Top 5 Offshore Supply Vessel Companies in the UK 2023

One evening I had an appointment with a new client. Apart from discussing his business, seeking consultancy, and placing his requirements, he mentioned about finding the top offshore supply vessel companies in the UK. It took me a few seconds to understand how it was relevant to his business. Looking at my face he could sense my confusion and without me saying anything he disclosed that it was for a different project and he was just giving me a heads-up in my work.

Offshore supply vessel companies play an important role in the offshore oil and gas industry. With the type of work I am usually assigned, it was new to me, and therefore I was excited to explore the new region.

Offshore Supply Vessel

After I was done with my regular work I started to dig into the subject. My research started by taking a long tour of the world of the internet. It further leads to making some calls to industry experts. And lastly, I did some field work myself and considered the reviews of existing and former customers. The journey was enlightening, and filled with new knowledge and valuable insights that will surely benefit me in the future. Once I collected all the information I decided to share them with more people looking for a lead. I compiled my findings and shortlisted some of the top offshore supply vessel companies in the UK for your convenience.

List of the Offshore supply vessel companies in the UK:

Following is the list of the Offshore Supply Vessel Companies UK

01. A W Ship Management

A W Ship Management

When I started my journey to find remarkable offshore supply vessel companies, ‘A W Ship Management’ Home – AW Ship Management was the first name that popped up. After reading for a while I learned that it is a globally recognised maritime company headquartered in Singapore. I was surprised to find that A W Ship Management Company has a strong presence in Asia and Europe. My eyes twinkled as my client was looking for exactly something like this. It holds pride in managing a versatile fleet of vessels, including container ships, bulk carriers, and chemical tankers. It has a strong reputation in the global shipping industry which makes it good enough to be included in the list.

02. Anglo-Eastern (UK) Ltd

Anglo Eastern Logo

Anglo-Eastern (UK) Ltd is a globally recognized maritime company that offers several ship management services to the shipping industry. The company manages an incredibly diverse fleet of vessels ranging from bulk carriers and container ships to chemical tankers and offshore vessels. The company provides several types of ship management services, such as technical management, crew management, commercial management, and new building supervision. Moreover, the company’s new building supervision services ensure that the ships are designed, constructed, and delivered to the highest standards.

The company’s reputation in the global shipping industry is well-earned, owing to its unyielding commitment to safety, quality, and reliability. The company employs highly skilled and experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation of its fleet of vessels. They have also invested heavily in advanced technologies and innovative solutions to improve operational efficiency and reduce environmental footprint. 

Anglo-Eastern (UK) Ltd has received numerous awards for its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote energy efficiency in the shipping industry.

03. Vroon Offshore Services (VOS)

Vroon Logo

The same industry expert suggested Vroon Offshore Services (VOS) as well. According to him, this company has been providing offshore support services to the oil and gas industry for many years. I decided to dig into this company a little more and found that VOS is a renowned name in the field. It offers multiple offshore support services, such as platform supply, emergency response, and many more. 

The company uses cutting-edge technologies and modern equipment as it believes in ensuring efficient and safe operations in difficult offshore environments. I read a little more about this company and found that it has worked for several renowned companies on complicated and difficult projects. It has a strong reputation in the global offshore support services industry, and I couldn’t find one reason why I should not include it on this list. 

04. Offshore Fleet-Shipowners UK

Offshore Fleet-Shipowners UK

As I was looking for more reliable options Offshore Flee came to my notice. I found that it is a division of Shipowners UK that provides offshore support services. The services offered by this company are providing various vessels, including platform supply vessels, anchor-handling tug supply vessels, and subsea support vessels. 

Do you know what the best part is? Since the Offshore Fleet has a strong global grip, it focuses primarily on the North Sea and West Africa regions. Besides, just like any reliable vessel company, Offshore Fleet also has well-built teams which include highly skilled and experienced professionals, for high-quality outcomes.

05. Atlantic Offshore Rescue Ltd

Atlantic Offshore Rescue Ltd

While briefing about the work my client mentioned about Atlantic Offshore Rescue Ltd, as he has worked with the company in the past. I considered his requirements, and it was clear to me that he knew what he wants. Atlantic Offshore Rescue Ltd is a UK-based company that provides offshore emergency response and rescue services. After collecting some reviews from the existing and former customers, I understood that Atlantic Offshore Rescue Ltd has a strong reputation in the industry. It certainly worked hard and with full dedication to sustain its place in the race and there is no reason of excluding it from my list.

Through my research, I have gained a treasure of knowledge. I understood how important it is to select the right offshore supply vessel company as safety in many ways depends on them. Keeping all the important aspects in mind I have shortlisted some of the top offshore supply vessel companies in the UK.

After I was satisfied with the outcome, I handed over the study to my clients. Knowing my lack of knowledge in this sector, he was surprised and delighted at the same time. And I was happy to go on this adventurous journey.

Modern Offshore Supply Vessel in the UK

However, you must remember that not every company is made for all projects. I suggest taking time and important requirements into consideration before settling down to a decision. Well, I have to mention that, all the companies mentioned in the list are equally reliable. You can pick anyone that fits your requirements or with my list, you can get a heads-up to your search adventure.

Ship management companies in the UK

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