5 Best women’s clothing manufacturers in the UK 2023

Clothes are an inevitable part of any woman’s life. I spend most of my earnings on buying clothes or eating food. And I am surely not the only one. According to a survey done by ‘Statista’ Monthly clothing spend in the UK by gender 2017 | Statista, as of 2017 men in the UK spend 67.1 British pounds on clothes every month, while women spend 53.9 British pounds on clothes every month.

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While she didn’t take our comments seriously, we talked afterward. She said she wanted to start something of her own. Still, how scared she is about the planning, research to find the best clothing manufacturers in the UK, execution, finance, and tons of other aspects that require attention while starting a business from scratch.

Well, I patted her back, said how proud I am of her, and suggested my helping hand by researching the best women’s clothing manufacturers in the UK.

She was delighted with the idea, and I was happy to do what I love to do the best.

My research started with a group discussion with industry experts. Later, I read several articles, spoke to fellow business personalities to get their opinion, and used my experience. After piling up all the information, I decided to help more people like my friend build their businesses by sharing the knowledge that I have gained. Keep reading!

List of best women’s clothing manufacturers in UK:

01. Stella McCartney 

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is my personal favourite. Its commitment to sustainability and ethical production has made it one of the UK’s top women’s clothing manufacturing brands. The brand’s amazing blend of style and sustainability showcases that fashion and the environment can go hand in hand. I picked this brand as I want more people to understand the value of sustainable picks. Besides, the mesmerising fashion it offers can easily grab more customers for my friend’s business. 

02. Boden 

Boden Website

This one is suggested by one of my colleagues. After he mentioned Boden, I was determined to include this exceptionally popular women’s wear brand Boden. The brand produces stylish, functional clothes for women of all ages and body types. The bright colours and prints help the brand stand out in the industry. 

Boden deals in dresses, skirts, knitwear, bags, shoes, and jewellery. It could be a one-stop location for my friend’s purchase needs.

03. People Tree 

People Tree website

I had to add People Tree, a leading UK women’s wear brand. Their organic cotton and TENCELTM lyocell dresses, skirts, and tops are made with love. Additionally, they make various sustainable jewellery and accessories to fulfill their mission.

People Tree stands out because they always do things right. The makers of People Tree believe in collaborating with developing nations to create profitable businesses. Only wondering about their noble thought gives me Goosebumps.

04. Finisterre 

Finisterre Website

This one came out during one of the group discussion sessions with my office favourites. Later, I researched a bit and was surprised to find out that Finisterre is popular for producing exceptionally great jackets, trousers, and knitwear that are weatherproof and warm. Isn’t it great? Do you know what is even better about them? They make them all out of recycled polyester fleece. Finisterre’s use of recycled and organic cotton in their clothes shows their environmental commitment.

05. PJ Pann’s Luxury British Women’s Nightwear

PJ Pann's Luxury British Women's Nightwear website

During my research, I read several articles, and one of them was from ‘Made in Great Britain’ British Made Women’s Clothing – Clothes Brands UK (madeingreatbritain.uk). After reading that article, I realized that it is important for my friend to have a great brand on the list that deals in nightwear. A store’s nightwear section is as important as other clothing sections. So, keeping that in mind, I welcome you all to PJ Pann’s magical world of British luxury nightwear. The brand offers silky satin sets and cosy, stylish pyjamas to ensure a good night sleep. I have to emphasise that their nightwear looks and feels great. 

A woman arranging her clothes

So, here you go my upcoming entrepreneurs. My friend loved and, more than that was relieved to finish one part of her work. I know she has a lot to do on her hands, and I am happy to be a part of an incredible business journey ahead. Also, by sharing the information I have gained through research, I hope to be a part of several other great business journeys.

Before deciding, I suggest you understand the distinctive nature of personal style and preferences. However, from my experience, all the brands mentioned above are pretty reliable, and you can put your trust in them while you are establishing your new business.

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