Top 5 Construction Companies in London 2023

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, and since I was exhausted from working the entire week, I just shifted my lunch with my friends to a casserole party. They were all very generous to come by with all these delicious foods while I just unapologetically ordered pizza from a nearby outlet.

We all eventually sat in our living room to have a cup of tea; we started to discuss how beautiful life used to be when we were just kids. While everyone started to complain about their jobs and how difficult it is to sustain the rising competition, I felt terrible to start my winning. I already did my part to ruin the Sunday by calling them to my home and feeding them pizza. Well, most of them just complained about the regular things that are inevitable, but one of my friend’s issues sounded quite genuine to me. She switched to a big construction company recently and has yet to catch up with the speed of all the other seasoned co-workers.

Construction worker

My friend mentioned that her company is looking to outsource some projects to reliable construction companies in London, which is more reasonable for them. She was already doing the paperwork for the project and had no idea which companies could be reliable as the decision would have an impact on the reputation of the company she is working for as well.

As she looked stressed and I had sufficient knowledge about the construction industry, I offered her my help. She was delighted and this inspired me to share my knowledge to more people who are trying to find the best construction companies in London. The thought boosted my energy, and I started my research. I read several articles and reviews, reached out to industry experts, and used my knowledge to shortlist some of the best options available.  

List of top construction companies in London:

Following are some of the top construction companies in London:

1. Balfour Beatty 

Balfour Beatty

As I was surfing the Internet the first name that came in front of my eyes was ‘Balfour Beatty’. It was listed among the top construction companies in London in an article published by ‘Glassdoor’. I did have a thorough study on this company for another project of one of my clients. The company has a prominent name in the multinational construction industry. I went through my data and found that the company holds a remarkable grip on handling different types of projects. From colossal airports and hospitals to sprawling highways and sports stadiums, you name it and you will find their presence everywhere. Some of the exceptional projects done by the company include the Thames Tideway Tunnel, which is a 25-kilometre underground sewer tunnel running beneath London, the London Aquatics Centre, which played a significant role in the 2012 Summer Olympics, and much more.

2. Laing O’Rourke 

Laing ORourke

Laing O’Rourke was suggested to me by one of the industry experts. According to him the company has contributed with its quality works in several construction industry sectors, like design, engineering, construction, and project management. I considered his suggestion but I wanted to do some digging first rather than just blindly relying on him. Laing O’Rourke is a private construction company which has an impressive portfolio. Its diverse expertise helped it have a remarkable impact on the industry. Its commitment to versatility and expertise in delivering high-quality impressed me. Besides, this company had everything that my friend had been looking for, so finding it was indeed a jackpot for me. 

3. Mace 

Mace group

While reading articles, one published by ‘Glenigan’ picked my interest. The article mentioned a construction company identified as Mace. After reading more about this company I couldn’t find one reason to not include it on my list. Mace is one of the top construction and consultancy companies in London which deals with project management, cost consultancy, and construction management sector services. This company has experience in constructing structures, hotels, apartments, airports, and what not. 

Mace showcased its potential by working on projects like the Shard, the Emirates Stadium, and the Battersea Power Station redevelopment.

4. Skanska UK 

Skanska Group

Skanska UK was listed among the top 100 construction companies in 2022 by ‘The Construction‘. Well, the well-written piece triggered the curiosity string in me and I eventually ended up reading almost everything about this company. From my study, I found that the company offers innumerable services like design, construction, and infrastructure development, which is perfect as per my friend’s requirements. It has a prominent name in the industry and is counted among the most reliable companies in the region. However, just like many other top picks on this list, this company has also showcased its potential by working on notable projects like the London Crossrail project and the Brent Civic Centre. I had to consider it as a top pick as while I was reading about it I could see my friend selecting this one as if it was specifically made to perform for the company in which my friend works.

5. L & B

LB Construction

According to an article published by ‘Engineering Hint’, L&B is one of the top construction companies in London. It is one of the leading players in the industry that has been in the game for more than thirty years. With time L&B has expanded its territory of work to several sectors like civil engineering, construction, and allied activities, including haulage, demolition, waste management, recycling, crushing, screening, and skip hire. The thing that impressed me the most about this company is its adaptation of an environment-friendly approach in all its projects. So, if you are looking for a construction company that believes in reducing waste and is inclined towards the improvement of the environment, you can straight away go for L&B.

Throughout my research, I understood that there are innumerable options in the market that claim to be the best, but while selecting it is important to consider which are the reliable options. Experience, projects done in the past, reputation, and reliability matter the most if you are out looking for the top construction companies. I followed the same ideology and shortlisted some of the best options for my friend.

However, I must add that what worked for my friend might not work great for you. Although all the companies listed above are reliable and efficient in their ways. You can select anyone that fits your requirements.

In that context, I suggest understanding your requirements first. However, I hope my list will help you get a heads-up in your search journey.

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