7 Reasons for Washing Machine not Washing or Spinning

A few months back, I came home from my office all tired. To add up to my frustrations, my washing machine stopped working, while I had pile of clothes to wash. Due to my hectic work schedule, I kept overlooking the issues with my appliances and throwing money to fix them. 

According to a 2018’s survey by ‘Statista,’ 94% of ‘one adult, non-retired households had a washer this year. 100% of ‘Two adults, four or more children’ respondents had a washing machine UK households with a washing machine, by household composition 2018 | Statista . You can guess how many people like me have to face the problem and how much money people in the UK spend to get their washing machines fixed. 

My washing machine stopped working for the 2nd time in the month, and this time, I was determined not to spend any money this time. Although I am an engineer familiar with the machinery sector, dealing with a washing machine was new. I called a friend from college and shared my problem. Since he had a better hold over washing machines, he said I should first find the main reason for my washing machine not washing or spinning and then fix it. We had a long conversation, and based on his insights, I started my research because I obviously had to do some digging myself. 

During my research, I came across an article from ‘bob vila’, and by the end of that article, I was eager to try, test the possibilities and share my experience with you. I also saw several YouTube videos and started to note important points, which I questioned myself and brainstormed. Inspired by the same incident, I shared my experience so that anyone suffering in the same situation can get a heads-up on their task.

Washing machine drum

Common Reasons for Washing Machine Malfunctions

While I headed with my study, the first thing I noticed was that washing machines have many parts that can break down over time. Besides, moving the machine can cause issues, while adding a sock or two can overload the appliance. Washing machine malfunctions have many causes, but a few are more common. Let me enlighten you with the most common reasons for washing machines not washing or spinning:

01. Washing machine door not shutting: 

Who wants a washing machine that won’t start? Don’t force it shut if this happens. You must look for missing screws and door dents. I tested it and observed that it probably won’t function if the washing machine door doesn’t shut.

Washing machine door not shutting

02. Overloaded washing machine: 

Think you are a laundry wizard just like me? My mother mentioned this point when I was moving out that you shouldn’t overload your washing machine. I made a mistake and could feel my machine getting cranky. Overloading the machine can damage the drum bearings and glass door. Since it’s cramped, your clothes won’t even clean. 

Overloading washing machine.

03. Unbalanced load: 

Spin dances! I often ignored strange noises or wobbles. In fact, I remember as a child; it was fascinating to see the machine dance with me. While researching, I was surprised to learn that your machine may be spinning with an unbalanced load, and your clothes may smell musty. That’s why loading your machine evenly is important. 

04. Unbalanced washing machine: 

If your washer vibrates and makes noise, it may be unbalanced. Ignoring this could cause more significant issues, which neither of us wants. Luckily, this was the issue I took seriously ever since I started to use the washing machine on my own. As guided by my mother, adjust the balance, and if the issue is far from getting fixed, call a mechanic.

05. Bad door switch: 

Let’s discuss your washing machine’s door switch. Although it is a small element, your machine won’t start if that switch plays hide and seek. If it is a door switch issue and it doesn’t click. Perhaps a switcheroo is in order? In my case, the door switch was the culprit.

Bad door switch system

06. Insufficient drainage: 

Bad drainage can cause many washing machine issues, including a sleeping drum. My friend explained that the two main problems here are water refusing to leave the premises and water not bothering to travel through the pipes. Clogged filters, cranky water pumps, blocked pipes, and finicky door switches can cause this mess.

Insufficient washing machine drainage

07. Motor issues: 

If you have eliminated everything else and your machine is still underperforming, the motor may be the problem. Fixing motors can be a complicated task which many people can’t accomplish. So, this is what I do when my DIY options are exhausted; I call a professional to check the motor and fix it.

Single Phase Washing Machine Wash Motor

The research journey for this subject was like a transformation of mine from a frustrated launderer to a smart problem-solver. I hope more people like me will be benifited with these newfound informations.

Next time your washing machine breaks down, don’t panic; instead, channel your energy into assessing, diagnosing and solving its issues. Consider my journey when your machine doesn’t wash or spin properly and use my wisdom toolkit. Even if you aren’t a mechanical genius like I am (okay, maybe I am still learning!), now you have how to pinpoint its issues and discover possible solutions.

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