Top 5 Structural Steel fabricators in London 2023

It was a pleasant Tuesday morning with just two appointments. I was delighted as the day was turning well. After finishing the first appointment, it was mid-afternoon when the next client dropped in. It was surprising as the client was my neighbour when we were kids.

Structural steel

She came to my office on behalf of the popular construction company she works for now. They need some business planning regarding the new London project. Since the company already e-mailed me the details, I was all prepared with the solutions that they were looking for. But, during the conversation, my childhood friend mentioned that the company would like information about reliable structural steel companies in London.

Since it was my work, I was more than happy to help all my clients in all possible ways. I asked for some time and promised to shortlist some of London’s top structural steel companies.

We said goodbye, and I started with my work. I did some research by reading some articles. I consulted with industry experts and reliable sources and did some groundwork to find accurate information. Soon, I realized that this piece of information could be helpful to many other companies. Keeping that in mind I decided to share my list to help plenty of businesses get a direction.

1. Severfield


Severfield was the first company that popped up while I was searching for structural steel companies. Severfield | LinkedIn According to its LinkedIn profile, it is an industry leader in structural steel and boasts an extensive and venerable history in London. The company has been standing strong in providing high-quality steel products for many building projects for over 130 years. Besides, after digging some more, I was surprised that the company had built London landmarks like the Shard and Olympic Stadium. Nothing would if that doesn’t qualify it to be on the list. Knowing more about it, I knew since it is a reliable company my client would love to consider it for their next project.

2. William Hare Group

While having a conversation with one of the industry experts, the William Hare Group Global Leaders In Engineered Steel Solutions ( was introduced to me. He narrated the company as one of the leading players in the industry. I did some digging and found that the company specialises in structural steel and produces high-calibre steel products tailor-made for colossal and intricate construction projects. 

William Hare Group

William Hare Group claims to have a team of highly skilled and qualified engineers and designers who leave no stone unturned to provide the best for the client. Their claims were fascinating, so I read some reviews by existing and former customers. According to them, they were pleased with their projects handled by William Hare. They also added that the company takes their time to understand the client’s requirements and brings out the best in any project.

3. Watson Steel Structures

Watson Steel Structures

I knew about this company as I have closely seen them work for one of my clients. Watson Steel Structures Watson Steel Structures Ltd – Company Profile and News – Bloomberg Markets is a family-owned company providing structural steel products for over three and a half decades. From my observation, I understood that the company has a firm grip over its projects and in the industry. Its extensive expertise in dispensing top-grade steel products for various sectors, spanning commercial, residential, and industrial projects, makes it an industry leader. Before giving it a place on my list, I read about it a little more and found their contribution to several noteworthy projects in London, like the Emirates Stadium and the Westfield Shopping Centre.

4. Bourne Steel


I habitually read articles and redirect my reading practice from one website to another. Mostly, I get lost in the tabs, but it worked for good this time. While website hopping, I learned about Bourne Steel Bourne Structural Steel | Bourne Group, which is renowned for its dedication towards delivering high-grade and ecologically sustainable steel products, which is a must-have for any sundry construction projects. I read more about the company and discovered it has extensive experience working on giant and complicated projects. Some of their remarkable works are counted among the Battersea Power Station redevelopment and the Crossrail project.

5. Billington Structures

Billington Structures

During my tour of the space Internet, I found Billington Structures Billington Structures Ltd | LinkedIn. After digging deep enough, I could collect all the information about it and saw its potential to make a place on this list. It is a long-established structural steel company in London that has been delivering top-tier steel products for over seven decades. Along with many impressive aspects, this company primarily focuses on quality, expertise, and timely delivery to ensure the success of their client’s projects.

What impressed me the most about this company is its extensive experience handling complicated projects. Besides, I discovered that the company has showcased its capacity in several noteworthy projects like the Bloomberg headquarters and the Tate Modern extension. 

After thorough research, it was clear that identifying the beststructural steel company plays a vital role in the construction businesses. Collectively, with the help of some well-written articles, industry experts and my knowledge, I could shortlist some of the top structural steel companies in London. 

I handed over the study to my client and again my childhood friend came to receive it. She looked very happy and I was happy to do the work right. I hope you, too, can benefit from the knowledge that I have shared with you.

Steelwork project

However, I must inform you that not all companies are made for all types of work. Apart from considering their experiences, reputations, budgets and capabilities, I suggest keeping your requirements in the first place. Rely on the one that holds the potential to work according to your desired outcomes. 

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