What material are camping chairs made of?

Camping chairs improve weekend camping trips with friends, park picnics, and beach days for nature lovers. As an outdoor enthusiast, I go camping occasionally and use camping chairs for comfort and convenience.  A few months back, I headed for camping at the beautiful woodland of Ashurst Campsite, Hampshire. I met many like-minded people there and soon joined a fairly big group. We shared our ideologies and interest in camping. I was indeed having a great time. But, as I started discussing camping chairs with my fellow campers, I was shocked to discover that only some people know how they work or what materials they are made of. 

Foldable Camping chair

I described the importance of value-informed gear purchases to outdoor enthusiasts, and they seemed interested. We discussed the subject for an hour or two, and that is when I decided to write about the same so that more campers can be benefited and find the answer to the question: What material are camping chairs made of?

I started researching by reading several articles; I consulted salespersons at the store, watched countless YouTube videos, and infused my ideas and experience to present an accurate answer to you all.

Common Materials Used in Camping Chairs


While I was researching, I found an article published by ‘camping fun zone’ Camping Chair Material: A Guide to Choosing the Right One for You – Camping Fun Zone, according to which Polyester is a real powerhouse that has a lot to offer.

Polyester camping chair

 It is extremely strong and can stand a lot of wear and tear as well as stretching. But that’s not all. It is light and dries fast. This means that you are safe from mildew, and even those pesky UV rays won’t be able to hurt you. 


Nylon is also light in weight, mildew-resistant, and fast-drying, just like Polyester. But nylon gets an extra point for its style.

Nylon camping chair

It also allows air through, providing a cool breeze on a hot day. The sun may, however, fade its colour.


The next one on the list is Canvas, which is my favourite. It is a natural cotton or cotton-blend fabric that symbolises durability and strength.

Canvas camping chair

From my experience, canvas camping chairs’ breathability can soothe a person in the heat. Its UV resistance will allow you to enjoy a sunny day. However, you must be alert like a gentle spirit because the canvas can mildew if not properly dried.


While I visited the local store, I had the opportunity to speak with the salesperson there, who knew almost everything about chairs. He mentioned that camping chair made of mesh material offers breathability.

Mesh camping chair

Besides, like all other types, it is lightweight, can be dried quickly, and improves airflow and comfort. However, it is easy to tear because it is soft and delicate.

Frame Materials in Camping Chairs


From my experience, I feel that camping chairs made of steel are reliable. You can feel their strength in their arms and know they can easily support your weight.

Steel frame of a camping chair

These sturdy pillars will give you confidence even on rough ground. I tried this, and trust me, they don’t break when handled roughly or used a lot because they are tough.

Remember that it is because of this strength which makes them less portable. Finding a balance between durability, stability, and mobility is vital.


According to an article published by ‘The Daily Outdoors’ What Material Are Camping Chairs Made Of? [7 Popular Materials] – The Daily Outdoors aluminum makes camping chairs appealing. Its lightness and the strength-to-weight ratio are siren-calling.

Aluminum frame camping chair

In my experience, its durability and portability make it ideal for outdoor trips. Besides, it doesn’t rust or corrode and stays beautiful in humid places. Despite its shine, aluminum can hold less weight than steel. It needs firmer ground to show off its magic.


Now, the very well-known Plastic. It has a carefree spirit and likes to keep things easy and fun. Picture yourself relaxing in lightweight, portable camping chairs.

Plastic frame of a camping chair

It is plastic that will help you get a portable and set up. In my view, they are ideal for beach and lake trips. Do you know what I think about camping chairs made of Plastic? They won’t rust or corrode. Although plastic camping chairs can handle simple tasks, heavy loads and rough treatment may be too much. 

Throughout my research, every website, YouTube video, and even the salespersons I interacted with mentioned that a good camping chair can improve your enjoyment of nature and outdoor activities. Landing your hands on a suitable camping chair material can enhance your outdoor experience. However, it is important for you to consider that each material has pros and cons, and the best one depends on your requirements. I suggest spending some time to understand your requirements before spending your money. 

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