5 Most Popular Streetwear Clothing Manufacturers in the UK 2023

My sister visited my home a few days back. I welcomed her but I knew something must be bothering her. She confronted that her business was going through a low phase. My sister owns a boutique and she has always showcased the classy collection, but now with the hike in the demand for streetwear clothing, she seemed to lose grip over her customers.

After discussing for a while, she understood that if she has to sustain her place in the industry, she has to make changes according to the trend. Finally, she was convinced, my sister asked me for a favor of finding the best streetwear clothing manufacturers UK and I couldn’t deny her.

Streetwear clothing

I have been involved in the fashion industry for many years now and so I know how a simple change in styling can transform the entire trend. Most designers and manufacturers look for that one click that can help them set a trend. And relying on the same mindset streetwear clothing has recently booked a remarkable spot in the industry.

I knew that innumerable manufacturers in UK deal in streetwear clothing. But, I wanted to shortlist only the best manufacturers. Keeping that in mind I started my research by reading articles, talking to designers, and taking advice from my co-workers. After collecting all the information I used my knowledge to filter out the top options. I compiled the insights in a list for my sister and many other businesses that are looking for a lead to sustain in the industry.

List of the Best Streetwear Clothing Manufacturers UK



While taking a tour of the space of the internet, the name A-COLD-WALL* flashed in front of me. The name itself was pretty unique and it picked my interest instantly. According to a post by ‘Raw Look’  A-Cold-Wall, ACW* – london-based streetwear fashion label (rawlooks.com) this is one of the most influential streetwear brands in the UK. I read a little more and found that A-Cold-Wall* made its entry into the industry in the year 2015. The designer and founder of this brand, Samuel Ross was determined to offer minimalist designs, featuring architectural elements in each of its pieces. 

Ross’s background in graphic design and construction has helped him come up with out-of-the-box ideas which soon captured the trend. The brand’s signature industrial belt was nothing but love at first sight. No wonder some users stated it as a must-have accessory. But one thing that came to my notice is its prices which are a bit towards the higher end. However, from my experience, I feel the quality of the materials and construction surely justifies the price.

02. Palace Skateboards:

Palace Skateboards

As I was reading several articles, one published by ‘GQ Magazine’ Best streetwear 2021: from Supreme to Palace | British GQ (gq-magazine.co.uk) captured my interest. There Palace Skateboards was listed as the best streatwear manufacturer. I was curious to know more about the brand before adding it to the list. Soon I found that the brand was established in 2009 by Lev Tanju. Surprisingly, in no time Palace Skateboards became a favorite among streetwear fans. 

After digging some more I was impressed with the brand’s attractive designs with bold graphics and tongue-in-cheek references to popular culture. Palace Skateboards emphasised designs that had the “Tri-Ferg” logo, which now became the official identity of the brand.

03. Grind London:

While discussing with my co-workers I came to know about Grind London. The name sounded interesting to me so I decided to investigate it. From my studies, I found that the brand was founded in 2008, and instantly became popular for its understated yet edgy designs.

Grind London

I saw some pieces minutely and understood that Grind London often blends elements of British subcultures into its clothing. To my surprise, it also manages to add hint of punk and grime to the designs and all of them look so good.

Their affordable prices helped it stand strong in the ever-changing industry. Their products are accessible to a wider range of customers which defines why it is counted among the leading players in the market.

04. Wear Brain Dead:

Brain dead clothing

As much as the name of the manufacturer sounds funny, its collection is certainly great Brain Dead clothing for Men | SSENSE UK. Brand Dead was the one of the names that I could think of if I heard streetwear clothing. The surprising aspect of this manufacturer is that it is based in Los Angeles, yet it has become popular among streetwear enthusiasts in the UK. 

Brain Dead made a stunning entry into the market in 2014, right when the industry was in its initial days of making a transformation. Its designs often have psychedelic graphics and a DIY aesthetic. Its “Smiley” logo became a staple of the brand merchandise. From my experience and trying out Brain Dead’s products I noticed that the price range is higher which limits the customer flow. But, there can be no questions asked about the quality of the products, as they are all amazing. 

05. Paria Farzaneh:

Paria Farzaneh clothing

If you are involved in the fashion industry and you don’t know about Paria Farzaneh, you must be lying. Paria Farzaneh Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection | Vogue Iranian-born Paria Farzaneh made its debut in 2017. Soon it gained popularity in the market for its unique designs. From my observation of the designs, I found that the brand often incorporates Iranian cultural references to make every piece unique. I read further and couldn’t find one point why I shouldn’t include it on my list. Besides, according to me, Paria Farzaneh has everything that my sister was asking for. 

From my in-depth research, it was clear to me that many old and new manufacturers are reliable and deliver exceptional outcomes. By finding the right one you can ensure an evident hike in your business.

Street Wear clothing fashion

After compiling the list, I handed it over to my sister and she was delighted. I felt good to be of some help as she already had so much on her plate. All the manufacturers listed above are highly efficient and hold a strong position in the market. Their work speaks for the reputation they have earned over time. You can select anyone that fits your requirements.  

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