Khloe Kardashian shares video of daughter and niece: Internet deems it dangerous

Khloe Kardashian just shared a video of her daughter True and her niece Dream, and the internet has taken issue with it.

The reality TV star Khloe just shared a video on social media of her little girl True (5) and the daughter of her brother Rob Kardashian, Dream (6). The video, apparently taken on the $16 million Los Angeles home, showed the two cousins dancing and laughing in the house’s dining room. The video appeared to have been filmed by Khloe herself.

In the video, the two girls are first seen dancing to the Britney Spears’ hit song Circus and Khloe can be heard cheering them on. The girls are seen both wearing matching Octonauts pajama sets. True’s was purple, and Dream’s was black in colour.

Khloe can be heard being amazed at how the two girls danced to the songs, especially given that they had never heard the song before. In fact, Dream comments on her younger sister that she has, in fact, never heard the song before.

However, the internet got upset that the girls can also be seen using the dining table as a catwalk later in the video. The fans channelled their displeasure at how dangerous that could be and how they would never have been allowed to do the same in their childhoods.

Genuine worry or obstinate internet know-it-alls, the comment section for the video has now filled up with some hilarious and intrusive comments.

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