Top 5 Ship management companies in the UK 2023 

It was Monday morning, and everyone in the office looked enthusiastic about making progress that week. On the other hand, I was engaged in several projects, and I knew it would be a long week ahead. I looked at my calendar and found that I had an appointment with my good friend and old client who owns a construction business. He came to share the great news of expanding his business overseas. I was delighted with the news.

Ship management

But it just took a while for his face to switch from bright, like Christmas decoration to a dull lawn light. He shared that he is unsure which ship management company he should rely on. With my usual work piled up, I obviously couldn’t help him plan the entire thing, but I offered to do what I do best: Finding everything about the top ship management companies in the UK.

I started my research by understanding my friend’s requirements and reading articles on the same subject. Moving ahead, I consulted with some industry experts and used my personal experience to form a list that would not just help my friend but many other people who are looking for ship management companies as well.

List of Top ship management companies in the UK

1. Bibby Ship Management

Bibby Ship Management

While reading several articles, one article by the website of ‘Bibby Ship Management’ Bibby Ship Management Acquired by V.Group – Bibby Line Group – Bibby Line Group took my interest. It helped me understand what the objectives of this company are. They offer technical management, crew management, and marine support services. After digging further, I learned that the company’s profile was utterly impressive. Still, to add up to my surprise, the company was also honoured with the Lloyd’s Register LRQA ISO 9001:2015 certifications that show its commitment to strict quality management systems.

2. V Group 

V Group 

According to an article published by ‘Trust Heritage Logistics’ Top 10 Ship Management Companies in the UK (2023),» Trust Heritage Logistics, V.Groupis one of the best shipping management companies in the UK. V.Group has a large network and many commercial shipping clients. Due to its 44,000 mariners and 60 offices in 30 countries, the company has managed over 2,200 ships.

I decided to dig further and was surprised to find that the company has over 30 years of experience providing different services to the maritime industry. 

According to me, what differentiates it from the other companies is its dedication and experience. The company was also awarded several prestigious titles-“Ship Manager of the Year” at the 2020 Seatrade Maritime Awards.

3. Anglo-Eastern UK 

Anglo-Eastern UK

This company was suggested by one of the industry experts. He said the popular Anglo-Eastern UK company is part of the Anglo-Eastern Group. Technical, safety, and quality management are the points that separate this company from the others. I read more about this company and found that Anglo-Eastern Group – Wikipedia Anglo-Eastern UK has won the Asian Marine & Shipping Awards’ “Crew Management Company of the Year” award several times. 

4. Columbia Ship Management UK 

Columbia Ship Management UK

Columbia Ship Management UK is another company that an industry expert suggested. The name was not unfamiliar to me, and after getting the suggestion, I realised how it skipped my mind. I read an article published in Linkedin Columbia Shipmanagement | LinkedIn, according to which this company is recognised as a premier ship management services provider worldwide. The company is known for providing various services. They are good at environmental management, follow rules, and focus on cutting costs. After digging further, I learned that the brand has proved its excellence in many ways. Besides, the company has been awarded numerous awards, like the 2019 Seatrade Maritime Awards “Safety & Quality Award,” highlighting their commitment to safety and quality, which my friend specifically wanted.

5. Thome Group 

Ship management company Thome Group has been ruling in the industry for over 50 years. From my hiring experience, they are pretty skilled in their field. Their services include technical management, crew management, commercial management, and new building supervision. Just like all other companies in this list, their Lloyd’s Register LRQA ISO 9001:2015 certification showcases their commitment to quality management systems. They have also been honoured with many awards, including the Lloyd’s List Asia Awards’ 2020 “Ship Manager of the Year” award for their innovative ship management skills. The award shows their skill and industry dedication, perfect for my friend’s business.

Thome Group 

Throughout my research, I understood the role of ship management companies in the shipping industry is quite essential. After reviewing several articles and taking expert opinions, I listed the companies as they are responsible for ensuring that vessels operate smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

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My friend was pleased with the outcome since it was made keeping his requirements in mind. However, the same list might not be the right one for you. I suggest understanding your requirements before settling on one. Remember, selecting a ship management company is a significant decision requiring various factors analysis. Take your time, and I hope the information I have shared with you will help you make the right decision.

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