5 Popular Medium Sized Construction Companies UK 2023

Working in the business industry has always been an exciting experience for me. During my years-long career, I have encountered many clients and helped many friends and families by providing them with business consultancy based on my knowledge, experience, and research. Apart from my studies, I gained deep knowledge through client projects. The inspiration behind writing this article was also because of a client project.

Building Construction project

During one of our not-so-busy working days, a couple approached me to help them with this property renovation project. They wanted to seek some suggestions for their business. They have established their business, but due to their tight schedule, they want to surrogate their renovation works to a medium-sized construction company (A remarkable thought indeed). The couple had an impressive, strong mindset and wanted to gather information about their rising competitors in the UK.

We spoke for a while to understand the requirements, and I asked for some time to research and find the best for them. I then thought there are probably more big-sized companies out there who can outsource some small projects to medium-sized companies, and this way, both can grow.

I started my research, read some articles, did some fieldwork, and collected all the information about some of the best medium-sized construction companies in the UK for my clients and you, too.

List of best medium sized construction companies in the UK:

01. Beard Construction

Beard Construction

In the initial time of my research, the first name that flashed in front of my eyes was Beard Construction Homepage – Beard (beardconstruction.co.uk). I was familiar with this company as it is a well-known medium-sized construction company that provides construction management, design and build, and renovation. Although it is a medium-sized company, its quality of work is commendable. Besides, the company is known in the industry for its sustainable practices. The company also revived Oxford’s Radcliffe Observatory Quarter and built the Science Oxford Centre.

02. R Durtnell & Sons

R Durtnell & Sons

While doing my research, I found a news published by BBC News How Britain’s oldest builder survived the recession – BBC News, according to which R Durtnell & Sons, the UK’s oldest construction company, was proud of its 1591 founding. Despite being one of the oldest in the nation, the company is counted among the medium-sized Construction Companies. Their services include new construction, restoration, and remodelling. What keeps them ahead in this competitive industry is their heritage project expertise. They were a part of several historical building restoration processes. Considering that aspect and my client’s requirements, I thought this one could be a wise choice.

03. Stepnell


Stepnell was my personal pick. I have worked with them, and I have to state that this brand excels in the competitive construction industry. Apart from showcasing top-notch, on-time project delivery, they are also known for providing quality and attention to detail in their projects. Some of the remarkable works done by Stepnell are the restoration project of the University of Birmingham’s Lapworth Museum of Geology and the building of Basingstoke’s St. John’s Primary School.

04. Speller Metcalfe 

Speller Metcalfe 

My research took me to this award-winning construction company, Speller Metcalfe. Speller Metcalfe | Construction It is the powerhouse with innovative ideas that combine cutting-edge construction methods and technologies like off-site construction and BIM. Some of Speller Metcalfe’s remarkable works include the Worcester Library and History Centre and Dudley’s Black Country Living Museum renovation.

5. Willmott Dixon

According to the website of Willmott Dixon What we do | Willmott Dixon, this UK Construction Company offers many quality services. Sustainable building is the company’s vision. New builds, renovations, and fit-outs are their services. Besides, off-site construction and modular structure set it apart from the competition. The company worked on several popular projects, the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and the National Army Museum renovation in London. 

Willmott Dixon

I uncovered throughout my research that you must consider your desired outcomes when choosing a construction company for your project or a surrogate. This is what I said to my clients: If they are a giant in their field, they may consider picking out the construction companies I have listed above. They seemed to be very happy with the suggestions and are on their way towards implementing their new strategy into their business. However, in your case, if you are on your way to becoming a giant, you, too, can collaborate with any of these options and grow hand in hand.

Happy client in the outcome of construction company

Remember, everyone’s requirements are different. What worked for my client may or may not be a great option for you. In that case, I suggest thoroughly understanding the company, their thought process, and if they have the same ideology or expect similar outcomes before making a final decision.

Remember, everyone’s requirements are different. What worked for my client may or may not be a great option for you. In that case, I suggest thoroughly understanding the company, their thought process, and if they have the same ideology or expect similar outcomes before making a final decision.

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