillable and removable tankYesNot specified
Chemical-free cleaningYesYes
Effectiveness against viruses/bacteria99.999% coronaviruses, 99.99% household bacteriaNot specified
Integrated cable storageYesNot specified
Carpet cleaning capabilityNoNot specified
Weight and sizeRelatively heavy and bulkyBulky
PriceRelatively expensiveExpensive
Steam pressureNot specified4.2 bar
Descaling powder includedNoYes
On/off switchNoYes

I was introduced to this machine right when I stepped inside the showroom, and I mentioned buying one steam cleaner. Trust me; I was impressed as this machine has convenient features. Further, I did some research and came across an article published on ‘Karcher’ website SC 4 EasyFix | Kärcher UK (kaercher.com), according to which it comes with a childproof safety lock, adjustable steam flow, and a 2-tank system to protect you. Cleaning with this machine is all about efficiency and eliminating chemicals. 

However, in my opinion, this beauty is expensive. Also, as per my understanding, it is not ideal for carpet duty either.

Key features
Pros and Cons
  • Childproof safety lock
  • Safety valve
  • Steam flow regulation on the handle
  • Integrated funnel
  • 2-tank system
  • Floor cleaning kit, EasyFix + extension tube (2 × 0.5 m)

Kärcher SC5 EasyFix Steam Cleaner with Microfibre Cloth Set was introduced to me as a steam cleaning powerhouse. Initially, I was not very impressed with it as the former model had already set the bar too high. However, as I read more about it on the official website of ‘Karcher’ Steam Cleaners – Karcher cleaning systems private limited | Kärcher India (kaercher.com), I realised that this beast has serious steam-cleaning power and extra accessories. Besides, according to some reviews, Kärcher SC 5 EasyFix Steam Cleaner with hot water connection, steam pressure: 4.2 bar,heating time: 3 min, area: approx.150 m², tank: 0.5 l + 1.5 l, incl. floor cleaning set EasyFix and nozzles yellow : Amazon.co.uk: Home & Kitchen posted by users it has a long reach and can clean dirty floors very easily. Moreover, I was surprised to see that this beast is available at an affordable price range. 

Key features:
Pros and Cons
  • Descaling powder
  • Integrated filling funnel
  • Accessory storage and parking position
  • Safety valve

In-Depth Comparison:

Cleaning Capabilities:

Karcher SC4: According to my research and my conversation with the salesperson, I could understand that this champion cleans hard surfaces without chemicals and tackles coronaviruses and household bacteria. However, you must keep in mind that it is best for hard surfaces, not carpets.

Kärcher SC 4 steam pressure cleaning

Kärcher SC5: Well, coming to this one in terms of cleaning capabilities, this chemical-free cleaner has serious steam pressure. While it doesn’t specify carpet compatibility, its powerful steam pressure suggests it can handle tougher cleaning tasks. 

Kärcher SC 5 for steam cleaning

Convenience and Storage:

Karcher SC4: From my personal experience, I can say that maintaining order is the goal. This model has integrated cable storage to avoid tangles, accessory storage to organise all those useful attachments, and a floor nozzle parking spot.

Kärcher SC5: However, this, too, is probably constructed of similar material, though details are limited. Expect accessory storage and a parking spot to make cleaning easier and storage cleaner.

When it comes to cleaning and keeping things neat, both these steam cleaners have their aces up their sleeves. 

After having thorough research, I can say that Karcher SC4 Cleaner Easyfix 1.512-450.0 and Kärcher SC5 EasyFix Steam Cleaner with Microfibre Cloth Set are both great options. Each has its strengths, making the choice difficult, but I understood my requirements and selected Kärcher SC5 EasyFix Steam Cleaner. 

To determine which fits best, size up your cleaning needs. What surfaces will you work on? What is your cleaning routine? After that, examine both models’ features and capabilities. Select the one that matches your preferences. Of course, money matters, and that’s why ensure your cleaner meets all your needs and fits your budget.

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