What fabric to use for outdoor curtains?

When I was just a baby, I found my interest towards designing while working on a playhouse. My parents have encouraged me throughout my journey and till now. Designing houses has always been therapeutic, and I have worked on several projects. But, blinded by the glamour of designing a house, most clients overlook the basic requirements of a home and later blame the designer.

Something similar occurred to me a few months back when I was working for a client, and I suggested installing outdoor curtains into their outdoor space. In my opinion, using outdoor curtains is a practical choice in the UK as it ensures functionality and longevity to the property. The client denied it and later said I am the one to be blamed. Well, I learnt my lesson from that incident, and ever since then, I suggest all my clients do the same themselves.

Outdoor Curtains design

A few days back, I asked the client to do the curtain work themselves after I was done with the project. The client was sweet to ask several questions, one of which was, “What fabric to use for outdoor curtains?”

She felt it was right, and I was impressed with her thought process. I promised to do my research and hand her an accurate study on which fabric she must use for her curtains for her outdoor space. She was delighted, and that is when I decided to share the studies I collected after reading several articles, using my knowledge and discussing with the industry experts. Once I was satisfied, I formulated this article to help more people just like my sweet and generous client.

Solution-dyed acrylic fabrics: While reading some articles, one published by ‘Lazy Susan’ grabbed my attention. According to them, Solution-dyed acrylic materials are one of the UK’s best and most popular outdoor curtains.

Solution-dyed Outdoor Curtains

I did some digging and found that they are durable and don’t fade easily. Besides, they are water and mold-resistant and also offer UV protection. On top of all, solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are available in the market in different colours and patterns for you to choose from according to your preferences. I couldn’t find one reason why not to include it as one of the top recommendations. 

Polyester fabrics: Another well-written article published by ‘MMI Textile’ mentioned polyester fabrics. The curtains in my outdoor space are made of polyester. Their strength, durability, and resistance to wrinkles and shrinking have made me a fan of this fabric.

Polyester Outdoor Curtains

I have suggested it to my clients and used it myself. From my experience, it offers good UV protection withstanding different weather conditions. Besides, its appealing look steals my heart when the colours and textures are selected based on the setup. 

Sunbrella fabrics: I adore the name of this fabric. Sunbrella sounds like ‘Umbrella’, which attracts more customers. This fabric has gained a strong reputation for providing great outcomes for outdoor setups.

Sunbrella Outdoor Curtains

Sunbrella fabrics are formed by using solution-dyed acrylic fibres. It provides vibrant colours that ensure that the cloth won’t fade. Besides, they are water and mold-resistant. It has all that anyone would require for their outdoor space.

Outdoor canvas fabrics: This one was suggested to me by an industry expert. He mentioned that it is one of the most classic and sturdy options for outdoor curtains. After digging a little more, I understood that although canvas fabrics are mostly heavy-weight, they are extremely durable and tear-resistant.

Canvas Curtains

That’s not it! Canvas fabrics are water-repellent and mildew-resistant. What I think is the best part about this fabric is that it provides a natural and rustic aesthetic, adding charm to your outdoor space. 

Tips for selecting the right fabric:

  • My first tip for you is to observe the typical weather patterns in your area before buying outdoor curtains. If your area encounters frequent rain, intense wind or fluctuation in temperature, it is compulsory for you to have a weather-resistant curtain.
  • Considering the UK’s unpredictable weather, you must select curtains that can repel water and UV rays. Besides, it is important to check for reviews to understand their durability.
Tips for selecting the right fabric  infographic
  • Before picking your curtains, determine the privacy you expect from them. Go for a thick and opaque fabric if you want ultimate privacy. However, if your privacy requirements are minimal, buy a light and fancy curtain that will flow and work as a romantic backdrop for your setup.
  • Understand why you want to install outdoor curtains. Buy high tensile strength and tear-resistant fabrics if exposed to strong winds and potential pulling.
  • Consider fabrics with proven durability and resistance to fading, mold, and mildew.

Once I was done compiling all the good recommendations, I handed them over to my client. I knew what her prime requirements were and designed the advice accordingly. But, for you, things can be different, and that’s why I am hoping my tips will be helpful to you in finding the best for you.

From my study, I found that irrespective of which location in the UK you are living, using outdoor curtains can help you protect your space from rough weather.

Remember to thoroughly research by reading product descriptions and consider the specific needs of your outdoor environment before making a final decision. I, however, hope my study will give you a lead in finding the best fabric for outdoor curtains.

Abigail Parker

Abigail Parker

Abigail Parker is an expert quality analyst who offers home improvement brands insights regarding interior design materials, furniture and kitchen appliances. She specialises in understanding, evaluating and reviewing home improvement products as a freelancer in her distinguished career at The Readers Time, writing detailed product reviews that engage people.

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